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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Slovenia: Hike & Fly: Gozd

In the morning before work, Rok and me decided to do another hike & fly and on our way we also picked up a couple of new geocaches in the area. The day started amazingly.

Prepping at the take-off site

Rok's glider

Rok looking at me before sunrise

Rok and Triglav behind him

Looking down on the road

Time to land

Hike (purple) and fly (blue)

GeoCaches found:
- Pot na Padalce 1, GC753FJ
- Pot na Padalce 2, GC753FX
- Pot na Padalce 3, GC753G4
- Pot na Padalce 4, GC753GJ, where I picked up trackable item "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J and we visited all the rest of GeoCaches today
- Pot na Padalce 5, GC753GW
- Pot na Padalce 6, GC753H1
- Pot na Padalce 7 (Bonus), Mystery, GC753HT, where I picked up trackable item "CV Travel Tag", TB6ZJXB

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mountain biking from Prokoško Lake over Stražica to Fojnica

Time flies and it was already our last day of our 3rd Bosnian MTB trip. Another nice breakfast and I decided to place my motorbike into the trailer of a van, so I can also cycle on my way down. We strapped the motorbike as much as we could and I just hoped it will survive the bumpy way down to Fojnica.

Soon it was time to ride the bike and again our group split into many small ones. Ours decided to cycle up towards Sarajevska vrata and then push them to Stražica, 1806 m. From there we had great and sometimes quite steep terrain all the way down to Fojnica, where we all met again.

We unloaded my motorbike and made a space for bikes. Everything was soon packed and with Nada we said goodbye to others and continued with our own plan back home. Another great MTB Bosnia trip was behind us.

Previous days of this trip: 138901388913888 and 13887
Previous mountain biking trips to BiH in 2016 (Day 1) and 2015 (Day 1Day 2 and Day 3).

Good morning Prokoško Lake

Wooden houses grow unregulated every year and they could soon compromise the nature

Below Stražica, where we waited for others

View to nearby peaks

View to Tikva, 1922 m

Downhill time

Tuši and Jaka

2017 mountain bike trip to BiH, Day 3

Unloading the motorbike. Blue Horse survived.

Fortress Stari grad in Travnik

Near Jajce

Veliko Plivsko Lake

Mosque outside Ključ

Towards Bihać

Meanwhile our bikes were travelling on a different route back home

100000 kilometers in 10 years. Great job Blue Horse - Yamaha FZ6 S2 Fazer. On this trip we made 1258 km.

Nada, Tuši and graveyard

Way back home: Fojnica - Gojakovac - Busovača - Vitez - Travnik - Donji Vakuf - Jajce - Ključ - Bihać - Slunj - Tušilović - Karlovac - Bosanci - Vinica - Črnomelj - Žužemberg - Ivančna Gorica - Ljubljana - Podljubelj

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mountain biking on Vranica

Our 2nd day of mountain biking began and after another great breakfast we started riding from Prokoško lake, 1636 m towards the saddle called Sarajevska vrata on an altitude 1955 m, where we regroupped. Soon we moved on towards our first goal, a mountain hut Rosinj.

Although we were too early at our destination, people were already waiting for us. Beer, home made cheese and vegetables were immediately on our table and they also started the barbecue for the ćevapi.  Because of all the food and beer we hardly decided to leave. After almost three hours we said hi and goodbye to our friend Besim, who showed up a while ago and we moved on.

First group decided to move down to Gornji Vakuf and cycle back home, 2nd group chose same way back, while we, the third group, decided to return back over some peaks.

First peak was Rosinj and we had to carry our bikes to the 2059 m high top. After a short descent, we did the same when we conquered Nadkrstac, with 2112 m highest peak in Vranica mountain range. The last peak on our way was Krstac, 2069 m, and from there we returned back to Prokoško lake.

We finished another day with superb dinner and a lot of apples.

Previous days of this trip: 1388913888 and 13887
Previous mountain biking trips to BiH in 2016 (Day 1) and 2015 (Day 1Day 2 and Day 3).

Great breakfast for good morning and to cure the hangover

Over the creek ...

... and up towards Sarajevska vrata

Straight road towards Mountain hut Rosinj and on the way you could call someone

Gentiana clusii - Clusijev svišč, sometimes in Slovene called encijan 

Arrived and refreshment was already waiting for us

Photo session for boys and girls

Uroš competed with those guys and won

20 bikes parked near Mountain hut Rosinj

Barbecue and ćevapi

B & B (Beer and Bikes)

That's us, every year bigger group

On our way to Rosinj, 2059 m, we had to push or carry our bikes

Jaka, Vojc, Uroš, Janez and me on top of Rosinj

Descent from Rosinj

Our ridge

Another B & B

Nadkrstac, the highest peak in Vranica mountain range

Black Mamba did a great job

Moving on, up and down.

Last meters for us

Back "home"

Hi girls

Dinner time

Prokoško lake in the afternoon #1

Prokoško lake in the afternoon #2

Girls occupied local guy


Evening fire

2017 mountain bike trip to BiH, Day 2