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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today's biggest event was a basketball game Slovenia - Croatia. We are always big rivals with our neighbours, so this match is always important to both nations. Croatia started the game much better. At half time it was 39:44 for Croatia, but we were already 8 points behind.
Me and Burcu in Abdi Ipekci arena
Second half was much better for us. We even the score on 44 and with the help of the fans, our team won in the end with 91:84.
The team felt like home in the hall - more than 4000 Slovenians
After the game we went home and we prepared everything for the barbecue.
Burcu's mother prepared Sis kebab, Kofte, some lamb meat and many other things. It was delicios. And off course, we had some Cabernet Sauvignon with the dinner.
Our dinner

Monday, August 30, 2010


Today we went to the seaside. We wanted to rent a pedal boat, but we didn't have any luck so we had a breakfast on the beach.
In the afternoon we visited the next match. Slovenia - USA. 500 times bigger country hardly won 99-77.
USA team
On both sides, there were many mistakes and all we can say now is, that USA team can definitely lose a game.
On our way back home to Asian side
At home, we prepared some nice sandwiches and a Jagercola. We again watched Turkey. They easily beat up Russians. 65-56 was the final score.


It was time for first basketball match. Our plan to win the game was achieved.
Slovenian team
We won the game against Tunisia 80-56. Our best scorer was Goran Dragić, 24 year old guy from Ljubljana, who is currently playing for Phoenix Suns. After the game we went into the Soccer bar, where we also watched the game between Turkey and Cote d'Ivoire. Turkey easily won 86-47.
Today's results can be found on FIBA page.
Russian girls dancing on Golica.



Burcu and me picked up the tickets for Basketball World Championship 2010, Preliminary group B, where Slovenia, USA, Croatia, Iran, Brazil and Tunisia are playing.

Tickets and some gadgets
In the evening we had a nice dinner with some nice wine.
Turkish food and Slovenian wine - great combination


It was time to visit Fenerbahce - PAOK match. Burucu got the tickets for us (Ana, Spyros, Burcu and me).
Fenerbahce - PAOK tickets
First match in Greece was 1-0 for PAOK, so Turkish team had to win at least 1-0. They scored in second half, but unfortunately only once, so teams had to play extra time. In extra time, PAOK scored, and the whole stadium was unhappy.
Spyros, Ana, Burcu and me
So the match ended 1-1 and PAOK advanced. At the end we tried to make some photos of the PAOK fans and we got into troubles. Some Fener fans wanted to beat us up, because they suspected we were not Fener fans. So we got out of the stadium (the guys followed us) and we waited some time with some policemen. One guy then came and asked the Police if we are Greek. He just got the answer, what if we are and they took him behind the building. Who knows what happened there. We decided to take a taxi home, because walking was a little dangerous for us.


I arrived in Istanbul early in the morning. I took the Havas from Ataturk airport to Kozaytagi on Asian side and a taxi from there to Moda, where Burcu lives.
In the morning, we had a brekfast with two of her French guests and her family.
Morning donuts
In the evening Ana also came from Slovenia and we all went to drink some beers in Taksim area. Before we went home, we ate tongue toast.


It was time again to leave Slovenia and go to Istanbul. Burcu, football, basketball, U2 concert, great food and many things are waiting for me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It was time to say goodbye to my guests and go to work. I picked up my motorbike. It is fixed now and ready to ride.

At home, we are still doing things on the heating system.
Central heating is getting new image
And one video, so you can see what can happen if you don't pay attention on the road.



Patrick, Anne, Mewen, Andréas and me decided to go hiking a little. Our destination was planina Prevala.
Just below the destination
When we reached the top, we took a little break and then we continue a little. After a while, we decided to go back. We just caught a Mass, dedicated to all the shepherds in the mountains.
After the mass, we eat something. I ordered ajdovi žganci with kislo mleko and the family had jota with sausage. Our walking path back from the farthest point looked like this.
We got back to the car and it was time to see the nearby concentration camp Ljubelj, where a lot of French people were kept. They were digging the tunnel to Austrian side.
Concentration camp Ljubelj (Mathausen)
We finished the day with a great barbecue, French wine and Slovenian beer and some Medica.


We removed old heating system and it was time to install new one. First day we just connected boiler with electrical heater.
New 300l Lentherm boiler
After the installation I went on a little tour with bicycle. I rode down the village to my ex neighbour Mateja and her boyfriend Grega. They are having a problem with IPTV. We discovered, that the problem is with TV communicator. It has a bad connection with RJ45 connector.
In the evening I received a French family from Brittany. They came to our house as couchsurfers. I gave them an option to sleep in a room or camp outside. They chose camping, so we set two small tents.
CS guests stayed in tents
Because they were tired from all day driving, they decided to go to eat something outside in Gostilna Ankele. After they came back they went to sleep.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I took my motorbike to original Yamaha service. I basically had enough of testing what is wrong by myself and without proper tools and equipment.
At home, we finally received a guy, who will change our heating system. The first day, we removed the old system.
Old system was serving us 20 years


I had a meeting with Ana, the only Slovenian girl, who will join me in Turkey, where we will visit Basketball World Championship. And also received a new Hard Disc Drive for my home server. Western Digital Caviar Green with 2TB of storage, model WD20EARS.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Another working day has passed. At home I started to play with FreeNAS server for my home usage.
I will use it as a storage server with an option for remote control.


It was the day for resting after Brno expedition and time to rewatch a movie. Silence Of The Lambs.
Silence Of The Lambs
Maybe in the future I will have some time to reed the books of Thomas Harris too.


The worst part of travelling is going back, but with help of some beers everything is possible. We finished our expedition in Gostilna Ankele in Podljubelj, where we ate good Slovenian food.


It was the race day. We set the record and we were on the track very early. Around 9 I think.
Driving on a bus 400
Our innovation, a beer holder, was very useful. Beer cost 50CZK and we all hope, that it will stay like this for a long time, but we all think, when they will adopt Euro, the beer price will double, just like in Slovenia.
Beer holder is useful
We were here, Tržič and Slovenian flag and a Dutch guy sitting on my chair
The race itself was not that interesting, especially because Lorenzo won.
We finished the day again on the beach in the middle of the city.

Race results:

12599Jorge LORENZOSPAFiat Yamaha TeamYamaha164.443'22.638
22026Dani PEDROSASPARepsol Honda TeamHonda164.1+5.494
31627Casey STONERAUSDucati TeamDucati163.7+11.426
41311Ben SPIESUSAMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha163.6+13.723
51146Valentino ROSSIITAFiat Yamaha TeamYamaha163.3+17.930
61069Nicky HAYDENUSADucati TeamDucati162.7+26.815
795Colin EDWARDSUSAMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha162.3+33.396
8833Marco MELANDRIITASan Carlo Honda GresiniHonda162.0+39.406
9740Hector BARBERASPAPaginas Amarillas AsparDucati162.0+39.639
10614Randy DE PUNIETFRALCR Honda MotoGPHonda161.9+40.893
11558Marco SIMONCELLIITASan Carlo Honda GresiniHonda161.8+42.032
12441Aleix ESPARGAROSPAPramac Racing TeamDucati161.5+47.091
13315Alex DE ANGELISRSMInterwetten Honda MotoGPHonda161.2+51.368

12524Toni ELIASSPAGresini Racing Moto2Moriwaki154.941'51.715
22072Yuki TAKAHASHIJPNTech 3 RacingTech 3154.7+2.312
31629Andrea IANNONEITAFimmco Speed UpSpeed Up154.7+2.959
41316Jules CLUZELFRAForward RacingSuter154.5+6.905
51160Julian SIMONSPAMapfre Aspar TeamSuter154.5+6.974
6102Gabor TALMACSIHUNFimmco Speed UpSpeed Up154.4+7.024
796Alex DEBONSPAAeroport de Castello - AjoFTR154.4+7.808
883Simone CORSIITAJIR Moto2Motobi154.2+11.691
9765Stefan BRADLGERViessmann Kiefer RacingSuter153.9+15.958
10648Shoya TOMIZAWAJPNTechnomag-CIPSuter153.9+15.974

12540Nicolas TEROLSPABancaja Aspar TeamAprilia140.643'49.303
22044Pol ESPARGAROSPATuenti RacingDerbi139.5+20.351
31612Esteve RABATSPABlusens-STXAprilia139.5+20.555
41394Jonas FOLGERGEROngetta TeamAprilia139.0+29.529
51184Jakub KORNFEILCZERacing Team GermanyAprilia139.0+29.914
61038Bradley SMITHGBRBancaja Aspar TeamAprilia139.0+29.986
7993Marc MARQUEZSPARed Bull Ajo MotorsportDerbi138.9+31.405
8853Jasper IWEMANEDCBC CorseAprilia138.8+32.973
9771Tomoyoshi KOYAMAJPNRacing Team GermanyAprilia138.4+41.842
10639Luis SALOMSPAStipa-Molenaar Racing GPAprilia138.1+46.128