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Thursday, February 28, 2013


New Zealand: Day 87: Leaving Wellington and my Kiwi co-workers

My last working day in New Zealand has arrived and I still had many things to do. Since also some of my co-workers from Slovenia came here to attend some meetings, I packed some things, that I won't need later in Australia, for them. Later during the day I took my Red Sonja around Lower Hutt and we successfully get our Warrant of Fitness. We needed that, because we were stopped by the Police a couple of days ago and the officer kindly wrote us a speeding ticket with a note, that also a warrant is expired.

30$ for a check
We made almost 15000 kilometres together in 3 months

After the check I put her into the company's garage, maybe for later use, maybe to sell it. We'll see. Soon it was time to say goodbye to the office. Guys prepared a small surprise for me and I was very happy about it. Now I officially have a merino T-Shirt, better said an Icebreaker Merino T-Shirt.

Goodbye card

I packed everything in 3 back packs and bye bye flatmates, bye bye Wellington. I really had a good time, so thanks everyone!

Wellington Railway station and my bus for Auckland

Overnight service

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


New Zealand: Day 86: Ride from Napier to work, Dinner with flatmates, U2 - A digital dome experience

Early in the morning I started riding from Napier back to work on a boring road. The bike was still without Warrant Of Fitness, so I was riding almost by the book. I didn't want to get another greeting ticket from the NZ police.

Back from our last trip. I will miss you Sonja.

After work I prepared a last dinner (Slovenian style) for my flat mates. We had leek soup, salad, pork and mashed potatoes. It almost looked like a typical lunch in Slovenia. I guess it was very good, since nobody had time to take pictures.

For my last evening in Wellington I went to Carter Observatory, where they had an event called U2 - A digital dome experience. After the show we also had an opportunity to view the sky with the telescope and off course to check the exhibitions in the observatory.

Visually spectacular music entertainment show with U2 music and great digital graphics

U2 (Clark Planetarium Productions)

NZ$ 35 for the ticket with free food and drinks

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


New Zealand: Day 85: Ride to Napier

After work I took my Red Sonja to last long trip, to Napier.

Monday, February 25, 2013


New Zealand: Day 84: South Island Motorbike Trip: Day 11: Marahau - Farewell Spit - Picton - Wellington - Lower Hutt

On my last day on South Island I decided to discover the Northwest area of the island, around Takaka Hill, Golden Bay and Farewell Spit.

My first stop was Hawkes Lookout with a nice view over Riwaka River


I continued to Te Waikoropupū Springs, allegedly the Australasia's largest springs and the world's clearest water

Northern part of Farewell Spit, is the longest sandspit in New Zealand, stretching for about 26 km above sea level and another 6 km underwater.

Southern part of the spit forms the northern side of Golden Bay

Golden Bay is a place, where Abel Tasman anchored in 1642

4th stop, Riwaka Resurgence

Riwaka River flows underground through limestone caves, returning to the open air at The Riwaka Resurgence. The water is very cold here even in summer and I felt that on my skin.

Jump into the crystal clear Riwaka River at a place called Crystal pool

The time has come to move to Picton, where I boarded the ferry to Wellington in the evening. On the way I also found enough time to take a couple of pictures.

Mahau Sound from Cullen Point and Grove Arm

Drying the tent above Governors Bay

Loading the round wood in Shakespeare Bay

The first European recorded to have entered Picton Harbour was Captain William Stein, who explored Queen Charlotte Sound in 1832

Sunset over Waikawa Bay

Karaka point

Waiting for the ferry in Picton. Ticket was just below NZ$ 100 with all the possible discounts.

Back in Wellington

Last ride on the beautiful South Island

Sunday, February 24, 2013


New Zealand: Day 83: South Island Motorbike Trip: Day 10: Abel Tasman National Park: Bark Bay - Marahau

Another day in Abel Tasman National Park was infront of me, at least 20 kilometres on Abel Tasman Coast Track, and since I wanted to do some sidetracks too, I started walking a little before 8 o'clock. As the day before, the scenery was amazing. I passed many bays and rivers where I also jumped into the water a couple of times.

Sunrise in Bark Bay

Bark Bay, the place where I camped

Sandfly Bay

Crossing the Falls River. The river is named because it falls more than 1000 metres in 10 km.

Torrent Bay

When the tide is low, you can cross the Torrent Bay at this point

Cascade Falls was one of the sidetracks

Refreshing swimming in Falls River

Abel Tasman Coast Track is one of the 9 New Zealand Great Walks

Swim at Cleopatra’s Pool

Anchorage Bay

Another sidetrip to Te Pukatea Bay on Pitt Head Loop Track

Anchorage Bay from another perspective

Sandy beaches are everywhere

Watering Cove


After more than 40 kilometres of hiking I was exhausted, but the finish was here

Beer for the end of the Abel Tasman Coast Track

Et the end I afforded a beer and then I went back to The Barn, where I camped for another night.

All day hiking in Abel Tasman National Park