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Thursday, May 31, 2012


We began the day with the morning drink in Ulcinj and soon we left the city. Soon we had to stop for a while. BMW R1200GS reported low oil level in the engine. Nothing special since the motorbike is not even 1 year old BMW with 3000 kilometres.

Olive oil isn't good for BMW

Towards Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan

5 pretty guys

We continued riding through old royal capital Cetinje to Lovćen national park, where we visited Njegoš's mausoleum at the summit of Jezerski vrh. Entrance fee was 3€. We continued towards Njeguši and down to the seaside, to Kotor.


End of the road





Towards Njeguši, where they make very good cheese and prosciutto

Gulf of Kotor, southernmost fjord in Europe

Curves towards Kotor

Janez, Mrki and a friend
After the lunch we continued over the border to Croatia, towards Dubrovnik.



Dubrovnik photos
In Dubrovnik Janez left us, so only Mrki, Peter, Primož, Klemen and me continued the road. After 60 kilometres there was another boarder with Bosnia and Herzegovina and for about 10 km we drove in their territory. Soon we were back in Croatia. We decided to find accommodation near Ploče and guys from a local gas station helped a lot. A guy picked us up and we rented 2 apartments near Baćinska jezera.

Sunset near Zaton

Drinks for sleeping


Our journey in Albania continued. Morning traffic in Tirana immediately woke us up.

From the newest Mercedes to the freight trike

Working camp for women?
Our next destination was Krujë Castle.

Krujë Castle

Selling all sort of things


National costume, pipes and drinks
We continued riding through Laç, then we went on an Albania-Kosovo highway (between Rreshen and  Kalimash) and after that the longest curviest road in my life begun. Our plan was to go to Fierzë and there we would go on a ferry to Koman. 4 guys were slowly running out of fuel, so we stopped in some garage for some gas and in the end we found out, that the ferry doesn't operate that late. So we had to turn around for a couple of kilometres and we continued. We passed Fushë-ArrëzRrapëPukëVau i Dejës and Shkodër and Montenegro, here we are.

From disastrous roads...

... to new higway and ...

... to infinite curvy roads.


My fellow bikers

 Local gas station



Crossing the Bojana river
We finished the day in Ulcinj with expensive dinner and Nikšičko beer with some shots.