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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My car Hyundai Accent passed another technical check-up, so we are good till 15.1.2013. Total price for insurance, inspection, road tax and some minor fees, 252€.
Some remarks from the inspector:
- protect the chassis with something against rust
- clean the car outside and inside
- right rear brake is within margins, but still check it

2 do list


Vučće and me went hiking to Zelenica, 1536 m.

In the evening I visited my neighbours, where we watched hockey match between Jesenice and Olimpija. It was a very exciting match, especially because Olimpija evened the score less then a second after the end time, so they lost 5:4. Great job Jesenice guys.

Game over, time left 0:00

Game is played only 60 minutes

And then we celebrated with prosciutto, wine and beer.


Merry X-mas everyone!


Did you know that area of Mlaka pri Kranju and Dragočajna is the same, measuring 2.22km2.


Toray we had hiking day with Sara, Klemen and Janez. We went to Valvasorjev dom pod Stolom mountain hut, 1136 m.

Anti-freeze to warm up


Sara, Klemen, me and Janez


Primož and me went paragliding this afternoon. It was great.

My 2nd flight with new para-glider
 After the flight a couple of drinks and a shopping mood resulted in new piece of meat in our cellar.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today I went out with our dog Ben. He chose Korošica.

Bench for resting

View towards West (Begunjščica, Zelenica, Stol, Vrtača)




Thanks for joining Ben

Planina Korošica, 1554 m

Proof that we were really here

Bye bye


We woke up, cleaned the weekend house and left. Quite boring, right?

Weekend house, 1350 m

7 participants
In the afternoon kids Sara, Eva and Vid had birthdays. So we met again.

3 out of x were celebrating, we helped


Men's night out. This year we went to a weekend house on 1350 m, near Grahovše. Our night started at 1 p.m., when we met in a local bar. Then we went shopping together and since some of us needed to pee, we went into another bar, what else could we do. Meanwhile the day tured into night and we were able to continue towards the weekend house, where we arrived at 5 p.m. We started the fire, repaired the power generator and started cooking. And that was it.

Food, drinks, ...
Jenga night


Time for Slovenian Rock. Mi2 were performing in Cvetličarna today and they were simply extraordinary. Dimek, Tonč, Srajca, Flika and Mali, thank you for a great evening and these songs:
- Haiku 
- Zbudi me za prvi maj (akustika) 
- Ramonika Rap (akustika) 

Some pictures (stolen from www.rtvslo.si):



The Band
Dimek and Tonč


And a video from the concert. (source is had blog).


This December is again very hard. Lager bar hosted a very good band Odpisani. Mrki, Alič, Baki and me joined the people, who decided to help with the beer and vodka.

I'll be back


Today we had a company's end of the year celebration party. The party took place in Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljana Castle

We started at 19:30 with wine and we continued through the night...

Primož, Primož and Tuši, looking good as always

Our singer was popular Neisha and then we continued with 2 dancers and karaoke



It's time, no more photos

Thursday, December 08, 2011



Today we had an election day in Slovenia for 90 seats in our parliament. The winner became Zoran Janković.


Even though I was still feeling the effects from Friday, I decided to join Vučće, Mrki and Baki. We all went to Škofja Loka, to visit my co-worker Primož. And here we went again, some beers, home made cinnamon tequila and some other sweet stuff. But it helped, hangover went away and soon I was ready for another bet. This time Mrki and me bet, who will longer drive his current car. So it's a bet between Hyundai Accent and Volkswagen Golf, both made in year 1996. And the winner gets a 24-pack of Laško beers. Go Hyundai, show what Koreans can do against Germans.

Monday, December 05, 2011


Merry December everyone. Me and our company social club went to a theatre in Mengeš, called Špas theatre, where we saw the stand-up comedy. For almost 2 hours Vid Valič and Denis Avdić entertained us and I must admit  that it was a very good show, above my expectations. Congratulations guys and keep up with good work.

It was worth it
Vid Valič (left) and Denis Avdić (right)