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Friday, November 30, 2018


Slovenia: Sveti Peter and Pogorelec

After my injury I was entitled to a 14 day rehabilitation in spa Dolenjske Toplice. Since I finish with my exercises before 3 p.m., I decided to explore the neighborhood. I went on a hike to two nearby hills, Sveti Peter, 888m, and Pogorelec, 817 m.

Good terrain for cycling

The view wasn't so great

Easy and long hike

Mrzle doline - Cold Valleys

On top od Sveti Peter, bordering hill of Kočevje, Dolenjske Toplice and Žužemberk.

Pogorelec was conquered in the dark. The hill is used by paragliders, that use it as a take off site, so I will probably be back with different equipment.

Afternoon hike - Garmin Connect

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "gran san bernardo", TB84C9J, "De reiziger", TB6R4VV and "FarmtagZ klompendans", TB6BAG2):
- E7_SLO_107, GC3V2JE
- E7_SLO_108, GC3V2N3
- Sveti Peter, GC55A4F

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Slovenia: Walk of Peace

During the Great War, between 1915 and 1917, the Soča valley was part of the Isonzo Front. Young and adult men of numerous nations fought and suffered along the river Soča, and many of them lost their lives. Numerous remains of that period survive (trenches, fortifications, caves, small churches and chapels, memorials, military cemeteries) that constitute cultural and historical heritage of national and international interest. In order to protect and thus preserve this heritage, the “Walks of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation” was established in 2000.

With Nada we walked only a part of the trail and on the way we picked up a couple of geocaches. Afterwards we had a quick lunch by the Soča river and then we boarded the auto-train, that took us through the Bohinj tunnel. The preparatory and construction works on the Bohinj Railway started in 1900, and the tunnel was broken through in 1904. In 1906, Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, solemnly opened the Bohinj Tunnel, which is a remarkable technical monument whose length at the time of opening amounted to 6339 meters. The events during the final stage of World War II took 12 meters off its original length and robbed it of its magnificent portal on the Bohinj side.

Bridge over the emerald Soča

137 km in length, the Soča is an Alpine river with a mysterious karst source in Trenta, at the foot of the majestic Julian Alps.

Exploring the trail called Walk of Peace

View to Krn, the mountain that we conquered yesterday - 14429

Easy walk in Triglav National Park

Small waterfall

Pastures in Drežnica

The main attraction in Drežnica is the church, dedicated to the Sacred Heart. It was built on the site of an older building dedicated to Saint Julius.


Through the leafy forest

Posing for the photo

Part of Walk of Peace - Garmin Connect

Italian military chapel at Ladra was consecrated on 30 May 1917 and served for the outdoor religious ceremonies.

The principal natural feature of Most na Soči is its lake. Although artificial, it is the same unique color as the Soča.

Snack on a car-train

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "gran san bernardo", TB84C9J and "De reiziger", TB6R4VV):
- Pot miru #1, GC6TFCK
- Pot miru #2, GC6TFD6
- Pot miru #3, GC6TFDQ
- Pot miru #4, GC6TFF5
- Pot miru #5, GC6TFFJ
- Pot miru #6, GC6TFG4
- Pot miru #7, GC6TFGF
- Pot miru #9, GC6TG5A
- Pot miru #10, GC6TG5H
- Pot miru #11, GC6TG5T
- Pot miru #12, GC6TG5X
- Pot miru #13, GC6TG61
- Pot miru #14, GC6TG65
- Pot miru #15, GC6TG6A
- Pot miru #16, GC6TG6C
- Pot miru #17, GC6TG6F
- Pot miru BONUS, Mystery, GC6TH6R
- Most čez sočo #13 / Bridge over the Soča #13, GC3P80Y
- International Landrovermeeting 2014 - the Cache, GC53FTX
- Pot ob Soči #3, GC7TEX5
- The Soca River / Reka Soca, EarthCache, GC1TERE

Saturday, November 17, 2018


SloveniaKrn - Batognica - Srednji vrh - Lužnica Lake

Nada and me decided to spend the weekend in Soča valley and for Saturday we decided to hike to Krn and prolong it to some nearby peaks. We enjoyed awesome views and great and slightly cold weather.

Pasture Planina Slapnik

We visited megalithic monument

Towards the peak

View to nearby mountains
From seaside to high mountains

Above Krn Lake

Summit of Krn, 2244 m, is conquered

We continued to Batognica, 2164 m

WW1 remains. Gun-carriage for Italian 149 mm Krupp field howitzer, production year 1912 and cumulative shell of 149 mm calibre.

In the First World War Batognica was occupied by both Austro-Hungarian troops and Italian troops which were fighting against each other in this mountainous region. The Austro-Hungarian troops were occupying the eastern part of the mountain while Italian troops were located in the western part. Because no side could push the other off the mountain, the Austro-Hungarian troops dug a tunnel under the Italian positions, filled it with explosives and blew it up. You can still see craters of this explosion on the top.

The summit of Batognica is actually an approximately 400 meters long and 100 meters wide plateau, marked with craters, which were made by explosions in World War I.Yes, Batognica is unfortunately known by severe struggles during 1st World War and is respun with military trenches and caves as admonition on absurdity of war. That is why it is also known under name Monte Rosso (Red Moutain).

Monkey business on Batognica

View over the shell to Vrh nad Peski, 2176 m

Selfie on Srednji vrh, 2032 m

The lake Lužnica is close to 80 m long, 70 m wide and up to 10 m deep.

Frozen, but not enough to walk on it

Sunset time

More sunset photos

Leaving the mountain at the end of the day

Goodbye Krn area

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "De reiziger", TB6R4VV and "gran san bernardo", TB84C9J:
- Megalitski krog, GC7P0KB
- Monte Nero - Krn (2244m), GC1VV3A