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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Slovenia, Austria: CouchSurfing, Čepa Gorge / Tscheppaschlucht

Sinéad was my guest for the third day and also today we had to find blind-spots where it wasn't raining. Čepa Gorge/Tscheppaschlucht was my choice so we took a short drive to Carinthia, Austria, where we checked the gorge.


Pictures from the most interesting part


Selfie: Tuši and Sinéad

Goodbye picture

We returned back to Slovenia and took a quick look at the remains of the Mauthausen concentration sub-camp. The camp was built to house the prisoners who were charged with carving out a 1.5km long tunnel through the Karavanke mountain range. Although there was also a small contingent of civilian engineers and workers, the largest part of the workforce consisted of political prisoners and captured combatants, who were forced to work on the tunnel in deplorable and inhumane conditions. Between 1943 and 1945 the mostly Polish, French, Russian, Yugoslav and Norwegian prisoners worked without any respite on the strategically important tunnel.

Entrance to Mauthausen Memorial Park

The monument: the shape of a skeleton with a heart, raising its arms to the sky accompanied by the inscription on the pedestal: j'accuse (I accuse).

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