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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Slovenia: Backcountry skiing - Vrh Ljubeljščice

When snow is in the village, man has to take advantage of it. For me, the easiest way is to drive for 3 kilometers, put on the skis and I can start my backcountry skiing trip. Vrh Ljubeljščice with its 1704 meters is a good and quick destination.

When you are tired, pretend you are taking a photo

Last section with Na Možeh ridge

View from the top to snowy peaks of Košutica and Veliki vrh

Monday, January 28, 2019


Slovenia: Backcountry skiing - Vrh Ljubeljščice

Nearby ski slopes on Zelenica received a nice quantity of snow, so Tadej and me decided to test them. Our expedition was more than successful and we finished it with big smiles on our faces. Vrh Ljubeljščice, 1704 m, the peak we conquered, counts also as a part of 11 peak challenge of our local sport society ŠD Podljubelj, so I am now at 3 out of 11.

Fresh snow

Peak of Vrh Ljubeljščice, from where the real fun began

On our way down, we met paparazzi Nada, and she quickly took the opportunity for a couple of photos.

Selfie of the paparazzi Nada
Vrh Ljubeljščice with Tadej

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Slovenia: Hike & Fly & Sled

On Sunday morning Rok, Nada and me decided to hike to Potoška gora, from where Rok and me would to fly. First we checked the lake at the landing site in Preddvor, if it would be possible to land on it. We were indecisive, so we left that to process later in the air. After good 90 minutes we were at the top, so we prepared our wings. Wind was good, so we just took off, while Nada made some great pictures. In the air, we both decided, that it would be much wiser to land on normal ground, so we did the easy way.

The day was long, so for the evening, we decided to use our sleds. We tested the track, that leads to Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut, 1123 m.

Shall we land on ice?

Even cyclists are out on the field

Getting ready on the start 

Take off

Successful start

Rok followed me

Red and blue in the air

View to Gorenjska. Our flight finished in Preddvor - Garmin Connect.

Our photographer Nada

Attendees of the night sledding: Klemen, Tuši, Rok, Gašper and Nada

3, 2, 1, gooooo!

Quick way down using sleds - Garmin connect

Saturday, January 26, 2019


Austria: Backcountry Skiing in Golica / Koralpe

Nada and me decided to start with our 2019 backcountry skiing season. Ski resorts are a good choice for beginners, so we decided to try the Koralpe in nearby Austria. We drove to the bottom station of the ski resort and started ascending. At the ridge we had a date with the wind, but that wasn't a stopper, so we were soon on top of our first peak called Steinschneider, 2070 m. The highest point of the day, Großer Speikkogel, 2140 m, was also visible, so it was also quickly conquered. Easy skiing on the way down summed the easy start in backcountry skiing season.

Nada took the wrong sticks, so I had to maintain the safety distance

View to other peaks


Windy ridge

Is it Stöckli?

Towards the Großer Speikkogel, equipped with military radar airspace surveillance

Selfi time for Nada and Tuši

View to the valley with a Koralpenhaus mountain hut, 1966 m

At the top of  Großer Speikkogel, 2140 m

After recreation a good meal was needed

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Slovenia: Dvorjanski hrib - Štefanja gora - Apnišče

In the evening Rok and me decided to attend a seminar about aerodynamics, with a focus in paragliding in Dvorje. Since we had a couple of hours of free time after our work, we decided to have a hike to nearby hills. We conquered Dvorjanski hrib, 678 m, Štefanja gora, 748 m, and Apnišče, 740 m.

Nativity scene under a tree

Štefanja Gora with a local church dedicated to Saint Stephen. It was originally built around 1132. The current building dates to 1805, when the entire church was rebuilt after the older one was destroyed by lightning.

Apnišče is the highest peak of municipality Šenčur.

Rok and Tuši

Exploring new hills around Cerklje na Gorenjskem - Garmin Connect

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Slovenia: Sledding from Prelaz Ljubelj

Snow covered our region and it was a great day for sledding with my nephews and Nada. Nice hike on well maintained track to the top, where we had a drink in Koča na Ljubelju mountain hut, 1370 m, was followed by a fast sledding down to the valley and avoiding all the careless people walking in the middle of the track.

Snow covered our region

Track was in perfect condition

Matic took care of his own sled

Sunny day

We had plenty of time to play on the way up

Angels in the snow

Last meters before the top

Ready to go

Sledding time