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Sunday, July 06, 2014


Slovenia: Kayaking on Rivers Soča and Idrijca

Grega, Nada and me used the Sunday on Soča river area for kayaking. We drove next to reservoir on the Soča river next to Most na Soči settlement and we started paddling. We paddled down to the confluence of Idrijca and Soča rivers and then up on Idrijca towards the confluence of Bača and Idrijca. Further paddling was not possible so we stayed there for a while and swam in the river. Time quickly passed and we returned to Grega's place for an ice cream and then Nada and me cycled to Postaja to a train station. We left the area with a train to Jesenice.

Loading the car with 2 kayaks

Inflating the kayak

Paddling on the reservoir on the Soča in Most na Soči

Bridge in Most na Soči or till 1955 Sveta Lucija ob Soči

Tuši: Paddling upstream, Nada: Drinking beer and sunbathing

Grega, our host for this weekend

Swimming in Idrijca

Kayaking on sunny Sunday

We returned to Jesenice with a train

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