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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Croatia: Hike - Vrženica Canyon, Rebica, Vela luka, Corinthia, Easternmost Point of Krk, Mala luka, Lubinin

With Nada we decided to spend a couple of autumn days by the sea. Since my hands were equipped with plaster, we walked a lot. We were settled in Baška and we decided to conquer easternmost point of Krk. On our way we walked by some nice bays, through Vrženica canyon to viewpoint Rebica. Soon we admired the view to Vela and Mala luka. We also visited the remains of the Corinthia Fort and then we finally reached the easternmost point of the island. Already being exhausted we returned back over the peak called Lubinin.

Through Baška

Coastal area

Exploring the caves

Nice walk between the pines

Bay Uvala Vrženica

With the view to island Prvić, an uninhabited island

Time to rest

In Vrženica Canyon

Some sections were not as easy as we thought

Descending from Rebica, where we can see the mainland in the back

Overlooking Mala luka

And on the other side we had Vela luka

Reaching ground 0 again

From Vela towards Mala luka

Mala luka from Corinthia Fort, that watches the easternmost cape of the island of Krk. This spacious archaeological complex consisted of a port settlement with 3 churches along the Mala luka cove and an acropolis at the top of the Sokol peninsula, which served as a military and administrative hub.

Difficult sharp terrain was not easy, especially against the shoes

Easternmost point of Krk

Cliffs on the East

Hitchhiking didn't succeed

Relaxing in Mala luka

Romanesque Church of St. Nicholas, which today serves as a part of the mrgari – multicellular dry-stone sheepfolds where sheep from various owners were occasionally kept and sorted. 


Conquered Easternmost point of Krk

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Blue-Pinguin", TB6QPAJ):
- The Cave of Bunculuka, EarthCache, GC7RPEJ
- In Memoriam, GC79D9V
- Lonely tree, GC609V0
- Cascade, GC609TE
- Rebica, GC2966B
- Double blue, GC609QK
- Vela Luka, GC609T0
- Krk - East, GC7MGQN
- Lubinin, GC609PX

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Slovenia: GeoCaching in Ljubljana

I had a couple of hours of free time in the capital of Slovenia and I decided to explore it a bit through geocaching. I visited attractions such as quiet little square called Mali trg, Butcher's bridge or Ljubljana's love bridge, Ljubljana castle, Old Karlovac bridge, Botanical garden, Špica, an ex Ljubljana town beach, Mary's Spa, that were deliberately burnt to the ground in 1931 and a Roman forum, town square of ancient Emona.

The Butchers' Bridge, where countless lovers symbolically padlocked their love and dropped the keys into Ljubljanica.

Ljubljana Castle - Originally a medieval fortress, it was probably constructed in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 12th century. It acquired its present outline with an almost complete overhaul in the 15th century, whereas the majority of the buildings date to the 16th and 17th centuries.

Monument dedicated to Slovene peasant revolts, that were going on in 1473, 1478, 1515, 1573 and 1713 along with a photo from  Botanical garden, established in 1810, which is the oldest cultural, scientific and educational institution of continuous operation in Slovenia.

The park's name, Špica, translates as "pointed tip" and refers to the embankment's pointed shape. In the past, Špica was a town beach.

Small park in Trnovo with a monument dedicated to Slovenian Impressionists Matej Sternen, Ivan Grohar, Rihard Jakopič in Matija Jama.

Around Ljubljana - Garmin Connect

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Blue-Pinguin", TB6QPAJ):
- Small street, Small plaza, Small cache, GC7G9GF
- Love and Meat on the Butcher's Bridge, Virtual, GC7B9CM
- Pod Grajskim gričem / Under the Castle Hill, GC76PPZ
- Stari Karlovški most, GC7EGP0
- Fisherjevih 50 / Fisher's 50, Mystery, GC4NJXN
- Botanicni vrt/Botanical Garden, GC33V2C
- SCHpitza, GC7GC84
- Marijine toplice, GC6B53M
- Trnovo, GC2T5W1
- A Gateway to Trnovo, GC1FZR4
- Where Romans meet Impressionists, GC77P4X
- Colonia Iulia Æmona - FORUM / The Forum, Virtual, GC7B6FY

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Slovenia: Zablujena generacija

Friday and time for a concert. Punk rock band Zablujena generacija from Idrija entertained us in Klubar, Kranj.

Ticket for the concert

Klubar was full, foto: Primož Pičulin

Zablujena generacija (Stray generation), foto: Primož Pičulin


Primož Alič, Ramon, Igor Seljak and Hanson played for us, foto: Primož Pičulin

Zablujena generacija - Pozitiv vabrejšan

Zablujena generacija - Sonce nabija

Zablujena generacija - Ritem človeštva (Niet)

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Slovenia: Jošt

Foggy and cloudy morning was good for another quick hike. With Nada we picked up my niece Klara and we drove to Spodnja Besnica, from where we started our trip. We spiced up the hike with a couple of geocaches and a bit of rain on our way back to the valley.

Walk on leaves

You don't see them on a sunny day - Fire salamander

Nada, Tuši and Klara

Carefully on slippery track

Hike to Sveti Jošt nad Kranjem on a less crowded track

GeoCaches found:
- Jošt #1 - Brv, GC7X4DY
- Jošt #2 - Pri sovi, GC7Y0AF, where I retrieved trackable item "Blue-Pinguin", TB6QPAJ and it stayed with me for the rest of the day
- Jošt #3 - Zapuščena hiša, GC7Y0AY
- Jošt #4 - Šolarjeva klopca, GC7Y0B8
- Jošt #5 - Benedikova dolina, GC7Y0BH
- Zverjaščkova pot#6/The Gruffalo Child's way#6, GC7MDFG