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Friday, August 31, 2018


Slovenia: Tabu

After another awesome dinner in Gostišče Koren, Nada and me attended the Tabu concert in Tržič. We ended the day in good atmosphere with a couple of beers and great music.


Tabu: Eva Beus (vocals), Tomaž Trop (guitar), Primož Štorman (drums), Iztok Melanšek (bass), Aleš Beriša (keyboards)

Great evening

Tabu - Nekoč nekje

Tabu - Do kosti

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Slovenia: Ride 2 Work

"Cycling to Work on Thursdays" event came again. With Grega and Rok we met in Šenčur and togehter we cycled to work. In the afternoon we returned back to Šenčur, where we had a game of inline hockey.

Morning energy 

Time to go to work even though I would rather visit the mountains

Riding 2 work # 14 in 2018 - Garmin Connect

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Veliki Zvoh, Climbing in Begunjščica

New early morning and new morning hike with paragliding. With Rok we hiked from Kriška planina to Veliki Zvoh, 1971 m. We made a few photos and then we prepared our gliders for take off. My first attempt to take off wasn't successful, since I had to jump over some deep and long ditch and my wing collapsed. I succeeded in 2nd attempt and landed safely in Grad.

In the afternoon Nada and Rok joined me in a quick climbing adventure. We had a plan to climb in Begunjščica, our goal was either route called Spominčica or Kiklop. In the end we entered somewhere in between, did a pitch in Spominčica and ended in Kiklop.

Sunrise on Veliki Zvoh

At the highest point of the ski resort Krvavec

Time to take off


View from above

Flying near Cerklje na Gorenjskem

Back on the ground - Garmin Connect

Through the tunnel towards the start of the climbing route

First pitch, where we joined the route called Spominčica

Searching the right path in the 2nd pitch

3rd pitch offered some nice rock

We were a group of 3, so Nada had plenty of time for photos

In the last pitch we traversed from Spominčica to Kiklop and we had to squeeze through a small crack

Nada - almost at the top

Rok and me

View to Šentanska dolina - Podljubelj valley

Last meters before the abseil

Growing from the sharp limestone rock

Selfie at the top - Nada, Tuši and Rok

Šentanska dolina with mighty Storžič

Abseiling on our way down

The end - Garmin Connect

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Tim and Debbie's 30th Anniversary Bug", TB7YVE1, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag", TB6J381, "In memoriam Travel-Puck Fritz", TB61X0T and "Finden Sie Minden 2012 - Katzensternchen Silber", TB3J0Y3):
- krvavc, GC2F5ZJ, where I dropped of trackable item "Sunflower Star Geocoin", TB3D581

Thursday, August 23, 2018


Slovenia: Ride 2 Work

"Cycling to Work on Thursdays" event came again. I picked up Grega in Hrastje, while Saša and Rok joined us in Trboje. We continue towards Črnuče, where Grega invited us to a morning croissant and after that we cycled to work. Happy birthday Grega!

On our way back I finished my cycling trip in Žabnica, where I met with Nada and together we visited Jurjevčič family.

Cyclists Rok, Tuši, Sašo and Grega

Drafting technique

Riding 2 work # 13 in 2018 - Garmin Connect

In Žabnica we tested the new pizza oven

Chefs at work

One sentence only: It works!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Dobrča - Brezar

With Rok we explored another new take-off site for paragliding called Dobrča - Brezar. It lies on Dobrča slope and we needed an hour and a quarter to reach it. We landed in Bistrica pri Tržiču in northerly wind.

Prepping the gliders

Take off by Rok

Rok in the air

Tuši at the take off point

10 minute flight back to the valley

Rok's Carabiner