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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In the morning I started to explore Kiev, the largest and the capital city of Ukraine. Metro took me to the city centre and I started following walking tour, recommended by Lonely Planet guidebook.

Started at Maidan Nezalezhnosti - Independence Square

Ivan Franko, poet, writer, and political activist

Presidential Administration building


Bridge of kisses

Local music festival


Trukhaniv Island on Dnieper River

Monument to Vladimir the Great

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

St. Andrew's Church

Monument to Bohdan Zynoviy Mykhailovych Khmelnytsky

Zoloti vorota, Golden gate
Mykola Vitaliyovych Lysenko, composer, who wrote first Ukrainian opera

St. Volodymyr's Cathedral is the mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchy.

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv painted red according to order by Tsar Nicholas I in response to student protests against army conscription.

Monument to Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko

Kyiv’s last remaining Lenin statue
Enough of culture and time for sport, meaning football UEFA Euro 2012 and beer. Since it was a football free day, I enjoyed only in the second part.

Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex, where finals will be played

Hosts: Poland and Ukraine

Fan Zone, Kiev

1 beer, 2 beers, ... and new friends and a very long walk back to my host

Good luck to my cousin Hrc on their trip with bicycle from Samobor to London to XXX. Summer Olympic games, where they will ride almost 3000 kilometres in 30 days. You can read more on their blog (Croatian only): http://zg-lnd.bbk-krpelj.com/

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Goodbye Dima, Makiivka and Donetsk. I had a great time here, so thanks 100x. Today it was another day, full of riding. My destination was the capital city, Kyiv.


Entrance to Donetsk city, with Vladimir Lenin counting the traffic

Some Ukrainian motor-bikers going home from rock concert

Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Novomoskovsk

Corn fields
Another shift on the motorbike and finally Kyiv

I arrived late in the evening to Sanya's place. Since I was starving, he made a great onion soup. After that he beat me in chess game and before bed time, he also tried to teach me how to juggle. That is where we stay, with trying and maybe next time I will be more successful.

Onion soup by Sanya


After many days, today was a day without riding. My motorbike was resting and so was I. Our plan with Dima was to have a breakfast, deliver something to laboratory and to pick up 2 Mexicans, who will also join us, at the football match and in our apartment.

Self-service breakfast

Early beer is a good beer
On a quick city tour we saw The Palm Tree of Mertsalov. It is a replica of famous “Palm of Mertsalov” which has become a symbol of Donbass (depicted on the coat of arms of Donetsk oblast). Filigree sculpture in the form of a palm tree, forged from one steel rail at the end of the 19th century by Donetsk blacksmith A. Mertsalov. At the moment the original is kept in Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

Mertsalov Palm in Pushkin Boulevard, Donetsk, my host Dr. Dima is in the middle

Pushkin Boulevard

Football time

 A huge monument to Lenin in the central square.

T-34 Soviet medium tank monument at the Artema Street.

Warming up before the game Spain-France

Vodka with Russian fans

Serhiy Bubka statue in front of Olympic stadium (RSC Olimpiyskiy)

Spain national football team arrived

Slovenia and Mexico together for Spain

Mexico1, Mexico2, Tuši and Dima. As usual, I'm very good with names.

I thought more people will come. Especially French fans disappointed me.

Before the whistle some running on the field.
The match began and after 19 minutes it was 1:0 for La Furia Roja. Xabi Alonso was the scorer.

Xabi Alonso
The match itself was quite boring, since only the Spain was trying to play and France was more or less lost on the pitch.

In the end it was 2:0 for La Furia Roja. 2nd goal was also scored by Xabi Alonso, this time from the penalty spot. You can read more about the match on this UEFA link.

The winners

Donbass arena

Outside the arena