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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After work we went para-gliding again, this time to Ambrož pod Krvavcem. There was still some fog down in the valley, so our landing site was Stiška vas. Finally I was able to test my new para-glider and I am very satisfied with my first flight, although it was only 7 minutes long.

My new love, Niviuk Hook, DHV 1-2


Erik in the air

My flight
Our ex country Yugoslavia was celebrating the day of the republic on 29th of November. So happy birthday.



Lost another bet for dinner against Danica. Lesson learned, never bet against women who have too much time, because they can open a group on facebook and that group will have 500 members in a day. Congratulations Danica, but "friends" who joined that group, be aware, no more beer from me to you.


Weather was great today so my family decided to go hiking, Dom na Kofcah mountain hut was the destination. Aleš and me decided to have a little longer walk, so we started at 7:30.

Morning view towards Zelenica and Begunjščica






Me and Aleš on Veliki vrh (2088 m) and Triglav behind us
And then we met with the rest of the family in Dom na Kofcah mountain hut, 1488 m.

Family photo

Formula 1, season 2011 also finished today. My friend Dejan and me bet every year in the beginning of the season. Dejan's choice this year was Mark Webber and my was Lewis Hamilton, so in the last race Lewis could be better, but he disappointed me and he finished with broken car, so congratulations Dejan, I owe you a dinner.


After work I went to Dolenjska, southern part of Slovenia. I had 2 things to do there. The first one, was to buy a para-glider and the second, to buy some wine. And I was successful with both things.

So my new para-glider is Niviuk Hook, made in 2006. I couldn't test it today, but it looked good, so I just took it. Some data about the para-glider can be found here.

And on my way back, I stopped in Lisec, where my friend's Domen parents live. They have a great cviček, Slovenian wine, so we filled my tanks with 205 litres of it and my car was full of good stuff.

Let's party

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want - Live '06 Saitama



How do I manually turn on an ATX power supply?

To turn on an ATX power supply that isn't connected to a motherboard use a wire or paper clip to short the green wire (PS_ON) to any one of the black wires (COM).


Today I had a movie day. I watched all parts of the film series Saw.
1. Saw - 2003
2. Saw - 2004
3. Saw II - 2005
4. Saw III - 2006
5. Saw IV - 2007
6. Saw V - 2008
7. Saw VI - 2009
8. Saw 3D - 2010


Finished watching The Lone Gunmen series

More about the series on IMDB or wikipedia.


8th flight this week

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Third flying day in this week, when the majority of the people almost forgot that there is sun above the fog. Well, sometimes it's better if you don't even know that.

Without a cloud

Our instructor Lucija and my paragliding school-mates Boštjan and Primož

View from the start before my 3rd flight this day

3 flights from today

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Would you know how to signal to a helicopter overhead that you need help?

When the helicopter approaches, signal and stay in position (do not wave your arms).

P.S.: I didn't need any help from a helicopter altough I made another two nice flights with the paraglider.


Time to leave foggy Ljubljana and do some paragliding above the fog.

Two flights from Gozd to Senično

Yes, it was sunny


We woke up in a very cold morning

Even I was working...preparing the breakfast

Warming up the bread and cooking tea

 Main electricity fuse box with fuse list

We finished the work with on the sun with a cold beer


We continued with our work. Even my Hyundai helped, because Lang's car didn't want to start.

Pija mixing plaster

Kralj was building the wall

Lang was cutting the siporex (autoclaved aerated concrete)


My friends Pija, Čajčk, Kralj and Lang went to our weekend house in Croatia. Our plan was to make a new wall for bathroom and to place the wires for electricity.

Sunset in Hrvatsko Zagorje

Čajčk and his girlfriend in action

Ladybirds for good luck

Dinner with medica and beer

Heineken for good night


Today we had another fine lunch with young wine in Hotel Krona.


After work my co-worker from New Zealand John and me went to basketball game in Stožice. Match: Union Olimpija (Slovenia) vs. Galatasaray (Turkey). This match was very important for the overall 3rd place in group D of Euroleague.

John and me before the match
Our guys didn't start very good and very behind all match. They were able to reduce the gap to only one point a couple of times, so they made us very nervous. In the end the Turkish team was better for 7 points, so we will have to seek for revenge in Istanbul. After the game we ended our day in Ljubljana with 3 more co-workers and "some" beer.

UNION OLIMPIJA - GALATASARAY70:79 (23:27, 14:17, 19:13, 14:22)
Ćapin        15   Aldemir        18
Varda        14   Shipp          17
Thompson     11   Shumpert       11
Markota       8   Songaila       10
Woodside      7   Arslan          8
Green         6   Lucas           6
Rothbart      4   Andrić          3
Salin         3   Acik            2
Blažič        2   Lakovič         2
                  Ozer            2