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Saturday, August 31, 2019


Slovenia: Breakfast in Zaklanec

Klemen invited us for breakfast in Zaklanec and Dejan and me decided to attend this special occasion with bikes.

Previous breakfast: 2018

Steaks for breakfast? Why not!

Thursday, August 29, 2019


Slovenia: Ride and Eat

After work Rok lend me his trekking bike and I rode home with it. Since riding consumes a lot of energy, I also had to eat. Steak with a cake at Gostišče Karavla was a perfect decision.

Riding from Voglje to Podljubelj - Garmin Connect

Dinner time

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Vrh Ljubeljščice

After work, Rok and me went hiking with our paragliders. We decided to fly from the peak called Vrh Ljubeljščice, more accurately, just below it. We had good conditions and we were able to fly all the way to my home and that was above our expectations, so we both had a brilliant day.

Preparing the gliders

Me and my Hook

Path leading to Zelenica with mountains Košutica and Veliki vrh

Rok and slopes of Begunjščica

 Just nice flying

We were caught on other people's camera

Landing site ahead

Overtaking Rok

Typical shoe photo

My neighborhood

Ljubelj - Vrh Ljubeljščice - Home

Sunday, August 25, 2019


Slovenia: Vrh Ljubeljščice and Povna peč

With Nada we decided to have a nice easy hike in the vicinity. Our destination was Dom na Zelenici mountain hut and it was quickly conquered. While Nada decided to enjoy there, I prolonged my trip to Vrh Ljubeljščice and Povna peč and descended back to the valley via Koča na Ljubelju mountain hut.

Sweaty way up

Lizzard blindworm

One of the less walked paths to the hut

Cattle in the mountains

With Vrtača , 2181 m, in the back

Continuing towards Vrh Ljubeljščice, 1704 m

View to the hut and an option for a new paragliding take off site

View to Begunjščica

On top of Povna peč, 1503 m

Hike to Vrh Ljubeljščice and Povna peč - Garmin Connect

Friday, August 23, 2019


Slovenia: Corn

Maize, also known as corn, is a cereal grain first domesticated by indigenous peoples in southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago. After the arrival of Europeans in 1492, Spanish settlers consumed maize and explorers and traders carried it back to Europe and introduced it to other countries. In August 2019, Nada and me found some specimen on the field on our way home and we decided to analyze it at home. We both agreed, we made a good choice.

From field to the plate

Sunday, August 18, 2019


Austria / SloveniaCycling from Salzburg to Slovenia: Day 4

A few months ago, we decided to cycle from SalzburgAustria to Slovenia. Today we just needed to warm up from Baško jezero / Lake Faak to Borovlje / Ferlach and then attack the only pass on our way, Ljubelj pass, 1068 m. We all defeated the steep road and crossed the pass through the tunnel to Slovenia, where we finished the 4 day event with a barbecue in Podljubelj. Cheers to all the winners, Nada, Jerneja, Marko, Rok and Vlado.

Previous days of our cycling trip: Day 3, Day 2Day 1 and Prologue.

Around Baško jezero / Lake Faak, fifth-largest lake in Carinthia.

Over the Karawanks lies our Slovenia. The peak seen here on the photo is called Kepa / Mittagskogel, 2145 m.

 Along the Drava / Drau river.

Smelly bus

Anyone wants to buy a bike?

Finishing the 5 day adventure with 4 days of whole day cycling. Cheers.

From Salzburg to Slovenia - Day 4 - Garmin Connect

4 stages and a prologue - cca 370 kilometers

Saturday, August 17, 2019


AustriaCycling from Salzburg to Slovenia: Day 3

A few months ago, we decided to cycle from SalzburgAustria to Slovenia. On our 3rd day, we had the easiest task, just follow the stream of river Zilja / Gail all the way from Koča-Muta / Kötschach-Mauthen to Baško jezero / Lake Faak. Half way to our destination, Jerneja and Marko left the group, so only Nada, Rok, Vlado and me continued to our destination.

Previous days of our cycling trip: Day 2Day 1 and Prologue.

We almost continued with the tractor

Steyr tractors have a long tradition

Black Beauty and 25CrMo4 frame bike

Catching the escapees

We enjoyed all surfaces on Gailtal Cycle Path R3. The "Gailtal Radweg R3" cycle path starts in Kötschach-Mauthen and follows the Gail river through Nötsch as far as Beljak / Villach.

Mobile Chicken House. Shall we pick up some eggs for later?

Zilja / Gail is the largest right tributary of the Drava.

Vlado, Jerneja and Nada in Mellach

Selfie after a long time

In Blače / Vorderberg, we made a longer break

Cheers to an easy ride

Time to move on

Jerneja and Marko left us. They wanted to see a little bit of Italy.

Baško jezero / Faaker See / Lake Faak just called us to jump in.

And he's gone.

Tuši and Rok

In 1855, Lake Faak inspired the local priest Franc Treiber to compose the song Nmav čez izaro (Over the Lake), which soon became one of the best-known Slovene folk songs, and still today is considered the unofficial anthem of the Carinthian Slovenes.

Dinner time in Faak am See for Vlado, Rok, Tuši and Nada

From Salzburg to Slovenia - Day 3 - Garmin Connect