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Friday, December 31, 2021


Austria: Backcountry skiing - Greim, Sledding - Winterleiten and NY Eve

I woke up quite early and after a short drive to Greimhütte, I was on my skis before 6 a.m. I started ascending towards my first peak, Sandkogel, 2214 m, and after I found a geocache, I continued to Greim, 2474 m. Since the peak was without the snow, I left my skis approximately 100 meters below the summit. I made a few photos and then I returned to my skis, I put them on and I had a nice skiing descent.

When I returned to our apartment, Nada and Bronco were already waiting for me and together we drove to Winterleiten, where we watched Junior World Cup in sledding on natural track. When the competition was over, we said goodbye to Slovenian racers and stuff and returned back to our place, where we spend the New Year's Eve.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Good morning.

On Sandkogel with the view to Greim.

And here comes his highness.

The top of Greim, 2474 m.

Cross with the Sun.

Scanning the area for future adventures.

Selfie time.

The fun part.

Lack of snow, still I had a good skiing day. Greim is the highest point on the picture.

Arrived back to Greimhütte - Garmin Connect.

Haven't used snow chains for years. Since it was very icy in the morning, I had no other option how to arrive to my destination.

Icy track.

Bronco and Slovenian coaches, Joža and Borut.

Bronco and his neighbour Vid.

Sleeping like a cat.

Relaxing before dinner.

Movie time.

Geocache found:
- Greim Reloaded, GC9DR4G, that received a visit by trackable items "JahodovaZmrzlina's first Travel Bug", TB4J4E2 and "Get a photo of a tree", TB8JV00

Some statistics for 2021 (Tuši, GeoCaching):

  • travelling in Europe, this year only 6 foreign countries
Countries visited: AustriaItalyCzech Republic, Croatia, Poldand, Lithuania. Together GPS recorded 37467 kilometers.
256 geocaches found in 2021

  • A lot more skiing and flying than previous years
More paragliding and cycling as previous year.

Charts of distance, elevation gain and number of events for 2021.

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Thursday, December 30, 2021


SloveniaAustria: Šobec and Wölzer Bach

Bronco decided, that he wants to spend the morning in a new place, so we drove to Šobec. He enjoyed the icy pond and the Sava Dolinka river.

In the afternoon it was time for our New Year vacation. We packed our Angie and she drove us to Pöllau am Greim, north from Sankt Peter am Kammersberg. Our goal was simple, a little bit of sport and sightseeing. On our first evening we simply walked to the nearby creek called Wölzer Bach.

Bronco and Sava Dollinka.

Carefully approaching the icy pond.

Posing in front of the highest peak of the Karawanks.

After an hour we slowly finished our walk.

Angie took Nada, Bronco and me to Austria.

Evening walk to Wölzer Bach. Bronco's foot is almost as big as Nada's.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Slovenia: 9th traditional Winter hike - Kriška gora

Every year we have a winter hike and as usual we chose Kriška gora mountain hut as our destination. Klemen, Dejan and me started hiking from Tržič a little past 8 a.m. and in a good hour and a half we were at our sunny destination. The hut was closed, but I had a few beers in the backpack, so we simply relaxed on the sun. Just as our beers run out, the caretaker came, so we prolonged our resting period. As always, the departure time came and we returned to Tržič. The hike was finished, so we had a few more drinks, and then we decided to move to another location. Slippery terrain totally changed our plans, as Dejan broke his leg. The day finished earlier than we expected and we all wish Dejan a quick recovery.

Reports from previous hikes: 15200 - 2020 - 8th, 14834 - 2019 - 7th, 14105 - 2017 - 5th, 13739 - 2016 - 4th, 13374 - 2015 - 3rd, 13010 - 2014 - 2nd and 12643 - 2013 - 1st.

View from Mala Mizica to Tržič in the morning.

Sunny day on Koča na Kriški gori mountain hut, 1471 m.

Klemen on the left, Tuši in the window in the middle and Dejan on the right.

Departure time.

Do we really have to go back?

Even Tržič received a little bit of the Sun.

Klemen, Dejan and me.

Past Church of St. Joseph back to Tržič - Garmin Connect.

Monday, December 27, 2021


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Zelenjak, Sledding - Prelaz Ljubelj

Although there is not plenty of snow on our peaks, skiing is still possible. My today's goal was Zelenjak and since I wasn't in a hurry I started later than usual. I passed Zelenica mountain hut and soon I was in Suho Ruševje cirque, looking towards my peak. I left the skis at the end of the cirque, on a saddle between Zelenjak and Vrtača and from there I had only a few minutes to the summit. A few photos on the top and I returned back to the saddle, put on my skis and with a smile on my face I returned back to Ljubelj.

In the evening we received a visit from Canada. Nataša, where Rok and me stayed during our 2019 trip to Canada, arrived. 14729 blog entry starts describing our trip. Together with Rok, Vlado, Bronco and Nada we went sledding to Prelaz Ljubelj and then we spent the evening in our place. Cheers!

Cirque Suho Ruševje with my destination Zelenjak in the middle.

View to the "seaside" and the cirque Suho Ruševje.

Same weather in Austria.

Vrtača and my way back.

Selfie on the summit.

Even though the snow was blown away from the summits, the lower parts have enough of snow - Garmin Connect.

Nataša visited us from Canada along with Vlado and Rok. Together we went sledding to prelaz Ljubelj.

Action time - Garmin Connect.

Sunday, December 26, 2021


Slovenia: Kal

On our Independence and Unity Day, Nada, Bronco and me did a short hike in our village. We parked near Vasovje and from there we followed the footsteps in the snow all the way to our destination, Kal. Quick tea and a long photo session and soon we started to return.

Our snowy way.


Which one is better?

One last photo and we will go back.

Nada, Bronco and Zavetišče na Kalu mountain hut, 1112 m.

Treasure hunt.

Hike to Kal and back - Garmin Connect.