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Monday, March 31, 2014


Slovenia: LPG conversion finished

My car is back and it runs on LPG now. Lower emissions, lower price of fuel and some other benefits came also with some drawbacks like a little higher consumption, no spare tyre and lower range.

Some of the installed components

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Austria: Skiing in Osojščica (Gerlitzen)

Weather forecast was great, spring was already here, but in the higher regions there was still some snow, especially on some higher ski-resorts, so we decided to go skiing in Austria, near Beljak (Villach).

Slopes were quite empty so the skiing was great

Tuši, Nada, Aleš and unkown person

Aleš, Nada, Andreja, Klara and Matic

Time for a quick break called beer in, beer out

Group picture

In the valley everything will be ready for swimming soon

Skiing in Osojščica

After a great day on skis a good food is always appreciated.

Fish, pasta, home made pesto (wild garlic, dandelion) and red wine

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing: Kotovo sedlo, Chess Tournament in Podljubelj

Backcountry skiing made a great impression on me so we had to use the great conditions that still exist here. ŠKD Indijanci, Grega, Predrag and me, decided to ski from a saddle called Kotovo sedlo, 2134 m. We started with skis from Planica, after an hour we passed the mountain hut in Tamar and then the steep part begun. We decided to start skiing a little below Kotovo sedlo, where the sunlight showed up over the mountains.

Early morning start and a long straight from Planica to Dom v Tamarju mountain hut, 1108 m.

Dom v Tamarju mountain hut, 1108 m

Grega and Jalovec, one of the most beautiful Slovenian mountains 

Minor difficulties on steep terain

Making my own way

Jalovec, 2545 m and saddle Kotovo sedlo on the right

This is where we came from and where we will go back


Shadow made by a nearby mountain

Selfie before the descent. From the left: Tuši, Grega and Predrag

Skiing back to the valley

ŠKD Indijanci - Outdoor Recreation #27

In the afternoon we had a chess tournament in Podljubelj, that also counts for the points for Sportsmen of Podljubelj. Since I am currently 3rd I went there to defend my position.

My neighbour Tanja and according to her smile a great move

Chess players in action

The chess tournament attracted people of all generations

Me in action against Primož

My first chess tournament and a bronze medal. From the left: Janez (2nd), Andrej (1st), Tuši (3rd)

13 attendees on the tournament, so everyone had to play 12 games

Almost 4 hours of brain work for the medal
1Andrej Lindav11
2Janez Ahačič10,5
3Marijan Vešligaj10
4Ivan Klemenčič9,5
5Anže Mikulič9

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Slovenia: Inline skating and Fish dinner

I decided to install LPG system in my car and since they need a couple of days for the whole installation, I will be without the car for a while, so it was time to go on inline skates after 7 years. I did 12 kilometres from work to Ljubljana (like a pro), where I met with Nada and we went shopping for dinner. Gilt-head bream with potatoes and chard was soon on our plates.

Inline skating from work to a shopping centre in Šiška, Ljubljana

Fish dinner with Chardonnay

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Slovenia: Cleaning the laptop

In the afternoon I found the time for my friend Baki and we cleaned the dust from his laptop. I hope overheating won't be a problem anymore. Since the work requires a lot of skills, we needed a still hand, therefore a beer and other goods from the fridge helped a lot.

Laptop cleaning tools

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Slovenia: Weekly Hike: Ovčji grič - Sivka - Buhov Špilj -  Špilj

Our sport and cultural society ŠKD Indijanci went on a twentieth morning hike (26th overall). Our starting point was Jernejčkov graben and our destination Sivka, 934 m. On our way we conquered 3 nearby hills, Ovčji grič, 879 m, Buhov špilj, 863 m, and Špilj, 872 m.

Our first hill today, Ovčji grič (Sheep hill)

View from the top of Sivka

Sign says: "Even here the land is property of the ones that love her the most."

Even Tuši can fall

Group picture on our last hill, Špilj. Atendees: Rok, Tuši, Blaž and Nada

ŠKD Indijanci - Outdoor Recreation #26

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Slovenia: Great day for Slovenian Sport Fans & Movie Nick Of Time

Slovenian sport fans were very happy today, because 3 Slovenian sportsmen finished on podiums.

Biathlon, Holmenkollen, Mass Start Men 15 km:
1. M. FOURCADE      FRA  40:59,9 (1)
2. D. LANDERTINGER  AVT     +7,0 (0)
3. J. FAK           SLO     32,9 (2)

Biathlon, Holmenkollen, Mass Start Women, 12,5 km:
1. A. KUZMINA       SVK  29:44,8 (4)
2. T. GREGORIN      SLO     +3,8 (2)
3. M. DORIN HABERT  FRA      8,3 (3)

Ski jumping, Planica, HS139:
1. P. PREVC      SLO 136,0/142,0 283,7
2. S. FREUND     GER 136,0/141,0 280,8
3. A. BARDAL     NOR 138,5/136,5 278,5


MotoGP season 2014 started today. The first and very interesting race was on Losail International Circuit in Qatar and Valentino Rossi was very quick again. Go Vale!

12593Marc MARQUEZSPARepsol Honda TeamHonda166.442'40.561
22046Valentino ROSSIITAMovistar Yamaha MotoGPYamaha166.3+0.259
31626Dani PEDROSASPARepsol Honda TeamHonda166.1+3.370
41341Aleix ESPARGAROSPANGM Forward RacingForward Yamaha165.6+11.623
5114Andrea DOVIZIOSOITADucati TeamDucati165.6+12.159

After the race it was time for a movie with Johnny DeppChristopher Walken and others.

Plot: An unimpressive, every-day man is forced into a situation where he is told to kill a politician to save his kidnapped daughter.

Trailer for the movie Nick Of Time

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing: Viševnik, Hiking: Kofce

Grega called me and said, that he is on vacation on Pokljuka and the conditions are great for backcountry skiing. Another member from ŠKD Indijanci, Predrag, joined us on our trip from Rudno Polje over Plesišče, 1790 m, to Viševnik, 2050 m.

Still a lot of snow on Pokljuka

Easy start on slopes of ski resort Viševnik

View to Viševnik from Plesišče

Thanks for the gear Vizo


Quick photo on the top. Predrag safely stayed little below the peak.

Predrag and Grega

Skiing on the way down

ŠKD Indijanci - Outdoor Recreation #25

In the afternoon I joined ŠD Podljubelj Society on their nightly hike from Podljubelj over Kal to Kofce and back.

First short break in Vasovje

Spring Snowflake

Half way up in Zavetišče na Kalu, 1112 m, we had a break for a quick beer. 

On our destination, Dom na Kofcah mountain hut, 1488 m, we had dinner. Jota was my choice.

On our way down we used the torches

ŠD Podljubelj: Podljubelj - Vasovje - Zavetišče na Kalu - Dom na Kofcah mountain hut - Kršiše - Podljubelj