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Friday, July 31, 2015


Slovenia: Schengenfest 2015: Day 2

Yearly music festival Schengenfest began this week and with Nada we spent the 2nd day there.

We woke up quite late today and after the breakfast we went cycling with our mountain bikes. We tried to avoid main roads as much as possible and we were very successful in it.

Memory from last year. During the storm we waited in this tower.

Lahinja spring.

Over Lahinja in Pusti Gradec

Velika Plešivica (363 m), topped with a 12th century church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene was on our way.

Up and down all the time

I ended my cycling with a jump to the river Kolpa

View on the other side of the border

Vinica - Belčji vrh - Butoraj - Plešivica - Adlešiči - Vinica

GeoCache found:
- Krajinski park Lahinja - Izvir reke Lahinje, GC3XWY3

After the dinner we spent the second day in front of the main stage of Schengenfest with Slovenian performers. Today we listened to Magnifico and Niet.


Photos from http://www.lokalno.si/

Magnifico - Hir Aj Kam, Hir Aj Go

Niet feat. Severa Gjurin - Beli prah

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Slovenia: Schengenfest 2015: Day 1

Yearly music festival Schengenfest began this week and with Nada we bought tickets for the whole event. Since Nada knew some important people, we managed to get the whole meadow for our tent.

Fully packed: Bicycles, tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, food, boat, ... 

Bracelet for the event

After we set up the tent and cooked the dinner, we visited Pirgo family and together we went to the event, where we stayed quite a while.

Party time

The first band, that played was Guano Apes, but since they reschedule the bands a bit, due to the sickness in this band, we caught only their last song, Lords of the Boards. We listened also to Asian Dub Foundation, our Siddharta and a little bit of The Fakerrs. A little bit of rain didn't bother us and in the end I can say, we had a great music day.

Guano Apes - Big in Japan

Asian Dub Foundation - A New London Eye

Siddharta - Rave

The Fakerrs - She

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Slovenia: Morning GeoCaching

In the morning Rok, Grega, Nada and me decided to find one of the most difficult GeoCaches in Ljubljana. We carefully read the logs, so we came to the destination totally prepared, with a ladder and a climbing gear.

Rok, Grega, Tuši and a ladder. Nice gear for the middle of the night.

We found the tower and we had to reach the upper floor. Up there it was an easy find.

Ladder time

2 workers, one boss. What would we do without a proper control?

Short hike with GeoCaching in Ljubljana

GeoCaches found:
- Sniper's Nest, GC4TG2C, where I discovered trackable item "Mammut-Trekker", TB5DRX5
- Storžy 2, GC5PTYD, where I discovered trackable item "Founders Gnome Tags - Elias", TB3PXX7
- Pocitek na poti/Rest on way, GC34M10

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Slovenia: Bicycle Cleaning & Film Das Experiment

Since the weather in Hrvatsko Zagorje, Croatia wasn't so good, we decided to return back home with bicycles on the back of the car, just like we planned.

Grega lent me his road bike for a month and since I'm returning it tomorrow I cleaned it up a little. Thanks Grega!

In the evening Nada and me decided to watch a film called Das Experiment, based on the Stanford prison experiment, a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The experiment was conducted at Stanford University on August 14–20, 1971, by a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo. It was funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research and was of interest to both the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as an investigation into the causes of conflict between military guards and prisoners. The experiment is a classic study on the psychology of imprisonment and is a topic covered in most introductory psychology textbooks.

The novel Black Box, written by Mario Giordano and inspired by the experiment, was adapted for the screen in 2001 by German director Oliver Hirschbiegel as Das Experiment.

For two weeks, 20 male participants are hired to play prisoners and guards in a prison. The "prisoners" have to follow seemingly mild rules, and the "guards" are told to retain order without using physical violence.

Trailer for the film

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Croatia: Cycling from Samobor to Prigorje

After the breakfast, prepared by my aunt Nevenka, my cousin Hrc picked us up and took us to a quick tour through the city Samobor, and we also tasted the local specialities, Bermet and Muštarda.

Sightseeing in Samobor 

After the tour we filled our water supplies and started cycling towards our destination, Prigorje.

We crossed the Sava river with ferry (skela).

River Sava is 990 kilometres long

Waiting for skela (cable ferry)

Franjo Tuđman's birthhouse in Veliko Trgovišće

More riding ...

... towards our first gemišt (white wine with sparkling water).

My cousin Hrvoje - Hrc.

Hrvatsko Zagorje is a hilly area

On our way the storm caught us, but we successfully escaped to a local market and after a while we continued to the picnic, where Odojek - Suckling pig was already waiting for our stomachs.

Evening activities: training for Matic, Klara and Tim

Samobor - Prigorje

Friday, July 24, 2015


Slovenia / Croatia: Cycling from Ljubljana to Samobor

My dad invited Nada and me to a picnic-party on our weekend house in Hrvatsko Zagorje. We decided to start a day earlier and visit my uncle, cousin, aunt... Since life is fun, we decided to go there with bicycles.

My cousin and me

Passed by Kostanjevica na Krki

After 6 hours we arrived from Ljubljana to Samobor at 8 p.m. as we planned. Big and delicious dinner and plenty of gemišt (white wine with sparkling water) were there for our evening. Cheers and THANKS!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Slovenia: Morning hike to BSS, Film Under The Stars

BSS meaning Bivak Stebrasta skala (Bivouac Pillar rock) is a bivouac made by Alojzij Žakelj, just above Jesenice. He is rather an interesting person, who loves mountains more than anything else. You can check his life story in a movie called Blue is the Sky.

Grega, Rok, Nada and me started with this hike at 4:00 a.m. After 45 minutes, while city was still sleeping, we were already at the top.

Signs for the path. Alojzij Žakelj - Bivak Stebrasta skala

Just below the top, Rok, Nada and Grega with Headlamps with the city of Jesenice


Posing near bivouac.

The bivouac is rather small, but there is a quite a lot of space just below it. Although some may not like the colours, they have a meaning. Red is the colour of passage, it is a signpost. Blue is the colour of the sky, grey for the rocks and yellow is colour of light.

This was a small section of the hardest part.

Bivouac on the rock

Blue is the sky

Quick morning hike, that we were planning for more than a year

After work Nada and me went to see another movie under the stars on Ljubljana Castle.

Ticket for the film Belye nochi pochtalona Alekseya Tryapitsyna (The Postman's White Nights).  It tells the story of the people of a remote Russian village, whose main contact with the outside world is a postman.

Trailer for the movie

GeoCaches found:
- Bivak Stebrasta skala, GC4HCM5

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Slovenia: Refreshment in Dovžanova Gorge

After work I picked up Nada and Matic and together we went to Dovžanova Gorge, where we had a nice refreshment in Tržiška bistrica.

Escape from 36 °C

Fun with water and rocks

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Croatia / Slovenia: Cycling to Cape Kamenjak, Diving in Fiesa, GeoCaching, Movie Evening

In the morning Nada and me did a bicycle tour from Premantura to Cape Kamenjak. First we went through the dinosaur trail, where we saw many dinosaurs and in the end their footprints.

On Dinosaur Trail Kamenjak 

Footprints of the dino

We continued all the way to the southern point of Istria and then we returned for lunch to the campsite. Borut prepared Gilt-head bream/Orada on a barbecue and it was delicious.

Cycling on Cape Kamenjak

After the lunch we started riding back to Ljubljana.

Quick stop by the Lim Channel. The estuary is sometimes called a fjord, although it is not in fact a fjord but a ria, because it was not carved by a glacier but by the river eroding the ground on its way to the Adriatic Sea, when the sea level was lower.

Soon we returned back to Slovenia, Nada instructed me to drive to Fiesa, where my birthday surprise was still waiting for me. I didn't know till the end what I will have to do. We went scuba diving. Great surprise!

Before the dive with our instructor Lado

We survived and it was great!

Well done.

GeoCaching on our way back.

Riding from Premantura to Ljubljana via Limski kanal and Fiesa

GeoCaches found:
- Dinosaurierpfad/Dinosaur Trail Kamenjak, GC3RH9P, EarthCache, visited by trackable item "The Wizard's 2011 Wilsonville Geocoin", TB4QJZC
- DOLPHIN WATCHING, GC4N5GC, where I dropped of trackable item "The Wizard's 2011 Wilsonville Geocoin", TB4QJZC
- Safari, GC3Q6MQ
- Kamenjak Land`s End, GC13H7M
- Limski Fjord - Limski zaljev, GC2176B, EarthCache
- Viadukt Črni Kal, GC4NXF2
- Napoleonov drevored, GC3FYP4

In the evening we also watched a movie.