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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Slovenia: Sledding from Dom pod Storžičem

Since the conditions for sledding were still good on Monday, we said, let's try it today too and we weren't wrong. The conditions worsen, but the company and a little adrenalin made the trip great.

Look out for your sled, someone might steal them. Sad, but true sometimes. Cheers from Vlado, who was really thirsty today.

Saška, Nada, Tuši, Vlado, Rok, Danica and Primož

Joy with sled

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Slovenia: Lost Forest

My friend Primož owns a forest for a long time, still he hasn't located it, except on Google Earth. So he found its boundaries on public sites and with the coordinates and Garmin Oregon we went out and look for it. We found the first coordinate quite quickly, but then the terrain became very steep, so the further search wasn't possible without a beer for stimulation. In the end we found everything and we finished the day with beer, dinner and more beer.

On Prevodnik's land

Searching for His Majesty's lost forest

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Slovenia: Weekly Hike: Bukov vrh, Pasja ravan and Kamnic

Our sport and cultural society ŠKD Indijanci went on a sixteenth morning hike (20th overall). Our destinations were Bukov vrh, 832 m, Pasja ravan, 1020m,  and Kamnic, 773 m. Our start and destination point was village Hotovlja.

Unusual blue signs at the beginning

Church on top of Bukov vrh is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows

Towards our destination

On top of Pasja ravan, which used to be the highest peak of the Polhograjsko hribovje hill range, before the Yugoslav army levelled the top due to military purposes. You can still see many bunkers on the top.

On top of almost unknown hill, Kamnic

ŠKD Indijanci - Hike #20

Monday, February 24, 2014


Slovenia: Sledding from Dom pod Storžičem

There was still some snow left on the road to Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut, so we decided to go sledding on more time.

In the hut

Saška, Vlado, Aleš, Rok and Tuši

Successful descent

Top speed was more than 50 km/h

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Austria: Skiing in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Russia: End of 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

Our sport and cultural society ŠKD Indijanci organised skiing in Bad Kleinkirchheim. I joined them with my friends and we had a great skiing day.

At the Carinthian ski areas of Bad Kleinkirchheim and St. Oswald we were greeted by 25 ski lifts, 23 ski huts and 103 km of perfectly groomed pistes.

View in the valley in the morning

Our resting place

We had a nice view all day long

Friends that joined me: Aleš, Nada, Klara and Andreja


Winter Olympic Games 2014 finished in Sochi, Russia. Slovenia was very successful and we got 8 medals.
In all previous games, where we were competing as an independent country since 1991, we took 7 medals in total (Albertville 1992 0, Lillehammer 1994 3, Nagano 1998 0, Salt Lake City 2002 1, Turin 2006 0, Vancouver 2010 3). Our biggest heroes on this Olympics were: Tina Maze (2x Gold), Žan Košir (1x Silver, 1x Bronze), Peter Prevc (1x Silver, 1x Bronze), Vesna Fabjan (1x Bronze) and Teja Gregorin (1x Bronze). At this point I also have to say that Slovenian Hockey Team also made one of the biggest impressions. Thank you all, we were breathing with you this 16 days!

You can find some interesting statistics on page called Medals Per Capita.

And one of the craziest moments for me on this games:

Crazy Photo Finish In Men's Ski Cross Quarter-Final

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Russia: 8th medal for Slovenia in Sochi, 2nd for Košir

Another day for celebration in Slovenia. Our snowboarder Žan Košir won silver medal in Parallel Slalom. He was only 0.11 second away from gold medal, that went to Russia and Vic Wild.

Results for Snowboarding Men's Parallel Slalom:
RankHeatBibCountryNameRun 1DiffRun 2Diff
1Big Final3RUSVic WILDWinner
2Big Final7SLOZan KOSIR0.120.11
3Small Final1AUTBenjamin KARLWinner
4Small Final13ITAAaron MARCH0.2616.25

Congratulations Žan. 1st place was only 0.11 second away

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Slovenia: Fulfilled lost bet

I lost a bet against Nada more than a month ago regarding village called Kamenica in Bela krajina. Since I lost, I had to take Nada to dinner, but as an additional event, I decided to take her to a nearby mountain hut first.

Dom na Zelenici mountain hut, 1536 m

We could continue this way, but we didn't.

Early Apéritif

Returning back in the valley

Gloomy weather and difficult conditions foe hiking

Hike for better appetite

No pictures of the main dish, you can only admire the picture of the dessert. Gostišče Koren with Damo rocks.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Slovenia: Lunch with Co-workers & Bronze for Košir

Some time has passed since some of us went to lunch together and today we find the time. We went to Gostilnica Orle, where we also monitored the Snowboarding Parallel Giant Slalom Race at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. One of our guys, Žan Košir, was one of the favourites for the medals. After a couple of runs in qualifications and 1/8 finals, we knew that he will be good and he was. In the end, he lost only a race in semi-finals and he won bronze medal, the first medal for my city Tržič. Slovenian hockey players finished their great performances in Sochi. They lost against Sweden in quarter-finals, nevertheless they surprised even the most optimistic predictions.

Lunch in Gostilnica Orle with a celebration beer for our sportsmen

Results Snowboarding Parallel Giant Slalom for men:

Congratulations Žan!

Ice hockey: Slovenia : Sweden 0:5.
Sweden advanced to the semifinals of the 2014 Sochi Olympics men's ice hockey tournament, as expected. The journey through the quarter-final, against the upstarts from Slovenia, to the final four was more difficult than anticipated. Read more @ nhl.com

Slovenia played perfectly for 40 minutes and our team made an unforgettable result on this Olympic Games

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Slovenia: Weekly Hike: Ulovka and Zavetišče na planini

Sochi: 2nd Gold for Tina & Slovenian Hockey team in Quarter-Finals

Our sport and cultural society ŠKD Indijanci went on a fifteenth morning hike (19th overall). Our destinations were Ulovka, 801 m, and Zavetišče na Planini nad Vrhniko mountain hut, 733 m, and our start and end point Stara Vrhnika.

At top of Ulovka Ski Resort

Glaze ice consequences from 2 weeks ago 

From Zavetišče na Planini nad Vrhniko mountain hut to our highest mountain Triglav there is only 33 hours of walking

Cleaning the "flower" on top of the 21,53 m tower, built in 2008

Smoke on top of the wooden tower. No THC inside.

Sign: "Leave the nature to recover"

Mayor's bench

Hellebore is announcing the spring

Mother nature can be pretty mad sometimes

Vlado, Grega, Nada, Tuši and Rok

Kids just wanna have fun (when the electricity is turned off)

My poor stick

ŠKD Indijanci - Hike #19

While we were driving to work, our Tina Maze was leading after the 1st run of Giant Slalom and our hockey players were leading against Austria 1:0. What a start of the day.

After a while the final results in Sochi were known.

Hockey: Slovenia - Austria 4:0. Scorers were: Kopitar, Urbas, Kovačevič and Muršak. A historical victory against our neighbours and our first quarter-finals on Olympic Games. Check the report on NHL.com here.

4 goals were enough for quarter-finals. Slovenian hockey team rocks!

Women's Giant Slalom: Victory for Tina Maze and her second gold on this Olympic Games.

Results Women's Giant Slalom:
RankStart NumberBibCountryNameRun 1
  • Time
  • Rank
Run 2
  • Time
  • Rank
Total TimeDifference
1301SLOTina MAZE1:17.8811:18.99
2275AUTAnna FENNINGER1:18.73
3257GERViktoria REBENSBURG1:19.24
42810ITANadia FANCHINI1:18.53
5266USAMikaela SHIFFRIN1:18.79

Towards her 2nd Gold. Congratulations Tina!