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Friday, July 25, 2014


Europe: From Ljubljana over Zagreb to London: Vacation Day 01/17

My long vacation at work has started and I decided to spend it with Nada in London and Iceland. On our first day we travelled with train from Ljubljana to Zagreb, where we took the bus to Zagreb Airport and from there we flew with EasyJet to Gatwick. EasyBUS took us to London and since it was after midnight, we couldn't buy the bus tickets for our final destination, but the bus drivers of the London trasnsportation were kind enough and they took us to our last stop, Essex Road. Tnx guys. From there we walked to our CouchSurfing host Michael, who showed us our room and served us with a nice cup of tea.

On the train from Ljubljana to Zagreb

Plane tickets from ZAG to LGW

Waiting at the airport

Boarding the plane

In Zagreb at the bus station we quickly found our first Croatian GeoCache:
- Bus station Zagreb, GC4163X

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