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Monday, October 31, 2022


Slovenia: From Zajmenove peči (Kramarica) over "Zob" to Veliki vrh

For some time I had a wish to hike / climb the ridge, that leads from my home over Zajmenove peči, also called Kramarica, to Veliki vrh. A week ago (15865) Badžo ane me gave up, because of the bad weather, but today the forecast was great and we had a company, Ana and Marko. We started hiking from our home to Zajmenove peči and that was easy, although we climbed almost 1000 meters. The next section was to follow the ridge, on one side vertical on the other grown with dwarf mountain pine. Finally we arrived to the climbing section. First we abseiled from the "tooth" to the small saddle and then we climbed some loose rocks. Being on the ridge with a few hundred meters of vertical drop on each side didn't help much. In the end we all made it and finally we reached the solid ground and also the summit of Veliki vrh. Our final step was to follow the marked trail back to the valley and big tired smiles were on our faces, when Nada picked us up in the valley.

The fun part of the hike.

Košutica on the left and our ridge on the right, that leads to Veliki vrh.

The view from Kramarica is amazing. This one shows the king of the Karawanks, Stol, with Begunjščica on the left and Vrtača on the right.

Šentanska dolina valley.

Selfie on top with Ana, Marko, Badžo and Tuši.

Time to follow the ridge, cut on one side and filled with dense dwarf mountain pine on the other with no path.

Life on the loose ridge.

After an hour, we still weren't through.

Lost in green space.

Find the intruder.

Same answer, still not there.

Finally, after almost 2 hour we are done with first part and now the climbing can begin.

Our belay station.

Badžo was the first one to go down.

After the pee in the wall, everything seems easier.

Shadow climber.

My turn. Triple checked everything, since I didn't abseil for a while.

Our "tooth" with Ana and Marko.

Loose rocks above the abyss.

Feels good to be back on the solid ground.

Tired smile.

We made it, Tuši, Ana, Badžo and Marko.

Marked trail took us back to the valley.

Down, down, down, while the beer is still cold.

That's us and our ridge behind us.

Our problem with "tooth" in the middle was solved - Garmin Connect.

Sunday, October 30, 2022


Slovenia: To Hrastnik with a motorbike

Nada and me decided to visit her grandma in Hrastnik and this time we used our motorbikes Horsie and Gromko for it. We had a nice ride for all 220 km.

Horsie and Gromko were thirsty, so we fill them up in Vransko.

Short stop in Voglje.

Our 220 kilometres.

Saturday, October 29, 2022


Slovenia: MTB - Prevala - DobrčaBistriška planina and Sergo #7

Nada, Bronco and me started our adventure day at home. Nada and Bronco decided to hike it, while I took my Black Mamba and we were the cycling team. The first part was easy, an ascent on a gravel road to mountain pasture Prevala, where we stopped for a drink. 2nd part to Dobrča mountain hut was for hikers, so I had to carry or push my Mamba for quite some time. Descent was again better for bikers, so we split and regrouped back at Bistriška planina, where we joined the 7th memorial cycling event for Sergo. We descended over the Rock'n'roll trail to Ravne. On more stop and then we lit the candle at the cemetery.

Nice road towards Prevala.

Morning with tea and a starter.

View towards Begunjščica.

Bronco, Nada and me with Black Mamba behind us.

Run Nada, run.

Bronco was leading the way.

Short stop to visit Slavc.

Viewpoint on the way.


Not many MTBers were here with the bike.

Definitely not for ebikes.

Finally another short section for riding.

Sometimes it's good to be slow.

Bronco on koča na Dobrči mountain hut.

Time for a descent, so we said goodbye to each other.

I was soon out of sight for Bronco and Nada. But after a while I realized, I missed my desired path, so I had to improvise to get back on track.

Getting ready for Rock'n'roll - Garmin Connect.