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Tuesday, January 24, 2012




And I thought I was crazy sometimes.

So fliegt man heute - Gleitschirm und Paragliding


In the morning two guys from www.motosvet.com and me had a meeting about our motorbike trip around Balakns in May. Forum users gusar, nordkap and me produced this plan. Everyone can join us, just let us know.

9 days, hopefully between 27.4.2012 and 5.5.2012

In the afternon our old friend Tea celebrated her birthday in her new home village, Hraše and again it was a great party.

Tea, no more 29

A toast

Dancing all night long with diatonic button accordion


Muskararaci vs Zene( Man vs Women)


It was a nice weather, so Vučće, Baki and me went to Zelenica.

Baki, Vučće and me @ Zelenica


After a short, less then a 4 hour sleep some of us had to get up. It was skiing time. We went to Austira, Mokrine/Nassfeld. We bought cheaper tickets in Kranjska Gora, 25€ each. Skiing started with warming up - Joži's home made Jägermeister. It was really delicious.

110 km of ski pistes

Teachers: Joži, Tanja and Tina

It happens also to the best

Sandwich and beer time

My first panorama picture with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3

7km descend with skis


A great birthday party (dress-code: a tie) by Tjaša and Tanja. Happy birthday girls.



Me and the tie after many years

Party place

Thursday, January 12, 2012


"Houston, we have a problem!" (Yugoslavian space program) trailer

Monday, January 09, 2012


Speeding Around The World in Under 5 minutes Time Lapse

Today I bought a new helmet with goggles for skiing.

Alpina and Bolle



Sunday, January 08, 2012


Today I went skiing with some friends of mine. We went to Tromeja, where the border between Austria, Italy in Slovenia is.

17 km of ski pistes
Vid, Tanja, Borut, Andreja, Aleš, Dejan and Tina joined me

International border

View from the highest point

Slovenian mountains in the back (Triglav, Razor, Prisank)

Sandwich break

Pizza and salad in Pizzeria Pod velbi in Poljče

Thursday, January 05, 2012


After work I went out again, hiking to Zelenica.

Pevski zbor GORŠČAKI - ZELENICA solist Pavel Marčun


And since I felt very good, I decided to buy a new action camera, just the newer version of my old one. GoPRO HD HERO2 Motorsports edition it is. Price in Slovenia is around 350€, but in US it was 210€ (270$) with extra 16 GB SD card.



After work we had a 4 hour theory course in para-gliding. Evening topics were:
  • fundamentals of aerodynamics and flight mechanics (flight theory)
  • construction and materials
  • emergency procedures
  • aviation medicine
  • air regulations
VFR GPS map of Slovenia

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


After work hiking.

Koča na Ljubelju

It was already dark when I arrived


Happy New Year!


Mrki, Vučće, Trbos and me decided to spend the New Year's eve in Maribor so we reserved a place in a hostel called Lollipop. We started our journey at noon and in 3 hours we were there.

In front of the hostel

Watching TV in the hostel

Rock bar
Preparations for midnight

For midnight we went out on Leon Štukelj's square where Tanja Žangar was singing. At midnight there was a nice fireworks and after that our singer Helena Blagne. Soon we moved forward...


On the square we met Mitja Robar's brother

Tito's bridge


Coffee at 10 a.m. Beer at 11 a.m. Baki's kebab at 3 p.m. More beers, whiskey and movie The Hangover part II. Can't remember more, so it must've been great.


Weather forecast was great for para-gliding so my co-worker Primož and me decided to do it. We also wanted to try something new, so first we did a little bit of hiking with our backpacks. We drove to Gozd and then we started our ascend towards Kriška gora with our heavy backpacks, that were heavier and heavier with each step. In the end, we made it and it took us almost 2 hours.

Schoolmate Janez didn't want to help with the backpack

Kriška gora mountain hut

Above the fog

Me and Primož just before flight
After the successful flight it was time for a beer and there I met my old friend Kogy and 2 girls from UK.

It's never easy