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Sunday, September 27, 2020


Slovenia: Prelaz Ljubelj and Povna peč

Another day, another hike. Nada joined me on today's hike to Koča na Ljubelju mountain hut, while I prolonged it to Povna peč.

Road over the pass.

Misty weather.

View towards the East.

Foggy Sea.

Nada and Tuši again on Ljubelj Pass - Garmin Connect.

Saturday, September 26, 2020


Slovenia: Hike to Ljubelj Pass and Local Football Match

In the morning I used a spare hour for a hike to Ljubelj Pass. Winter conditions were waiting for me, so I kept moving and just turned back at the top. At noon Nada took me to a football place in our village, where I attended the game between locals, oldies vs. young ones. The age limit was set to 30, and since the group that had me lost, the young ones won. Final score, 9:6. We continued with the free picnic.

Winter is coming.

Arrived to Ljubelj Pass - Garmin Connect.

Yearly football match between young and old ones.

Sunday, September 20, 2020


Slovenia: ŠD Podljubelj trip to Bovec, Day 3

2 days (Day 1, Day 2) with ŠD Podljubelj quickly passed and after the breakfast and a volleyball match we decided to go separate ways, slowly moving towards our home village of Podljubelj.

Our base in the camp.


Quick volleyball match before our departure.

Who won?

Saturday, September 19, 2020


Slovenia: ŠD Podljubelj trip to Bovec, Day 2

After the evening (15100) spend with girls and boys of ŠD Podljubelj, more exciting day was in front of us. We started with rafting on river Soča, continued with lunch, then some decided to go on monster rollers, while Rok and me went paragliding. We all ended the day in the camp, playing "Štrbunk", barbecuing and playing volleyball.

Basic instructions before rafting.

We all carefully listened to our guide.

Measuring the helmets.

We drove from Bovec to Srpenica 1, the starting point for rafting on Soča river.

Rok and Krištof.

Dividing into two groups.

Stop talking, we are ready.

Youngest participant David and his father Čera.

Finally on the river.

Swimming in the cold Soča river.

Left, right, fast, reverse. Skipper started commanding us.

Sections were not difficult, so we had plenty opportunities for photographing.

Time for first extra play on the water.

We stopped next to the rock and made a slide with the boat.

My neighbour Borut made a first jump and we all agreed it is safe to do some more jumps.

Time for more tricks.

We all survived and were ready to go on.

Half of the journey was behind us.

Approaching the rock called Manhattan.

Jumping from 7 m high rock.

5 kilometres of rafting on Soča river.

Lunch time.

Rok and me took a gondola lift to Kanin from where we decided to fly to Bovec.

Bovec and the mountains around it.

Flying wit 777's P-light.

View to Rombon.

Flying from D station on Kanin.

Time for Štrbunk, which is an old name for the toilet.

The game is quite simple, just aim for the hole and score.

Preparing things for the barbecue.

2 barbecues and a fire in the middle. A lot of smoke expected.

I was appointed to the small grill.

Waiting for the meat.

Dinner will be ready soon.

Busy spot.

Čera family in action.

Time for evening volleyball.

Warm seats.

Ending the day by the fire.