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Friday, March 31, 2017


Slovenia: Prom in Litija

Nada's cousin Nastja had a prom night today and with Nada we were invited. On our way there we made a minor detour, where we checked the ruins of St. Rok church and picked up a new bike for Nada. She bought a Merida bike, BIG.SEVEN XT-edition - specs.

Ruins of the St. Rok church

Prom venue

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching near Ljubljana and Mountain Biking in Tržič

Nada couldn't sleep again, so we picked up another few GeoCaches before work.

In the afternoon I decided to have a mountain bike ride and I chose a nice trail in our town. Good 2 hours of cycling was great.

Morning in Tacen with Grmada, 676 m and Šmarna gora, 669 m

The topic of our today's GeoCaching was an old abandoned train track

Good morning

Let's go left

Black Mamba on spring snow

GeoCaches found:
- Bitka kajakov / The battle of kayaks, Mystery, GC35ZN4
- Krneki #1 - Kandelaber ob Taborski cesti, GC54QQ7
- Obvozna proga II: Postaja Vizmarje, GC343Y2
- Obvozna proga III: Slepi tir Sentvid, GC343XP
- Obvozna proga IV: Ovinek na progi, Mystery, GC39W6R

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Črnuče & Zbilje

With Nada we picked up another 6 more GeoCaches, 3 before and 3 after work.

Where is GeoCache? Well, nowhere here, because I mixed up the coordinates.

GeoCaches found:
- Movie facts: Jaws, Mystery, GC7187E
- Movie facts: duets, Mystery, GC719WF
- Movie facts: parody, Mystery, GC72E4C
- GG # 05, Mystery, GC61PDY
- GG # 07, Mystery, GC61ZDA
- GG # 17, Mystery, GC6E431

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Slovenia: With Train to Planica

Last year (13457) we went to see ski jumping competition in Planica and we found a great spot to watch it. This year we decided to repeat it. Saška, Nada, Danica, Vlado, Primož, Rok and me took the train, each one from it's own place and it safely took us to Hrušica, where we took the free bus to Planica. From there we hiked (Garmin Connect) to our spot on slopes of nearby hill, Ciprnik, for half an hour.

Vlado brought the beer, I brought the meat and we had a nice barbecue on our viewing point. Since the final round was cancelled, we continued to have a great time in the tents on the venue with the music of the band Dan D.

After a while the event was finished and it was time to go back. We were thirsty, but the bus driver didn't want to stop at any of the gas stations on the way, so we had to wait all the way to Jesenice to get our beer. Totally different song happened on our train drive back to our departure stops. Since we were almost the only ones on the train, the train driver J. made a longer stop for us in Lesce, where we got the beers for the remaining of the journey. Thanks a lot J, you saved us!

Train is cheap, reliable and it stops also if you are thirsty

Waiting for the train in Podnart

Our viewing spot

Barbecue & beer = great day

With binoculars you could see everything

Boys, boys, boys

At the venue - CHEERS

J. stopped the train for us for some more beers.

Dan D - Rekli so

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing from Storžič

Another day in nearby mountains, but it wasn't just backcountry skiing as title says, it was also a joint climbing tour of young alpinist learners, international tour with participants from Serbia and BiH and skiing from the top of the mountain. For the tip of the iceberg some of us also joined the skiing competition from Škarjev rob to Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut, 1123 m, that had a start somewhere on our way down. All that for another great day.

We started with the hike in the fog with almost no sign of the snow

Some said that my skis would also be good for the water skiing

At the entrance of the Kramarjeva ravine (IV / I-III, 615 m) we put on crampons and replaced hiking poles with ice axes.

Waiting line over first "jump"

Soon we were rewarded with a view

Half way up

I quit. No no, just a short break.

2nd part of the ravine

View to Košuta ridge

AO Tržič organised another great trip

Start of the skiing competition, where only half of the track was covered with snow and the other half you have to carry your skis. This skiing competition was organised to celebrate 80 years of organised mountain rescue service in Tržič - GRS Tržič and also to remember all the 9 victims of an avalanche that took place here on 29. march 1937, also on a skiing competition.

Me at the start and finish line.

Hiking, climbing, skiing - Garmin Connect - 

Times of skiing. But you should know, that the winner of the race was the one with the average time, that was 49 minutes and 30 seconds.


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  • Gore Ljudje - Avalanche article - Click
  • AO Tržič - Article - Click

Friday, March 24, 2017


Slovenia: Mountain Biking from Trzin over Rašica to Šenčur

My first mountain bike ride this year was a ride from work to Šenčur, where Nada picked me up. I chose a new route over Rašica, 641 m, and explored the forest from Torovo to Voglje, where an unfriendly local didn't like, that I rode over some grass, so he blocked my way with his tractor.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Vodice and Utik

With Nada we decided to have another GeoCaching morning before work.

Good Morning Utik

GeoCaches found:
- Zemljepisni kolegi / Geographical counterparts, Mystery, GC709PM
- Pot do "Mlinčkov" 3, GC57TY6
- 9. maj - Dan zmage, Mystery, GC54CQ1

Monday, March 20, 2017


Slovenia: Backcountry SkiingVelika Mojstrovka

At 8 a.m. Bošjan, Nadja and me started our backcountry skiing trip. We parked our car on Vršič Pass, 1611 m, and from there we started ascending towards a ravine called Pripravniška grapa. There we removed the skis and continued on foot to the top of ravine. Snow was soft enough, and there were plenty of steps in it, so we could walk up only with an ice axe. At the top of the ravine we put our skis back on and continued to the top of Velika Mojstrovka, 2366 m. It was a bit windy at the top so we didn't wait for long to put our skis on and started skiing to the saddle between Mala and Velika Mojstrovka and then through Drevesnica down to the valley. Since we were below our starting point, we put skins back on our skis and ascended back to our car.

Still enough snow below Mala Mojstrovka, 2332 m, for some backcountry skiing

We managed to climb or better said walk the ravine Pripravniška grapa without crampons

Slopes below Velika Mojstrovka

Sunday morning Skiing

My Blue Horse (Yamaha FZ6 S2 Fazer) and Tomos 14

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Austria / Slovenia: Skiing in Bad Kleinkirchheim, S.A.R.S. concert

In the morning 5 skiers, Daša, Klemen, Nastja, Nada and me went skiing to Bad Kleinkirchheim. Although it was already quite warm, the price of the daily ticket (20 €) was to attractive for us to stay at home. In the end we had a good skiing day, especially first couple of hours.

Evening was a bit different. A band from Belgrade, S.A.R.S. (Sveže Amputirana Ruka Satrijanija / The Freshly Amputated Arm of Satriani) had a concert in Kranj and with Nada, Ana and Barbi we attended.

Kaiserburg, 2055 m

Bad Kleinkirchheim ski resort

We were on skis for approximately 4 hours

Ticket for the S.A.R.S. concert with T.M.S. Crew as warm up band

T.M.S. Crew

Свеже ампутирана рука Сатријанија

The band members changed a lot from it's original lineup

T.M.S. Crew - Kdo Miži

S.A.R.S. - Buđav lebac

S.A.R.S. - Perspektiva

GeoCache found:
- Kaiserburg, GC50324

Friday, March 17, 2017


Slovenia: Through Lenuhova ravine to Begunjska Vrtača

Perfect snow conditions and a wish to see the sunrise in the mountains took us to Begunjska Vrtača, 1991 m. For ascent we chose Lenuhova grapa (Lenuhova ravine), IV-/II-III, 300 m. Since there is a lot of snow in this area, it was a very easy path all the way to the top. After the photosession we descended on easy Zahodna grapa (West Ravine) and then it was time to go to work.

Ascent with the help of headlamps

Beautiful view for good morning

Rok leading us towards the top

Last meters

We made it

Tools and the sunrise

On top of Begunjska Vrtača, 1991 m. Morning birds: Rok, Vlado, Tuši, Nada and Gašper

Time to return back to the valley

Descent was done on Zahodna grapa (West Ravine)

Google Earth and our track

Morning hike with a little bit of climbing to Begunjska Vrtača