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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sunday morning was time for me to say goodbye to another incredible group of CouchSurfers.

Last breakfast

The famous one is leaving

Getting dressed
So I left. Since my Garmin Oregon 550 was a little confused, because I turned off motorways and so he kept on calculating I decided to ride for a while to the South. After some time of easy cruising I saw this sign.

That's not Germany anymore! Now I just realised how close to France we were all the time, and now I know, that I entered mainland France at their most eastern point in Lauterbourg, Alsace. It was time to turn on the motorways on my Garmin, and soon I was riding east. In Ulm I decided to return to preferred direction, South, towards TyrolAustria. I was already tired of long highways and riding without a mirror didn't help either. In Austria I rode on side roads and I passed two roads with more than 1500 meters altitude, Gerlos pass and Felbertauernstrasse with Felbertauerntunnel.

Price was 4.40€ for me, because they didn't accept Maestro card and I was out of cash

Gerlos Alpenstrasse

Krimml Waterfalls

Tunnel near Krimml Waterfalls
Slovenia was closer and closer and after 860 kilometres and 12 hours and a half of riding I was finally home. My back wouldn't bend even for a soup in a prison floor anymore.

3 days, 1900 kilometres

And here it is, finally. Video from our CouchSurfing Invasion to Germany 2011.


Morning came soon and also the time for breakfast with our big family.
Bernd and our breakfast

Markus and Wilhelm joined us in the morning
It was time for our tour, that Rudi planed over the night.

Our diesel atendee, Sommer, 462cm3, 8kW

Preparing for the ride

Honda Valkyrie

First we filled our horses

Our first stop, the beginning of the wine road

Handsome in front
After some riding I tried to overtake Marc's Ducati. I was successful, but only till the first corner, where I slided into the grass. I had a big luck and my stupidity was not punished as it could be, only some dirty clothes, broken mirror and bent clutch lever. Lesson learned, never overtake a Ducati.

Yamaha without left mirror, with Raf's Ducati Monster and Rudi's BMW
We stopped to finish the wine from this 1.700.000 litre wine barrel in Bad Dürkheim

Sonya and her niece Vania

Me, Thilo and Raf

We continued with our riding also on prohibited roads

He wouldn't be sleeping if the engine was on

Back in the house

Susanna and Marc


Valentin, Vania and Thilo


Rudi and Iryna

5 beers, then bedtime

We ended the evening with the movie, Pulp Fiction


Winners received the badge


Today I had a very short day at work, because my evening destination was Germany, Frankenthal, RUUUDIII's place, also known as Casa Imperfectus. My plan was to attend 3rd Germany Invasion, which is a CouchSurfing event for motorbikers.

CouchSurfing is great
So I started at 10 o'clock and there was more than 700 kilometres of roads ahead of me. I rode over Ljubelj to Austria, where I decided not to use motorways. Near Salzburg it started to rain, but I waited too long to put my rain clothes on, so I was already wet a little. Nevertheless I put my yellow clothes on and after 15 minutes the rain stopped. It's nice to see Murphy in action, especially if you are a little bit in a hurry and you can almost smell  food from barbecue, which is still more than 400 kilometres away. So I removed the clothes and soon I was in Germany, on their highway towards Munich. My friend Murphy decided to have some traffic jams there, but I was still quite on schedule, since if you are with motorbike, you just ignore standing vehicles. And the same story was also near Augsburg, Ulm, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe and in the end I finally arrived to Rudi's place in Frankenthal and I immediately saw my welcome drink was ready. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

764 kilometers to get a beer?
Soon, I met some very nice people, saw some nice motorbikes, drank some beers, ate some food. It was a great evening. You all rock boys and girl.

Rudi, our host, the boss, the organizer, ... You're the man!

Our bathroom

Starting the fire for barbecue

Rudi, Milton and our steak

Never tasted a beer in his life, that's Graham



Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today, my Yamaha FZ6 S2 Fazer got new shoes after only 7000km. I guess if I am riding alone, the tyres are more under pressure.

Dunlop Roadsmart 120/70/17 and 180/55/17


Order is for idiots, genius can handle chaos.


Going back is always the hardest thing, but we managed it. On our way back we stopped at Gostilna Ankele, where we ate and then we all went home, where we arrived safe and sound.
Total costs per person were 160€ (65€ ticket, 35€ hostel, 60€ for the van, gas, vignettes and sandwiches) + what each of us drank and ate in those 3 days.

Thank you


Race day in Masaryk Circuit. Driving with trams 2 and 1 and bus 400 to the circuit can quite long sometimes, but we were not late.

Tram ticket, that we never used

Weekend ticket


125cc race (start, fall, Cortese and Zarco, burnout)

Start of Moto2 race

Rossi fan

MotoGP start, Yamaha in front of 3 Hondas
The winner, Casey Stoner

Dovizioso, Simoncelli, Lorenzo and Spies

Another Rookie race
Races were over, so we decided to drink one more beer. Then we took a taxi to the bus station, where we were only 15 minutes before last bus to Brno.

The last last beer on the track

Back in the city

Čuri and his new friend

Pork ribs and a leg were fantastic
Final results of


MotoGP Race Classification 2011

12527Casey STONERAUSRepsol Honda TeamHonda164.843'16.796
2204Andrea DOVIZIOSOITARepsol Honda TeamHonda164.4+6.532
31658Marco SIMONCELLIITASan Carlo Honda GresiniHonda164.3+7.792
4131Jorge LORENZOSPAYamaha Factory RacingYamaha164.2+8.513
51111Ben SPIESUSAYamaha Factory RacingYamaha164.1+10.186
61046Valentino ROSSIITADucati TeamDucati164.0+12.632
7969Nicky HAYDENUSADucati TeamDucati163.3+23.037
885Colin EDWARDSUSAMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha163.3+24.189
977Hiroshi AOYAMAJPNSan Carlo Honda GresiniHonda163.2+25.202
1068Hector BARBERASPAMapfre Aspar Team MotoGPDucati162.5+36.566
11524Toni ELIASSPALCR Honda MotoGPHonda162.5+36.679
12414Randy DE PUNIETFRAPramac Racing TeamDucati162.5+37.109
13365Loris CAPIROSSIITAPramac Racing TeamDucati161.7+48.911
Moto2 Race Classification 2011

12529Andrea IANNONEITASpeed MasterSuter157.341'13.255
22093Marc MARQUEZSPATeam CatalunyaCaixa RepsolSuter157.3+0.161
31665Stefan BRADLGERViessmann Kiefer RacingKalex157.3+0.407
41315Alex DE ANGELISRSMJIR Moto2Motobi157.2+0.870
51112Thomas LUTHISWIInterwetten Paddock Moto2Suter157.0+4.225
61040Aleix ESPARGAROSPAPons HP 40Pons Kalex156.4+13.636
7934Esteve RABATSPABlusens-STXFTR156.4+13.647
8877Dominique AEGERTERSWITechnomag-CIPSuter156.4+14.365
973Simone CORSIITAIoda Racing ProjectFTR156.4+14.617
10654Kenan SOFUOGLUTURTechnomag-CIPSuter155.9+21.383
125cc Race Classification 2011

12511Sandro CORTESEGERIntact-Racing Team GermanyAprilia150.340'59.229
2205Johann ZARCOFRAAvant-AirAsia-AjoDerbi150.3+0.397
31623Alberto MONCAYOSPAAndalucia Banca CivicaAprilia149.6+10.773
41355Hector FAUBELSPABankia Aspar Team 125ccAprilia149.6+10.794
51133Sergio GADEASPABlusens by Paris Hilton RacingAprilia149.6+11.144
61025Maverick VIÑALESSPABlusens by Paris Hilton RacingAprilia149.6+11.473
7984Jakub KORNFEILCZEOngetta-Centro SetaAprilia148.8+24.720
8815Simone GROTZKYJITAPhonica RacingAprilia147.9+39.982
9763Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDINMALAirasia-Sic-AjoDerbi147.7+42.887
10653Jasper IWEMANEDOngetta-Abbink MetaalAprilia147.7+43.023