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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Slovenia: Hike & Fly: Hudičev Boršt

Since Rok couldn't sleep again, I joined him on another Hike & Fly morning adventure.

Legs were very heavy today

Morning sun and views

You don't need good shoes for flying


Hike (yellow) and fly (red)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Slovenia: Mountain Biking - Smokuški vrh

In the afternoon ŠKD Indijanci organized a mountain bike trip to Smokuški vrh and five of us attended. We made a nice round trip, conquered Smokuški vrh, 1122 m, witnessed Mr. Murphy at work (the hut Sankaška koča, where we wanted to have a beer, is closed 1 day in a week and that was today) and finished the great day at our co-worker and great brewer Aleš.

Nice and easy ascent in Završnica valley

Aleš, Klemen (see his new KTM outfit), Rok, Nada and me on top of Smokuški vrh

Posing with Black Mamba

Descent via Sveti Peter (Saint Peter) above Begunje

GeoCaches found:
- Tacenski most – reloaded, Multi, GC61VCV, where I made a visit with trackable item "Geocaching Logo Travel Tag", TB5YFF8
- Gameljne v detajlih, Multi, GC75WJT, where I dropped off trackable item "Geocaching Logo Travel Tag", TB5YFF8 and took two trackables, "Team Bullis Travel Kitten", TB5891W and "Cacher's Best Friend - Wild Boar Tag", TB71YT5 and together we also visited the next cache
- neki drugi časi, GC7665G

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Slovenia: With bikes to Semič Wedding, Day 2

The 23rd Traditional Wedding Event Semiška ohcet is being held in Semič and my bike repairer Peter organized a mountain bike trip to the event.

After the night and a breakfast at homestead Šrajf, we visited nearby partisan hospital Topolovec, where Blaž Štangelj explained us how the hospitals were organized and how they took care of the wounded during WW2. After the short history lesson, we were back in saddle and on our way to source of the Krupa River. Its extremely beautiful karst spring became unfamous, since the capacitor manufacturing company Iskra kondenzatorji polluted the water with PCBs for twenty years, from 1962 till 1984. What it hurts is that the country still doesn't care much about it. Our group soon continued, we had a short stop for tasting the honey and then we continued to Geršiči, where we said hi to Peter's grandma and a little past noon we were in front of the private army museum, owned by Alfonz Baškovič. He showed and told us many interesting things, but since time flies, we had to continue back to our yesterday's starting point, Podgrad, where were were welcomed by the local guy Slavc. Once again they served us awesome local food. Sunday was approaching its end, so we also said goodbye to each other and we finished another great cycling adventure.

Check out our first day on the event: 13981

Time to wake up

Ambulance from WW2 and our group infront of the museum. From September 15, 1944 to April 27, 1945, a Slovene military partisan evacuation hospital with an illegal name Topolovec was founded in the settlement of Čresnjevec. It was established after the allies in May 1944 announced that they were ready to accept wounded fighters at their hospitals in southern Italy. Seriously wounded fighters and disabled people needed safe, long-term treatment and orthopedic surgery and devices, which partisan hospitals could not offer them.

Group from all over Slovenia

Back in the saddle

We cycled on various terrain

Beautiful source of polluted Krupa river

Honey tasting

Following the stream of river Krupa and later on Lahinja

Riding in the shade of white carniolan forest 

Carst cave Judovska hiša (Jewish house) on the left bank of the river Krupa, is a famous prehistoric archeological site.

Nada in her home region

Spring near Geršiči

We covered also some asphalt roads

Alfonz Baškovič from Praproče has a registered collection of weapons and military equipment from the Second World War, the Yugoslav Army and the Slovene Independence War. Now there are 600 items in the collection, such as firearms and cold weapons, mines, grenades, military equipment and decorations.

Happy ending

Big thanks to Peter Štangelj our bike repairer and organizer of this fantastic event - http://stangelj.si/

GeoCache found:
- Source of river Krupa, GC3RAB3, that received a visit by trackable item "Geocaching Logo Travel Tag", TB5YFF8

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Slovenia: With bikes to Semič Wedding, Day 1

The 23rd Traditional Wedding Event Semiška ohcet is being held in Semič and my bike repairer Peter organized a mountain bike trip to the event. Around 20 people gathered in Podgrad and together we cycled through forests in Lower Carniola and White Carniola. Peter also provided rich accompanying program, with bits of history of the area we rode through, great lunch, we visited wine cellar and participated in blessing of our bikes. We finished the day in Črešnjevec, where we slept on a hay in a barn.

Our bike fleet

We drove on the route of the old forest railway

Towards the half-time in Vimol. Spelled with j in the end or not, it's funny, that there is no slovenian article about the village in Slovene on wikipedia. Ashamed of our own history?

All the time we rode on nice, not to difficult terrain.

Over some mud

Rozi Mohar had a short history lesson with us. The topic was about Gottscheers (Kočevarji), the German settlers of the Kočevje region (a.k.a. Gottschee) of Slovenia. They first settled in Carniola around 1330 from the German lands of Tyrol and Carinthia and maintained their German identity and language (Gottscheerish) during their 600 years of isolation. 

Our organizer Peter

Group photo near abandoned church in Vimolj.

Speeding towards the lunch.

Nada's Beast

Lunchtime with beer, wine, fresh vegetables, roasted lamb and chicken. Superb.

Infront of the "Kočka lipa” (linden tree, 600 years old, its hollow trunk measures 780 cm).

After the wine tasting in Wine cellar Malnarič. We tasted 5 different wines.

In Semič saw some events as part of the 23rd Traditional Wedding Event Semiška ohcet.

All generations of bikes and people came to the blessing of the bikes. Majorettes also passed by.

We left the event and rode towards our barn in Črešnjevec pri Semiču, where we had dinner and full rehydration.