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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Slovenia: Weekly Hike: Šmarna gora

With our sport and cultural society ŠKD Indijanci (Indians), that we established at work, we decided to hike every Tuesday morning before work all the way till new year and therefore we would have enough fitness to conquer Kredarica, one of our high altitude mountain huts. For our first hike we chose the most popular hill in Ljubljana, Šmarna gora.

Early birds on Šmarna gora, 669 m


Baroque church of the Mother of God, built in the first half of the 18th century.

Wishing bell, believed to fulfil the wishes of those who ring it.

ŠKD Indijanci - Hike #1

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Slovenia: New Rabbits and Bicycle Trip at the foothills of Košuta

In the morning I fed the animals on our farm and while I was giving some food to our momma rabbit, I noticed, that she gave birth to new ones, don't know how many, since you're not supposed to touch them for some time.

Our 1st and 2nd generation of rabbits from momma rabbit

The weather was nice and not too cold, so I decided to do some pedalling, the plan was to go to Planina Dolga Njiva, 1400 m a.m.s.l.

Scenic road through Dovžanova gorge, protected natural monument. read more at this link.

Tržiška Bistrica river

Many options. I chose the left.

We walked on that ridge in the summer. This time I chose the paths beneath Košuta.

My lunch, cabbage and žganci (national Slovene dish)

My Snow White didn't complain

My last destination, Kofce, was still far away

 Zavetišče na planini Šija mountain hut, 1528 m

Kofce, 1488 m

Bicycle Trip at the foothills of Košuta mountain ridge. Definitely worth repeating.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Croatia: Concrete works @ Weekend House

There is always something to do around the weekend house, if you have it, so sometimes it is better if you don't, but since work and pleasure walk hand in hand sometimes, the first option is better.

This time we decided to build concrete stairs towards the storage room.

Aleš, me and our supervisor at work - hand made concrete

Job done 

There is a lot of rose hip bushes around the area, so we picked them up

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Slovenia: Installing Ultrasonic Flow Meter

My friend Aleš needed to measure water flow at his Hydro Power Station. We bought a Flow Meter TUF-2000M from ebay and today I successfully installed. First results are above expectations, the meter is really measuring and within tolerances.

Another good buy on ebay

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Slovenia: Hike to Kramarica

My friend Vizo called me yesterday and we decided to conquer local peak, called Kramarica. There is actually no track leading up there, so you have to improvise a lot on the way, especially on the top of the ridge and on the descent on the northern slope.

Straight up 

The ridge is somewhere behind those rocks and trees

View from the top to Šentanska valley (where I live)

On the left Košutica and on the right Veliki vrh. Our way led us towards Veliki Vrh, but we turned left half way, since this is the only known way down.

View to the West. In the clouds Begunjščica and Vrtača.

Through here or not?

Is this the point to go down or it's a little bit further to the east?

This is it. Down here.

Our descent

Last difficult part

We came down this way

Time for a break

Kramarica for the first time

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Slovenia: Hike to Bistriška planina

Kids from schools in Tržič had their monthly hike. This time they chose the nearby hill, Bistriška planina. I joined my sister Andreja and her daughter Klara on this easy hike.

Autumn colours

Bistriška planina, 1050 m

Hidden behind the tree

Kids from different schools from Tržič area

In the afternoon I took my neighbour to a test drive with my Yaris and we went to see Bodlaj family, where we joined them at the chestnut picnic.

Tina and Petra attacking the chestnut

Friday, October 18, 2013


Slovenia: New car for Tuši

Finally I have it. New car, Toyota Yaris.

GenerationYaris (P2)
Engine1.33 VVT-i (101 Hp)Edit data of this car
Doors5Edit data of this car
Power101 hpEdit data of this car
Maximum speed175 km/hEdit data of this car
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h11.7 secEdit data of this car
Year of putting into production2009 yearEdit data of this car
Coupe typeHatchbackEdit data of this car
Seats5Edit data of this car
Length3785 mm.Edit data of this car
Width1695 mm.Edit data of this car
Height1530 mm.Edit data of this car
Wheelbase2460 mm.Edit data of this car
Front track1470 mm.Edit data of this car
Rear (Back) track1460 mm.Edit data of this car
Position of engineFront, transverselyEdit data of this car
Volume of engine1329 cm3Edit data of this car
Max power in6000 rpm.Edit data of this car
Torque132/4000 NmEdit data of this car
Fuel SystemMulti-point injectionEdit data of this car
ValvetrainDOHCEdit data of this car
Position of cylindersInlineEdit data of this car
Number of cylinders4Edit data of this car
Diameter of cylinders (bore)72.5 mm.Edit data of this car
Stroke in the cylinder80.5 mm.Edit data of this car
Compression ratio11.5Edit data of this car
Number of valves per cylinder4Edit data of this car
Fuel TypePetrol (Gasoline) A-95Edit data of this car
Wheel DriveFrontEdit data of this car
Number of Gear (mechanical Gearbox)6Edit data of this car
Front suspensionIndependent, Spring McPherson, with stabilizerEdit data of this car
Rear suspensionIndependent, spring multi-link with stabilizerEdit data of this car
Front brakesVentilated discsEdit data of this car
Rear brakesDrumEdit data of this car
ABSyesEdit data of this car
Steering typeSteering rackEdit data of this car
Power steeringElectric SteeringEdit data of this car
Minimum turning circle (turning diameter)4.7 mEdit data of this car
Fuel consumption (economy) - urban6.6 l/100 km.Edit data of this car
Fuel consumption (economy) - extra urban4.6 l/100 km.Edit data of this car
Fuel consumption (economy) - combined5.3 l/100 km.Edit data of this car
Emission standardEURO IV

My new princess, Toyota Yaris