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Saturday, October 31, 2020


Slovenia: MTB - Dobrča - Bistriška planina

Baki invited me to a MTB ride to Dobrča and I gladly joined him. I started biking from home to Bistrica pri Tržiču, where we had an official starting point. Since nobody else was interested to join us, we just started with our trip. After 2 hours we reached our destination, Koča na Dobrči mountain hut, 1478 m. Nada joined us for a beer on top, after she hiked from Brezje pri Tržiču. Soon we said goodbye to each other and we started descending, passing Lešanska planina to Bistriška planina mountain pasture, where we met local MTB guys. I decided to join them and they showed me a great track down to the valley, where we all regrouped for one more beer.

Nada joined us at 1478 meters.

Nada, Baki and Tuši.

Just a perfect day for cycling.

Over the pasture to a downhill section.

Joining the locals in armour.

MTB ride in my hometown - Garmin Connect.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Slovenia: Prelaz Ljubelj

Foggy day. Should we stay at home or should we go out? We didn't hesitate a lot, and we were already on our way to Prelaz Ljubelj - Loiblpass.

Ah, another photo.

Border crossing.

And we are going back to the valley - Garmin Connect.

Sunday, October 25, 2020


For today, Nada and me decided to do an easy hike, a round trip around Lake Bohinj. We just enjoyed in the Autumn hike with a nice view to the lake and surrounding hills.

Driving past Lake Bled.

A monument to four brave men is located near the Church of St. John. One of the first ascenders is pointing to the summit of Mount Triglav. The four brave men from Bohinj were the first to climb to the summit of Mount Triglav as early as on 26 August 1778. Encouraged by Baron Žiga Zois, a central figure of Slovenian enlightenment, this adventure was undertaken by Lovrenc Willomitzer (a doctor from Stara Fužina), hunter Štefan Rožič, miner Matija Kos from Jereka, and Luka Korošec from Koprivnik.

Autumn colours.

East side of the lake.

Lake Bohinj is located in a glacial valley and it comprises almost 100 million cubic metres of water. It is the largest natural lake in Slovenia.

Lake Bohinj is 4.2 km long and 1 km at its maximum width. It is a glacial lake dammed by a moraine. The largest of the streams that flow into the lake, the Savica (little Sava), is fed from Črno jezero (Black Lake), the lowest-lying lake in the Triglav Lakes Valley.

View to the South side of the lake with Vogel.

Photographer Nada.

Maximum depth of the lake is 45 m.

West side of the lake with the view to Bohinjski Migovec.

Red shore.

Lake Bohinj is home to 53 planktonic algae species, around 60 species of the freshwater zoobenthos and at least 16 fish species.

Time for a short break, beer...

...selfie and some food.

Our bench.

Half of the way was behind us.

Great location for a weekend house.

The main tributary is the Savica.

Crystal clear and green.

Nada and Tuši.

The Savica stream is a karst spring with two branches, the first is Velika Savica, where the Savica Waterfall is located, and the second is Mala Savica. Mala Savica is of torrential nature that flows southwest of Velika Savica, mostly during the rain. Later, the streams merge into one riverbed and continue their path under the name Savica. Before it empties into Lake Bohinj, it is joined by the torrent stream Ukanška Suha.

Looking for something?

Coloured trees.

Closing the circle around the lake.

Photographer Tuši.

Ending the great hike, where we also found 14 geocaches.

Goodbye Lake Bohinj - Garmin Connect.

Back home, we had an excellent dinner.

Geocaches found:
- Štirje srčni možje / Four brave men, Virtual Cache, GC7B8E5
- Bohinjsko Jezero - Ribčev Laz, GC1DN9J
- Lake Bohinj #1, GC7AFVZ
- Okoli Bohinjskega jezera I, GC3YA3Q
- Kravja Smrt, GC6ME88
- Lake Bohinj #2, GC7AKDF
- Okoli Bohinjskega jezera II, GC3YA4Q
- Okoli Bohinjskega jezera III, GC3YA53
- Zdrava Marija..., GC6NT9M
- Okoli Bohinjskega jezera IV, GC3YA59
- Bohinjsko Jezero - Zlatorog, Mystery, GC1DN9P
- Okoli Bohinjskega jezera V, GC3YA5G
- Okoli Bohinjskega jezera VI, GC3YA5X, where I retrieved trackable item "Trackable Jef", TB904FD and it stayed with me for the rest of the day
- Okoli Bohinjskega jezera bonus, Mystery, GC3YA6H