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Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Begunjska Vrtača

According to weather forecast, we will have a calm and nice day, so Rok, Jernej and me decided to go paragliding, destination Begunjska Vrtača, a mountain in the Begunjščica ridge. We started with the hike at 5:30 a.m. and via Lenuhova ravine (IV-/II-III, 300m), that was actually a walk to the top, since the season is very rich with snow this year, we reached the summit. As predicted, the conditions were awesome for safe flying and one by one we flew back to the valley, where we packed our machines and went to work.

Early start.

Towards the entrance of the Lenuhova ravine.

Smell of the beautiful day.

Short break.

Plenty of snow made our climb totally easy.

Below the summit.

Checking the landing site.

After a little more than 2 hours we were standing at the top of Begunjska Vrtača.

Rok and his Viola.

Jernej, Rok and Tuši.

Rok was the first one in the air.

Snowy mountains and green valleys.

While we were at the top, our photographer Nada was already waiting for us at the landing site.

Jernej's first take off from a mountain.

2 gone and I was the last one on the top.

Nada spotted Rok and he was immediately caught on film.

Rok started and finished as number one.

High above the ground.

View to the North.

Jernej approaching the Earth.

A lot of space for landing.

Big smile means only one thing. It is a day to rmeember.

Me and my Tenor.

Touch down.

Running for the photographer.

Time to pack and go to work. Awesome start of the day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Slovenia: Searching for a demon

A while ago I solved another geocaching puzzle, received the coordinates via email and today, Nada, Rok and me did the field job. Since we were looking for a night cache, we had to be in Ljubljana at night, so we woke up a little earlier than usual. At the given coordinates we turned on our headlamps and started following the clues. My headlamp immediately died, so I had to use the phone to follow Rok and Nada. We quickly found all very interesting stages and soon we were standing at the final location, where the stamp was waiting for us. Good job setting the geocache, we all liked it.

At one of the stages we had to count the spiders. I counted and Rok supervised.

Unlocking, but what is the code? Luckily, I solved that puzzle back home. Soon the clues led us to the final stage.

The reward.

After we signed the logbook, we went straight to work.

Geocache found:
- Bohten Dayak - First night letterbox in Slovenia, Letterbox Hybrid, GC7H0PV

Sunday, March 28, 2021


Slovenia: Kramarica

Kramarica is a less known peak at the beginning of the Košuta ridge and since there is no marked trail up there, it is usually approached only by locals or skilled mountaineers. I conquered it only once before (12575) and today I decided to do it again. The weather was quite bad, but since I started straight from my door, I didn't worry much. I chose the azimuth approach at the first section and quickly I was on the ridge, that leads to the top. Last section of my route was covered with snow, so I used the ice axe for help and after 2 hours I was on the foggy top. The visibility was bad, so I just took a photo and turned around.

Start of the path leads you through the forest with many hellebores flowers.

Just following the foot steps.

Snowy section.

Back on steep and icy grass.

Arrived to the main ridge.

Selfie on top.

Icy grass.

My gear.

On my way back I found a treasure from many years ago. I wonder how old it is?

Sunday morning hike.