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Sunday, March 27, 2022


Slovenia: 4 days of Backcountry Skiing - Day 4 - Planina v Lazu

The last day of 4 days of skiing was short, since Gregor and me had to leave early. Quick breakfast, backpacks on, skis on ski boots and we were on our way back to Bohinj. We all had amazing 4 days in Planina v Lazu. Big thanks to Chera Hiking for organising.

Previous days of our backcountry skiing adventure around Planina v Lazu: Day 3 - 15654, Day 2 - 15653, Day 1 - 15652

Gregor and me left early - Garmin Connect.

Saturday, March 26, 2022


Slovenia: 4 days of Backcountry Skiing - Day 3 - Slatna and around Vogel mountains

On our third day we decided to explore the area around Prvi, Srednji and Zadnji Vogel mountains and usually when I mention a word explore, we always have a lot of fun.

Previous days of our backcountry skiing adventure around Planina v Lazu: Day 2 - 15653, Day 1 - 15652

Once more we woke up in a beautiful morning.

We left our mountain hut far behind.

Tomaž and me.

Looks like a possible option, but we had to wait for our boss Čera.

And we wait.

We finally regrouped and the plan was set.

Just as we expected, we will go through this ravine.

Time to use the crampons and ice axes.

And when we came to the top, the snow disappeared.

Looking back to where we came from.

5 of us made a short detour to nearby peak Slatna, 2077 m.

View to Prvi Vogel and our plan remained the same, do a trip around this mountain with 3 summits.

Scouts went looking for the snow and they soon came back with good news.

We put on our skis and skied down to the valley called Za Kopico.

Searching ideal passages.

Once more we regrouped and enjoyed in the view.

Last meters before we put on snow skins.

Chera Hiking with some missing members.

A little bit left, a little bit right, but mostly up.

Will we see our destination around the corner?

And here it is, still far behind, saddle Vrata, 2192 m.

On the left we can see Velika Zelnarica, 2320 m and on the right Zadnji Vogel, 2327 m.

Tuši leading. Or just slowing everybody down. Who knows.

And finally we arrived to the saddle Vrata.

Time for a break and to define a strategy how to continue.

Once more we had to look for good passages.

We found a good one our chickens followed us.

Tricky part, therefore everybody was taking pictures.

This hole, called Globoka Konta, can be totally filled with snow in rich winters.

Finally some skiing again.

Last section, that was fully covered with snow.

Soon we had to navigate through the sections full of dwarf mountain pine.

Just thinking, how many times we put skis down and up again today. Too many to remember, so just smile and move on.

Tina invented a special tactic, but we all think that she needs to improve it.

When you think that you're through, back on the continuous snow section, you're not.

And finally, we were back in our morning track - Garmin Connect.

Last evening.

Good night.

Friday, March 25, 2022


Slovenia: 4 days of Backcountry Skiing - Day 2 - Kanjavec

Kanjavec is a 2569-metre mountain in the center of Triglav National Park. It lies between the Dolič Pass at 2164 m, the Hribarice Pass at 2306 m and the Prehodavci Pass at 2071 m with a great panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and today it was also our main goal. The night was short, but we all managed to leave the hut and when the sun shined our bodies, we were in paradise. From time to time a little icy terrain slowed us a bit, but in good 4 hours we reached the peak. Soon we regrouped, made a nice photo on the summit and then the fun part began, skiing back to Planina v Lazu. Although the mountains aren't totally covered with snow, we had an awesome skiing descent.

Previous days of our backcountry skiing adventure around Planina v Lazu: Day 1 - 15652

Čera, the boss of Chera Hiking, was also our navigator.

At first we had a little icy surface.

Although everything looked green at the top, we found nice passages all the way to the top.

In the heart of Triglav National Park.

Perfect sunny day.

The West and East summits of Kanjavec are still far away.

Blue team.

Last gathering before the summit.

Chera Hiking on top of Kanjavec.

And after some amazing skiing we returned back to our wooden hut - Garmin Connect.

Geocache found:
- Planina v Lazu - winter dreams, GC21X14, that received a visit by trackable items "Magic: The Gathering, Rivals of Ixalan Trackable: Vampire Die Bonbon Dose", TB8Q8AY, Chakkuri's Community Volunteer Travel Tag, TB676DY and "Get a photo of a tree", TB8JV00