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Thursday, April 30, 2020


Slovenia: MTB - Around Kriška gora

Tržič offers many nice MTB trails and some are described on the Visit Tržič page. Nada and me chose K25 trail, named Around Kriška Gora. We started in Tržič, we rode through villages Lom pod Storžičem and Grahovše until we reached mountain pasture Mala Poljana. From there we conquered the highest point of the day, Velika Poljana, 1410 m. We put our seats to the lowest position and the downhill section started. First part was nice, but later on we shouldn't follow the gpx track, as it runs on a very steep hiking path, instead we should continue on the tractor road. The mistake was quickly fixed and we enjoyed the rest of the downhill section that took us to village Zalog. The remaining part was the asphalt road back to Tržič with a stop for a beer in Golnik.

Towards Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut. 

On "S curve", that is well known to sledders.

Dobrča, Begunjščica and Veliki vrh.

Nada's view.

First very steep section just below Mala Poljana.

Black Mamba on Mala Poljana, 1325 m.

Nada and her Black Beast.

View to the South.

Drinking water along the way.

Moving on.

Highest point of the day on Velika Poljana.

Nada and Tuši.

Downhill section.

Back in the valley.

Sunday, April 26, 2020


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Veliki vrh

Nada and me decided to spend the day in the mountains. Since we didn't want to drive far, our destination was set to Veliki vrh. The peak is also quite good take off site, so I brought my glider with me.

Big backpack passing Dom na Kofcah mountain hut.

Towards "Križ" with the view to the ridge between Dobrča and Begunjščica.

Our destination, Veliki vrh.

Nada had plenty of time for photographs.

Along the trail.

Don't touch the steel rope game.

Over the snowy patches.

Arrived to Košuta ridge.

Reached the peak of Veliki vrh, where we had an amazing view.

New stamp in my hike & fly book.

Selfie on the top.

Getting ready for take off. The wind was quite strong, so I launched without a single step.


Direction South.

Turning West.

Look for the red dot on the photo.

A long way back for Nada.

Shoe photo with Begunjščica.

Landing site near my home.

My 2nd flight from Veliki vrh.

Friday, April 24, 2020


Slovenia: Geocaching, Hiking and Flying

After work I picked up a few caches in a forest between Torovo and Voglje. In the late afternoon Rok and me decided to fly from Potoška gora and Nada accompanied us to the top. The day was finished by the Lake Črnava in Preddvor.

"Prison" cache.

Forest trail between Torovo and Voglje.

Rok on his home take-off site.

One for the camera.

A few seconds later.

Before the sunset.

Quick way back to the valley.

Flying Friday.

Selfie time.

Another beautiful day - Garmin Connect.

Geocaches found:
- #07 - Torovo-Voglje Trail, GC8KZJ2
- #10 - Torovo-Voglje Trail, GC8KZJB
- #13 - Torovo-Voglje Trail, GC8KZJH
- #16 - Torovo-Voglje Trail, GC8KZJY
- #19 - Torovo-Voglje Trail, GC8KZK3
- #22 - Torovo-Voglje Trail, GC8KZKC
- #25 - Torovo-Voglje Trail, GC8KZKX