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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Slovenia: Cycling to Work and Back, Movie: I, Frankenstein

I still had my co-workers road bike, so it was time to go to work with it.

Home - Work

Going to work was less than a half way, ther return was much more difficult, especially because of the heat and my tired legs.

Work - Home

I successfully came back home and in the evening I watched a movie, called I, Frankenstein. The movie isn't anything special, so I recommend watching it in a half a sleep state.

Plot: Set in a dystopic present where vigilant gargoyles and ferocious demons rage in a battle for ultimate power, Victor Frankenstein's creation Adam (Aaron Eckhart) finds himself caught in the middle as both sides race to discover the secret to his immortality.

Trailer for the movie

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Slovenia: Movie - Valter brani Sarajevo

In the evening I watched a movie called Valter brani Sarajevo / Walter Defends Sarajevo. It was a movie above my expectations worth watching.

Plot: In late 1944, as the end of World War II approaches, the Wehrmacht's high command determines to withdraw General Alexander Löhr's Army Group E from the Balkans back to Germany. They plan to supply the tank columns with fuel from a depot in Sarajevo. The Yugoslav partisans' leader in the city, a mysterious man known as Walter, presents a grave danger to the operation's success, and the Germans dispatch Standartenführer von Dietrich of the SD to deal with him. As no one in the city seems to know even how Walter looks, Dietrich manages to have an operative infiltrate the resistance under the guise of Walter himself. The partisans are caught in a deadly game of betrayal, fraud and duplicity while trying to frustrate the Germans' plans.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


ItalyGlacier Mountaineering Course: Day 2

Our mountaineering section organized a Glacier Mountaineering Course and I joined them. First day was behind us (13189) and we were ready to conquer the Hochgall, 3436 m. In the Kasseler Hütte we had an early breakfast and at 5:30 a.m. we started walking towards the glacier Hochgall Ferner, where we attached our crampons and formed 2 glacial formations. We successfully crossed the glacier, but the conditions to climb the designated north face were too poor, so we used a different passage (300 m, slope up to 50 degrees) to reach the ridge. From there we just follow it to the peak, where we also used the ropes for the last few meters. A group photo, quick sandwich and a drink and we started with the descent accompanied with easy snowfall over a very interesting ridge and Graues Nöckl. The way down was quite difficult, since the granite plates weren't covered with snow at all places, so the crampons were sometimes just annoying us. In the end we all successfully returned back to the hut, where the taste of the beer was just perfect. After an hour we just packed our backpacks and return to the valley and drove back to Slovenia. On our way we sponsored Austrian police officers with 70€.

Good morning. Woke up at 4:30 a.m., started walking at 5:30 a.m.

Warming up

We left the marked track and jumping over the streams became normal

Towards the glacier Hochgall Ferner

Typical glacier lake

Glacier crack. Luckily it wasn't covered with snow.

2 glacier formations, one with 2 members and one with 3

There is only one way: UP

Samo, me, Tomaž and Miha

We successfully reached the ridge and you can see the peak on the right side of the photo

View to the South with Antholzer See

On Hochgall. The peak is a few meters to the left. Back row from the left: Tomaž, Miha, Samo, front row: Tuši and Slavc

For me, the most difficult was the descent.

Our trip

Another difficult but perfect day

Friday, June 26, 2015


ItalyGlacier Mountaineering Course: Day 1

Our mountaineering section organized a Glacier Mountaineering Course and I joined them. 5 of us gathered in Bistrica pri Tržiču, 3 trainees (Samo, Tomaž and me) and 2 instructors (Slavc and Miha). Together we drove over Austria to Rein in Taufers in South Tyrol, Italy. From there we walked with our gear to a hut with many names, Kasselerhütte, Hochgallhütte or Rifugio Roma. We settled in and after a short break our instructors demonstrated us how to properly move on the glacier, how to use the ropes and how to rescue someone if he falls into the crack.

Just before the village Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures we stopped for a while

Rein in Taufers with our destination, Hochgall, 3436 m

Local church dedicated to Wolfgang of Regensburg

One of many waterfalls. Since the area is mostly made out of granite, the water flows on the surface all the time.

On our way to the hut we had a picture with the highest peak of Rieserferner Group. From the left: Samo, Miha, Tomaž and me. Slavc was behind the camera.

View to the valley


Local map

Another view to Hochgall/Monte Collalto

Reflection in a nearby lake

Kasselerhütte, Hochgallhütte or Rifugio Roma at altitude 2274 m

One of many streams

Dry practice

Tristennöckl/Monte Covoni has a new name, unfortunately it couldn't be published

Hike on our first day from Rein in Taufers to Kasseler Hütte

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Austria: Riding in Koroška and Štajerska

Slovenia had a public holiday today - Statehood Day, therefore Nada and me spent the day on the motorbike. We rode over 5 passes (actually we went through one) and on the way we visited a couple of nice places and found some GeoCaches.

Passes (English/Slovene/German):
Loibl Pass - prelaz Ljubelj - Loiblpass (1058 m)
Klippitztörl Pass - prelaz Klippitztörl - Klippitztörl (1642 m)
Gaberl Pass - prelaz Gaberl - Gaberl (1551 m)
Pack Saddle - sedlo Pack - Packsattel (1169 m)
Seeberg Saddle - Jezerski vrh - Seebergsattel (1218 m)

Our first stop was in Svinec/Eberstein, where we checked the castle

Quick stop in "Museum für Quellenkultur"

Blue horse

Saint Paul's Abbey in Lavanttal

Confluence of Labotnica/Lavant and Drava

Passing by

Ženeško lake - Sonnegger See

Nice roundtrip with Nada and Blue horse

GeoCaches found:
- Durch's Görtschitztal #3 - Eberstein, GC2VXHA
- Durch's Görtschitztal #5 - Klein St. Paul, GC2VXQF
- Top of Klippitztörl, GC1VBCJ
- GOLD - Arsenbründerl / arsenic spring, GC4K2PZ
- TB - HOTEL OBDACHER SATTEL, GC55CTW, where I picked up trackable item "Filly", TB5AY6C and he remained with me till the last GeoCache today
- Gaberlstraße - Kapelle beim Reitinger, GC3G6NA
- Blick auf Köflach-Piber, GC31K4Y
- Lamas in Hirschegg, GC370XR
- Blue Arc, GC29Q42
- Dark Water, GC1958P
- Kirche Aich Dob, GC5FKD9
- Katharina die Große, GC3TAM8
- Sonnegger See, GC5EZZN
- Passkontrolle! Haben Sie TBs zu verzollen?, GC1Z6M5, where I left trackable item "Filly", TB5AY6C

Monday, June 22, 2015


Slovenia: Road Cycling West from Ljubljana

My co-worker Grega lend me his road bike and with Nada we did a short circle near Ljubljana.

Beauty and the Beast

Liked it

First cycling with my co-workers road bike

GeoCaches found:
- Apnenica, GC3JRY8

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Austria / Slovenia: Hike to Stol

Nada, Borut, Rok and me decided to conquer the highest peak of the Karawanks, Stol, located on the border of Austria and Slovenia. It is known as Hochstuhl in German (meaning 'High Chair'), or Veliki Stol (which is Slovenian for 'Great Chair') and has an elevation of 2236 m. My father drove us to the starting point in Medvedji dol / Bärental and from there we started hiking towards the north face of the mountain.

The place of our first GeoCache was this point, where in 1915 a woman gave birth to her daughter Ana

Start of the heavy part - KlettersteigVia ferrata

View to Kozjak, 2024 m and Celovška koča, 1664 m

In the rock 

Borut fed the birds and we all had a nice view to the Slovenian side

Rok, Tuši, Borut and Nada

It was quite cold for the shorts, since it was snowing yesterday

Borut, Rok and me quickly conquered Srednji vrh, 1796 m, on our way to Dom na Zelenici mountain hut, 1536 m

Kranjska lilija - Lilium carniolicum, commonly called golden apple or Carniolan lily.

Very nice hike in the Karawanks

GeoCaches found:
- Kinderstub'n, GC1WN9F
- Hochstuhl/Veliki Stol - 2237m, GC3YR35