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Monday, March 30, 2015


Slovenia: Hike to Grmada and Šmarna gora, Welcome Tine and a movie "Kdo je Mi2"?

After work Grega, Rok and me went on a hike to Grmada, 676 m (we used the Pogačnik's trail), and Šmarna gora, 669 m.

Ljubljana in my camera

Grega, Rok and Tuši

Afternoon hike

Another great news popped out today. My friend Primož and Špela got a new son, Tine. Congratulations! There was no time to rest, so Nada and me drove to Kokrica, where we made a toast to the newborn. Cheers!

We had to leave a bit early, since we had another event in Šiška, Ljubljana. We decided to watch a documentary about Mi2, currently the most popular Slovenian band, with a title "Kdo je Mi2?"

Entrance ticket

We went to see the 2nd performance at 21:00

Mi2 - Ejsidisi Brigita

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Slovenia: Grand Opening Of Butcher's Shop Zupan

Yesterday I visited my friend Gašper and I found out, that today he will open his private butcher's shop, so I called our friends and we decided to surprise him. We, or better said our girls, prepared some side dishes (White Carniola loaf (Belokranjska pogača), potato salad and dandelion salad with eggs), we took our camping gear (chairs, tables, stoves, beer, ...) and we were on our way to the shop. At the entrance we placed our gadgets and we went shopping for meat. We bought some Frankfurter Würstchen, Kranjska klobasa and Leberkäse) and we started grilling and cooking and a magnificent afternoon was inevitable.

My butcher Gašper and me

Let the picnic begin


Even kids had a lot of fun

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Udin boršt

Since Nada and me were both affected by cold, we decided to take it easy today, so we went out and search for GeoCaches. Villages around Udin boršt were our targets.

Udin Boršt Natural Park (from: LINK)

Udin boršt is a conglomerate terrace dating back to the Ice Age that lies between Kranj, Tržič and Naklo. Here we can see karst features such as sinkholes, karst caves, abysses and swallow holes. The conglomerate terrace is 10 to 15 metres thick and lies on impermeable Oligocene grey clay. There are numerous springs at the juncture of the two aggregates. Among them the most well known springs are in the water caves Velika Lebinica, Mala Lebinica and Arneševa Luknja with two halls and stalactites, Dupulnek also known as the cave at Zadrga, and Dacar’s and Hišar’s abyss. North of the Kokrica - Naklo road in marshy springs, between peat moss, thrive sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) and mrzličnik (Menyanthes trifoliat). Among trees worth seeing there are the Red pine (Pinus sylvestris) and a group of oak trees by the Novake - Senično road, a linden tree at the village of Žiganja vas as well as the former forest reserve Kriva jelka. An inviting footpath leads through Udin boršt and its surroundings, a short route (1.30 hours) and long one (3 hours), named “In the embrace of nature and tradition”, which was established by the local Cultural Tourist Association Pod Krivo jelko. You can read more about Udin boršt in the book by Borut Mencinger - Naravni parki Slovenije (Natural parks of Slovenia), which was published by Mladinska knjiga in 2004. In the area of the Municipality of Kranj on Kokrica by the rollerblading track and in Letence the Regional Unit of the Institute for the Protection of Nature of the Republic of Slovenia in cooperation with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Slovenia set up explanatory boards regarding the memorial park Udin boršt in 2005.

View to Julian Alps from one of the caches

"Castle" in the Kokra Canyon

Meadow between Strahinj and Spodnje Duplje

GeoCaches found:
- Pogled na Julijce, GC4GPEK
- Šmajdov grad, GC57N18
- QR Mystery #3: Coloring time, GC4VMJE
- QR Mystery #4: The real mystery, GC4VMJP

Friday, March 27, 2015


Slovenia: Bicycle ride to Bistriška planina

After work I picked up my Black Mamba and we went on a ride from Bistrica pri Tržiču to Bistriška planina, from where we continued on an unkown path to Podljubelj. We were quite lucky with the track, since it was easily ridable.

Time for a quick GeoCache on a lookout point

Black Mamba on Bistriška planina

Riding to another valley

First bicycle tour in 2015

GeoCaches found:
- Trzic Lookout Razgledna tocka Trzica, GC3AYR2

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Slovenia: Inline Hockey in Šenčur

Our Sport and Cultural society ŠKD Indijanci organized an inline hockey match, our second one. The first one was played 4 months ago in the same place (report). This time we had 4 more players, so it was a little bit easier for all of us.

Fully equipped

Action time

Participants: Saša, Grega, Nejc, Blaž, Vlado, Primož, Peter, Martin, Klemen and Tuši

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Slovenia: Hiking In TNP, GeoCaching

After the night in Dom pri Krnskih jezerih mountain hut, 1385 m, we left early and started walking towards Krn, 2244 m. We passed by glacial Lake Krn, a a habitat for 40 plant species – mostly algae – and 24 species of lower animals, predominantly small crayfish. Due to the fog and snow, the track wasn't visible anymore so we improvised a little, all the way to the saddle called Prag. We wanted to continue, but our "path" was too icy and without crampons and ice-axes it would be too risky, so we returned back to the lodge. After the warm up tea we returned back to the valley, to Dom v Lepeni mountain hut, 700 m.

Walking on Lake Krn

Up, towards our highest point

Angels on Lake Krn, on our way back

2nd day of hiking in TNP

In the valley we started driving towards Podljubelj, but nit directly, since we stopped on many nice places near Soča river, where we found some GeoCaches.

Big Troughs of the Soča river, 750-metre long and 10-to-12-metre-deep, where the quantity of water may vary by as much as 10 meters and one of many cemeteries along the Soča front, where a lot of people died during WW1.

Once you're wet, you can cross the river without hesitating

GeoCaches found:
- Big Troughs of the Soča, Earth cache, GC1TR14
- Big Troughs of the Soča - Bonus, GC1CW1Q
- SH3 - Soča Highlights No.3 - (Rest in) Peace, GC2N2KQ
- Bridge over Emerald Water, GC1D7NJ
- Trenta Panoramic View, GC2F1G3
All caches received a visit by trackable item "Signal Tag - Motorbike", TB3TCAA. I left the trackable item in the last cache.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Slovenia: Zip-line, GeoCaching, Hiking

This weekend Nada and me decided to use her coupons for Zip-line, therefore we drove to Bovec, where the guides gave us quick instructions and soon we were on our way towards Učja canyon.

On our way to Bovec, GeoCaches took us to two nice places. First one to The Kluže fort, a majestic fort above Koritnica gorge, that is one of the most visited cultural sights in the Soča valley. It is an important monument to the defence against Turkish invasions, Napoleon's army and attacks during World War One. The second one took us to Bovec, to St. Ulrich's Parish Church.

Setting up the camera

So serious before the start

This could be our next destination for canyoning

Six steel cables in lengths between 250 m - 400 m. Highest point over the canyon is 160 m.

The fun was over in less than an hour, but it was worth it.

Last photo session over Učja

Zip-line with GPS

Our first adventure was over so we continued with GeoCaching on our way to Dom dr.Klementa Juga v Lepeni mountain hut.


Ravelnik, Outdoor museum of the First World War. An arranged circular path runs along the onetime Austro-Hungarian first line of defence. In addition to trenches and connection tunnels there are also caves, pillboxes, machine-gun emplacements and restored cabins. There are a lot of remains here in a relatively small area.

The Golobar material ropeway, built between 1931 and 1935, the forestry ropeway consisted of two steel ropes used to transport wood from the Golobar plain.

The Šunik water grove, a beautiful corner in the pristine surroundings of the Triglav National Park. Just before the confluence with the Šumnik stream, the Lepenjica has carved out a 100 m gorge up to 10 m in depth with beautiful green pools.

On our way to Dom dr.Klementa Juga v Lepeni mountain hut.

We parked our car and started hiking. Today's plan was to reach the Dom pri Krnskih jezerih mountain hut at 1385 m.

Conditions changed and we were walking only on snow

Snow levels in april in different years

We reached our hut and we left our gear there. Then we looked around and we found The Dupeljsko jezero (1340 m), a small lake in a grassy basin under the Duplje plain.

We hiked another 20 minutes and we were next to the largest mountain lake in Slovenia, that lies at an altitude of 1391 m. Krnsko jezero lake is close to 400 m long, 150 m wide and up to 17 m deep.

Afternoon hike to the mountain lodge at Krnska jezera lakes, 1385 m.

GeoCaches found:
- The Well, GC34AA5
- Bovec - sv. Urh, GC34QWZ
- Isonzo, GCGKJM
- Soča Highlights No. 7 – Žičnica Golobar, GC3BMV3, where I retrieved trackable item "Signal Tag - Motorbike", TB3TCAA, with whom I visited also the next GeoCache
- Soca Highlights No.5 - Sunikov gaj, GC2XKEV

Friday, March 20, 2015


Slovenia: Morning hike - Planina Osredek, Korošaški Slapovi (Waterfalls), Solar Eclipse, GeoCaching, Paraziti p.13 concert

With co-workers we decided to have another morning adventure. Last year we failed in finding the path to Korošaški slapovi (waterfalls), so we had another attempt this time. Rok was our leader and navigator, unfortunately we still didn't totally succeed, so we will definitely have another attempt.

Vlado, Grega, Rok, me and local dog on Planina Osredek

Planina Osredek, 1100 m

Sign, where we finally find the path today and one of the waterfalls at the top part of the valley

Local dog, Runo, joined us

Waterfall at the bottom part of the valley

Morning hike to Planina Osredek and Korošaški slapovi

At 10:40:11 we had a partial solar eclipse, that was visible from our company's yard.

A safe way to watch solar eclipse


Solar Eclipse information

After work I picked up Nada and on the way home we found some GeoCaches. GeoCaches found:
- Bye Ljubljana, GC3DE1C
- Mlin - The mill, GC4JHM4, where I dropped off trackable item ""M" is for", TB3R0D5
- QR Mystery #1: The beginning, Mystery Cache, GC4VMHZ
- QR Mystery #2: The puzzle, Mystery Cache, GC4VMJ7

The day still wasn't over, so we decided to go to a concert in a local pub. Paraziti p.13, a local punk band played.

Stage was ready for the band

Paraziti p.13 - Drvarnica