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Thursday, December 31, 2020


Slovenia: NY Eve in Podljubelj

This year Nada and me decided to spend the New Year's Eve in our new apartment. First I prepared everything for the dinner and then we went out sledding. The track was bumpy, so we quickly switched to the hot wine. After a while we returned back home, where we welcomed our visitor Baki. I finished preparing the dinner and the feast started. Couple of minutes before midnight, we received the call from Cvirn farmstead. They needed the help with the final 2020 countdown so we went there and helped them. Cheers and Happy New Year!


Nada and me decided to spend the evening outside.

A little bit of sledding.

Ascending for the 2nd run.

I was too quick for the camera.

This time, we were almost alone on the track.


Time to go home.

Slow food was in the oven for 5 hours.

After the dinner we switched positions and the countdown started.

Happy New Year!

Some statistics for 2020 (Tuši, Angie, GeoCaching):

  • travelling in Europe, this year only 3 foreign countries
Countries visited: Austria, Italy, Czech Republic. Together GPS recorded 38881 kilometers.

320 geocaches found in 2020

  • Did more than 6000 kilometers on 2 wheels and almost 50 flights
More paragliding and cycling as previous year.

Charts of distance, elevation gain and number of events for 2020.

  • Our Angie is still doing great.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Slovenia: Backcountry skiing - Ženiklovec & Vlado Kreslin Concert

Even though I did some skiing from Ženiklovec yesterday (15202), my cousin and aunt convinced me to join them today on another skiing adventure with the same destination. Conditions were far better than yesterday so we all had an awesome day on skis with a lot of powder.

Mother and son, Lojzka and Aleksander.

First time backcountry skiing and the funny result was here.

Approaching the summit.

Still foggy, but we had high hopes.

The sky started to clear.

The top of Ženiklovec, 1716 m.

No words needed. Powder.

Storžič came out.

The toughest part was behind us.

Posing at the top.

Fun on the way down.

Over the creek and back to our starting point.

Concert of Vlado Kreslin.

Strange attendees of the concert.

Vlado Kreslin - Nekega Jutra, Ko Se Zdani

Vlado Kreslin - Tista zakartana ura

Vlado Kreslin - Ne zapuščaj me

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Ženiklovec & Sledding - Zelenica

Since the Winter is very generous with snow, I decided to spend the day outside. In the morning I went skiing to windy and cold Ženiklovec, also called Veliki Javornik. In the evening I joined the locals on sledding track Zelenica and we had two nice rides with some drinks in the end.


Windy top, so I quickly made 2 photos.

Through the forest back to starting point.

Last part of the today's skiing fairytale.

On skis for good morning - Garmin Connect.

Heavy snow.

Evening sledding with friends.

Our photographer Nada.

Nada has new shoes.

Sledding was finished - Garmin Connect, but the snowflakes were still very active.

Driving back home.