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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today I published the pictures from the trip to Nordkapp. You can see them here.


After work I picked up Burcu at my friends place. We saw Štrukelj family after a long time. They look much more relaxed now, after Eva is almost 3 months old.

And I bought skies for winter, they look almost like this.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Another working day has passed also with the song Mike Oldfield - Arrival.
At home, I selected some pictures from our trip to Nordkapp, so you will see them soon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Monday, normal working day.
After that, we bought two hiking diaries and we will try to fill them with stamps from the mountains and hiking trails..
Hiking diaries
After that we went to visit our friends, Jurko and Špela and newborn Tjuš in Žabnica.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sunny weather was perfect for a quick hike to Kofce before lunch. We drove to Matizovec, left the car there and started hiking towards the destination, Kofce (http://www.planinsko-drustvo-trzic.si/postojanke-pd-trzic/kofce-pd-trzic.html).
On the top, we ordered anti cold sirup, called Košutnik. Since it is quite hard thing, i ordered Laško with it, Burcu ordered grapefruit radler.
Drinks, stamps and Kofce (1488m)
We also got the last piece of goat cheese. After some time we went home, meat from barbecue was waiting for us...


We woke up and the rain has stopped. I cooked a nice breakfast for all the people there (Kralj family, Simona and Grega, Viktor, Peter, Hank, Burcu and me). I prepared mushrooms with eggs.
Breakfast half done
After the breakfast it started to rain again and since the weather forecast was not good, we decided to go home. On the way back Hyundai decided to have a little vacation. The cable from alternator to the battery got broken, so we had to fix it with some strings and we charge it from Grega's car.
String didn't solve the problem

String didn't hold for long, so we had to stop again. We found a car wreckage place in Ilirska Bistrica and they (http://www.avto-martincic.si/) were so nice, that they gave me 1,5m of a cable from the car speakers. I connected the wire and the car was working again normally. After this we decided to eat some pizza. Simona suggested pizzeria Buf, Kranj (http://www.buf.si/kranj/index.html) and we all agreed. Pizza was delicious and after an interesting day, we were seeing only bed in front of our eyes.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday, I was trying to get the bindings for the old Slovenian water skies, Elan Tramontana Senior.
Pictures of ski bindings
My neighbour was obviously too hard on them so I found a similar version and today I will buy them. Yesterday, I was also pissed off on my motorbike Yamaha. The battery doesn't charge, so I thought I had a problem with regulator, but I changed the spare part and it still doesn't work. Since I didn't check the service manual enough, I could have known, that the problem is in the alternator.

Yamaha FZ-6 charging wiring
But, it is Friday today, sunny outside and me and my girlfriend decided to go to the seaside after my work. Njivice, Krk, Croatia is our next destination.
Our track to Njivice, Krk, Croatia

We successfully arrived in Njivice and first thing we did, was refreshment in the water, even beer had to wait. In the evening we went to the city centre. Our goal was to eat some fish and drink some beers, but the storm destroyed our plans so we went back to the camp, soaked to the skin.
Fish night in Njivice

Thursday, July 22, 2010


As we planned, we went to Ressnig place in Austria yesterday, where we refreshed ourselves in a nice water.

Tuši and Burcu, Ressnig, Austria
As we can see, it is very close to our home, 22 kilometers to be exact.
My precious gadget Garmin Oregon 550 track

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Another day, when I decided to write my mini blog. I hope it will work out this time.
Plans for today are, going with Burcu, my girlfriend, to Austria, Resnig place for a little afternoon chill out. I hope we will swim a little and rest. We will go with car, since our motorbike still waits for some spare part.