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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Slovenia: With  Bicycle to Ljubelj Pass

Afternoon bicycle ride

Monday, May 27, 2013


Slovenia: Visiting different Pubs

My co-worker Rok and me started with a project called "Visiting different Pubs". Since we both like to drink a beer in a good pub, we decided to visit a different pub every day after work, drink ONE beer each and put down major notes about how we felt, like the ambient, how the waitress looks, the price of the beer and so on. The project will go on for a month and the results will be shown in  a google spreadsheet.


Saturday, May 25, 2013


Italy: Green Day in Trst

Ana and me attended a concert in Trst (Trieste), where an American punk rock band formed in 1987 had a concert. Green Day were on the 99 Revolutions Tour and since Trst was our closest city with privilege to host them, we decided to be there.

Somewhere on the bus, still in Slovenia, we got the tickets

Scene of the crime

Stage from our perspective




One of their great songs, Basket Case, from Dookie album (1994)

Report from: http://www.therocktologist.com/green-day-in-trieste.html

Green Day shake Trieste

Report by: Jure Žejn
Photographs by: Bogdan Mlinar
Location: Piazza Unita d´ Italia, Trieste, Italy
Date: May 25, 2013

The beautiful square in the heart of Trieste hosted one of the biggest names of modern punkrock – Green Day. But even the grim day nor the foul weather couldn´t scare the fans who waited for the venue to open. The rain eventually stopped, and the warm-up band hit the stage at 8.30. Their 20 minute set covered some punkrock classics like the DeadBoys and the Ramones.

At about 9.15 Green Day opened with ˝99 revolutions˝ from their latest release. The show started with full power, but the stalling during every fourth song stole the time for at least five songs and eventually became annoying and expected. The weather also wasn´t very cooperative, as it started to rain again about an hour into the show. All of that didn´t seem to spoil the party for over 12.000 fans of all ages.

The show itself was splendidly played through, with excellent sound and light backup. Enhanced lineup of 6 acted as one through the whole show and the crowd was singing along as Green Day served a cocktail of hits new and old. At this point I must say, that old hits Basket case and She really got the crowd dancing and singing although the songs were played by the end of the concert. You could really feel the energy of the whole square. The power laden show lasted for over two and a half hours and Green Day proved they still got it. Over 20 years ago they pretty much put punk rock back on the map, and they still keep the crown.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Slovenia: Old Eagles and Birthday Party

Nice day for cycling took me to Preddvor and Šenčur, where I decided to check on the event called "Old Eagles" in Sebenje. It's a summer ski-jumping competition, where "retired" ski jumpers meet and test their skills.

Football: Locals vs. Old Eagles

Getting ready for jumping

Time for action

Photos from www.siol.net

After the competition, where also my neighbour Kralj joined me, we went to a birthday party, that took place at Pr'Benk.

Party time

Warming up for beach volleyball

Birthday party

Bicycle beer trip

Friday, May 17, 2013


Slovenia: Happy Birthday Tuši

Present from co-workers and a triple desert @ home

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Slovenia: Bicycle: Ljubelj

Afternoon ride to Ljubelj

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Slovenia: Bachelor party

One of my friends, Blaž, will get married and I attended his bacelor party in Ljubljana. We all gathered in a restaurant and after some drinks and food we continued towards the city centre and on the way, Blaž had to perform many tasks.

Warm up with homebrew "Puštuc" in Škofja Loka

One of the tasks: fixing the laptop

The whole bachelor party group

Thursday, May 09, 2013


Slovenia: Setting up the Hayrack

The foundations, that we built 8 days ago, were dry, so we gathered again and we placed the Hayrack on designated place. We had some issues with the distance between the mounting points, so some extra work was needed.

Job done 

New mailbox and a flower holder on the hayrack

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Slovenia: Hiking to Preval

My CouchSurfing guest Sep joined me on a hike from Ljubelj to Preval. We took the scenic Bornova way to get to the top.

View to Ljubelj Pass and Košutica

Concentration Camp Ljubelj is the only concentration camp, which was during the second world war in the region of Slovenia. It was the subsidiary of the notorious camp Mauthausen in Austria.

View from the bunker

Window in the tunnel

Exit from the Born tunnel on the eastern slope of Begunjščica

We reached our destination, Planina Preval, 1311 m a.m.s.l.

Descent was much more interesting. We started with marked shortcuts... 

... and finished on unmarked trail. Sep will probably never forget this adventure.

Hiking with Sep to Preval

Saturday, May 04, 2013


Slovenia: Motorbike tour with Sep

My CS guest Sep and me went on a trip with a Blue Horse. Our goal was to visit the most interesting places in Slovenia, so I decided to show her the coast, Soča valley and other attractions on the way.

Leaving Gorenjska on a nice day

Predjama Castle has a great legend about Erazem of Predjama, who was caught unprepared with his pants down.

Piran, one of the three major towns of Slovenian Istria, with much medieval architecture, narrow streets and compact houses. On the right photo, besides Sep an me, also a statue of  Giuseppe TartiniBaroque composer and violinist.

Kluže Fort above Koritnica river served as an important barrier into the Bovec basin. Already its location above the Koritnica gorge is exceptional. According to the historian Simon Rutar of Tolmin, the Bovec fort was built as a Venetian defense against the Turks and was later used by other European powers.

We conquered Vršič, 1611 m a.m.s.l., the highest pass in Slovenia, as well as the highest in the Eastern Julian Alps.

The road over the pass is currently known as Ruska cesta ("Russian Road"), renamed in July 2006 to honour the Russian prisoners of war that were forced to build it in World War I.

Sep @ the most tourist place in Slovenia, Lake Bled

More than 500 kilometres for the first real ride in 2013 was more than enough

Friday, May 03, 2013


Slovenia: Bicycle ride and CS visit

I took my Snow White and we went on a ride around Gorenjska with a plan to visit my co-worker Primož and if the time permits also other friends. In the evening I had to be home, because I was getting a visitor from CouchSurfing.

Below Dobrča I had a nice view to Slovenian highest mountain Triglav

Passed by Lake Bled

Even-though I was going to Škofja Loka I choose the right road

View to Lake Bohinj, largest permanent lake in Slovenia

Finally arrived to the top, Soriška Planina, 1277 m a.m.s.l.

Snow White on snowy top

Spodnja Sorica, a birthplace of the Slovene Impressionist painter Ivan Grohar.

Arrived in Škofja Loka, where my co-worker Primož brews his own beer. A stop worthy of sin, or two.

On my way home I stopped two more times, at 2 more friends, Primož and Grega, where I refilled my lost liquid supplies.

Bicycle trip in Gorenjska

In the evening I received a visit. Sep, a girl, that I met in Sydney through CouchSurfing event was travelling around the world and she also stopped at my place. Since she was starving from a long trip I took her to one of my favourite restaurants in the area, Gostišče Koren.

Sep and typical Slovenian food