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Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Slevica

Long summers produce more possibilities for morning hike & fly adventures without being late for work. Rok and me tried a new site around Horjul and with a little bit of waiting at the top, we  both had a nice short flight.

Nice grassy hilltop

Clouds were gathering, so we had to act quick

View to Horjul

Searching for a place to land

Landing between many wires

Horjul - Slevica - Horjul

Friday, July 26, 2019


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Dobrča

Rok and me still had some unfinished business with the take-off site on Dobrča, since we had to carry our gliders half way back down previous time - 14554. This time the wind didn't bother us too much and we both made a new tick on our new sites list.

Nice morning

Me and my Niviuk Hook

Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Flying in the area above my home town Tržič


Time to get back down and start driving towards work

Another great morning flight

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Slovenia: New Take-Off Site - Sveti Tomaž

Nice summer morning just called for the new take-off site. Rok and me chose Sveti Tomaž above Praprotno. Easy hike with less than 300 vertical meters was an easy task before work.

In the afternoon, our Angie received a little beauty treatment. She became a clean girl again.

Easy and sweaty hike

Church in the settlement is dedicated to Saint Thomas

Sveti Tomaž is a very small settlement in the municipality of Škofja Loka. It has become famous among photographers in the modern era by its church and fabulous backdrop.



... steady ...

... go.


New take-off site successfully done

Angie getting cleaned up

GeoCache found:
- Sveti Tomaž/Saint Thomas, GC81YNH, that received a visit by trackable items "Siebasiach's Figure Eight Geocoin", TB735HE and "Gallotia Mystery", TB7372G and I dropped off "Kljuc do casa in prostora / A key to time and space", TB2RCC3

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Slovenia: Ride to Work #17/2019

This year the the weather was great for cycling, so Rok and me already made the 17th ride to work. On my way back I also made a few detours and another 100 kilometers was again behind me.

Great roads for road biking

17th ride to work and back - Garmin Connect

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Slovenia: Hike & Work & Fly - Potoška gora

Paragliding club KJP Turbulenca organised a working hike and fly event and I decided to join them. Since they took all the needed gear along with some gliders with the car to the take-off site, we just needed to hike up there. When we arrived, our plan was to cut the grass on the take-off site. 2 machines were cutting, while we were equipped with rakes. Job was done pretty quickly, so we all had a refreshment drink and then we flew to the valley.

Rok ready for action

Luckily, almost all our gear got transported to the work site

Hard work

Great take-off site becoming even greater

Last bits of grass

KJP Turbulenca

The wind started to turn around and we started prepping our gliders

First take off 

We all flew back to the valley, except Miha, our car driver

Enough space for three simultaneous take offs

Sunday, July 21, 2019


Austria: Pristovški Storžič

For Sunday hike Nada and me choose one of the peaks with a great view in vicinity, Pristovški Storžič. We drove to Jezerski vrh and started hiking just across the border in Austria. Overall we made a nice round trip with many great photos.

Start of the hike is at Jezerski vrh / Seebergsattel, on the border between Slovenia and Austria.

Beautiful day


Košuta ridge, part of the Karawanks

Top of Kärntner Storschitz / Pristovški Storžič, 1759 m

Mountain flowers

Nada and Tuši on the summit

Cross with "Kärnten frei und ungeteilt" was placed at the top at 42. anniversary of the Carinthian plebiscite, that determined the final southern border between the Republic of Austria and the newly formed Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia) after World War I.

After the monkey business we started the 2nd part of the round trip

Through the alpine meadows and forests

Nature in harmony

Butterflies have the typical four-stage insect life cycle.

Nice summer day in the Alps


GeoCache found:
- OEAV St.Veit/Glan - GIPFEL 1 - Ktn. Storschitz, GC4FF6A, that received a visit by trackable items "Siebasiach's Figure Eight Geocoin", TB735HE, "Gallotia Mystery", TB7372G and "Kljuc do casa in prostora / A key to time and space", TB2RCC3