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Saturday, January 30, 2021


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Below Prižnica, Hike to Prelaz Ljubelj

My plan for today was to conquer the highest peak of the Karawanks, Stol. I started walking with my heavy backpack from Završnica and in a hour I was at Valvasorjev dom mountain hut. I continued over Žirovniška planina mountain pasture towards Stol. Unfortunately I didn't like the conditions, and the avalanches above me were looking ugly, so I decided to turn around a little below Prižnica. The first part of skiing was also very ugly, due to the snowy balls from the avalanche in the ravine, but later in the forest it became a little bit better and soon I was back in the valley.

Since I was back early, I joined Nada on a hike to Prelaz Ljubelj in the afternoon and this one was a success.

Valvasorjev dom pod Stolom mountain hut, 1181 m.

View to Julian Alps.

The unstable area.

Time to turn around. Not much of skiing in first meters.

After a while, the conditions significantly improved.

Better luck next time.

Afternoon hike to Prelaz Ljubelj.

Enjoy the day - Garmin Connect.

Fish and beef burger.

Friday, January 29, 2021


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Struška

I donated blood plasma yesterday, so I had a free day today. I used it for a backcountry skiing trip to Struška. I drove to Javorniški Rovt, where I parked my car and then a long snowy road took me past Pusti Rovt to mountain pasture Belska planina (Svečica). The road ended there and the thick fog started, so I advanced with the help of the GPS all the way to the top of Struška, 1944 m. I didn't stay long on the windy top, so I slowly started skiing in the fog with almost zero visibility. Everything was just white, I didn't know what is up or down or what is my direction. At one point I even fell 3 meters over the snowdrift, luckily the bottom wasn't so hard. I slowly continued back to Belska planina, where the visibility finally became normal and then I just normally continued back to Javorniški Rovt.

At first I didn't know which path I should take, but soon I was on the right one.

I hope the bears are really sleeping.

Long way on the road meant only one thing, not much fun on the way down.

Shortcut for the return.

Mountain pasture Belska planina (Svečica), 1700 m.

S55UJE repeater on top of Struška.

View to Pusti Rovt, 1296 m.

Last portion of skiing and then the long road back to the starting point. At least it was covert with snow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Povna peč

Another morning on skis. This time I chose Povna peč as my destination and Nada escorted me to the Ljubelj Pass. From there I continued on the fresh snow to the top, where I meet the morning Sun. We said hi to each other and then I escaped through the forest back to the valley.

Towards Prelaz Ljubelj.

Smelling the Sun.

We reached the Ljubelj Pass and the hut on the top.

Selfie on top.

Goodbye Nada. Soon I continued on the fresh snow.

Good morning Sun.

From the summit through the forest.

Back to the valley.

My first skiing from Povna peč - Garmin Connect.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Vrh Ljubeljščice

Meeting at 9 a.m. No worries, plenty of time for a morning backcountry skiing to Vrh Ljubeljščice. Nada drove me to Ljubelj and we started our skiing trip together, but only for a few meters. Her plan was to ascend only till the first hut on the way to Zelenica, while I decided to conquer Vrh Ljubeljščice, a peak above Dom na Zelenici mountain hut. Since Nada left me and I was without the car, I simply skied back home. Every time that happens, I am grateful for real winters.

We started the trip together, but then I escaped.

Rodeo over the avalanches.

4 men - Na Možeh.

Sun is slowly coming out.

View to the West.

One photo on the top and then straight back home to a 9 o'clock meeting - Garmin Connect.

Monday, January 25, 2021


Slovenia: Ski Scootering - Prelaz Ljubelj

The road to Prelaz Ljubelj has been maintained for sport activities and I used that opportunity for a ride with my ski scooter. Once again I had a nice quick descent.

Easy to carry. Ski scooter, not Nada.

View from the Austrian side to Slovenia.

Tuši and Nada.

Photo session with Tuši.

Around the corner.

Back to the valley in 7 minutes - Garmin Connect.

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