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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Slovenia / Austria: Hike & Fly - Potoška gora & NY Eve in Asten Valley

Nada, Rok and me started the last day of the year with a hike to Potoška gora, from where Rok and me flew back down to Preddvor. After lunch, Nada and me drove to Asten Valley in Austria, where we decided to spend a few New Year days in winter atmosphere.

Arriving to Potoška gora take off site

The valley was still asleap

Preparing for take off

Rok's launch

Since Rok is a local pilot, he would probably found the landing site with his  eyes closed.

Another successful start

We flew near Saint Jakob above Preddvor, 961 m.

Shoe selfie time

Lake Črnava

Shades of pink on our way to Asten

Smell of true winter

Our big apartment

Winning the Rummikub along the dinner

Happy New Year!

GeoCache found:
- Rottau, GC26XFN

Some statistics for 2019 (Tuši, Angie, GeoCaching):

Countries visited: Austria, Bulgaria, MontenegroItalyGermanyCroatiaSerbia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Great BritainBosnia and Herzegovina and Malta. Together GPS recorded 73883 kilometers.

433 geocaches found in 2019

  • Did more than 5000 kilometers with the bikes and 35 flights with my Niviuk Hook
More paragliding and cycling as previous year.

Charts of distance, elevation gain and number of events for 2019.

  • Too much driving each year - 4000 kilometers more than in 2018

Monday, December 30, 2019


Slovenia: Mountain biking on Golovec

One of the NY vows for 2019 was, that I will make 1000 kilometers on my mountain bike Black Mamba. We were missing a few kilometers, so I decided to make them today. Golovec area in Ljubljana was my choice and on the way I made many stops to warm up inactive parts of my body and to find a few caches. In the end the goal was completed and 10 more geocaches were added to my statistics.

Over Ljubljanica River

Following the "Barbed Wire Trail" I conquered the highest peak of Golovec called Mazovnik, 450 m.

The Renaissance Fužine Castle, in the past also named Kaltenbrunn, is named after fužine (ironworks), which were located together with other industrial objects (forge, paper mill) nearby the castle at the crossing over the Ljubljanica River. It was erected between 1528 and 1557 by architects Črt and Janez Weilheimer for owners from the Khisl family.

Last ride in 2019 with my Black Mamba - Garmin Connect

GeoCaches found:
- intarbO, Wherigo, GC626N8
- Limfabrika, GC4X2DN
- OŠ Vide Pregarc, Multi, GC89W2M
- Bunker, GC3B9YX
- Geotris II., Mystery, GC6GQNT
- Golovški smuk, GC7YA0R
- Flikovo znamenje/Flik's cross, GC396H9
- Strelisce/ Shooting range, Mystery, GC3F865
- Labirint umetnosti/Labirynth of art, GC2TP05
- Fužinski grad/Fužine castle, GC2TNYT

Sunday, December 29, 2019


Austria: Backcountry Skiing - Peitlernock

While the snow conditions in Slovenia are bad, our neighbors in Austria have many of spots, where you can go backcountry skiing, so Nada and me drove to Innerkrems, where we parked our Angie and the joy on snow could begin. 2 hours of ascend, quick photo shoot on the windy top of Peitlernock, 2244 m, and we were soon skiing back to the valley. We had another great day on skis.

Start on the snowy Nockalmstraße road

Soon we turned into the forest

Nada in action

Above forest line

The summit of Peitlernock was closer and closer

Last meters

Peitlernock, 2244 m

Selfie on the windy summit

Enjoying the view

Start of the fun part

Nada in action

Tree on the left, tree on the right, let's take the middle way.

GeoCache found:
- ADWZ Kalkofen 1, GC73ED2

Friday, December 27, 2019


Slovenia: 7th Traditional Hike to Kriška gora and Vili Resnik

In the morning I took my kick scooter Hilka and together we had a quick ride from Podljubelj to Tržič (Garmin Connect), where I stored it in a local bar. I moved on in front of the Gallery Pavilion NOB, where I waited for Dejan and Klemen, who was late as always. Finally we started with our hike past Church of St. Joseph, Mala and Velika Mizica all the way to top of Kriška gora, 1471 m. This year the hut on the top was open, so we spent some time inside. Soon we were ready to return back to the valley, where we continued with bar hopping.

Reports from previous hikes: 14105 - 2017 - 5th, 13739 - 2016 - 4th, 13374 - 2015 - 3rd, 13010 - 2014 - 2nd and 12643 - 2013 - 1st.

Our meeting point - Gallery Pavilion NOB

View from Kriška gora

Tolsti vrh and Storžič rise on the East

Dejan an Klemen

View to Tržič from Velika Mizica, 976 m

Last non-fake photo of the day

7th traditional hike to Kriška gora - Garmin Connect

Tuši, Vili and Dejan

Vili Resnik - Na fuzbal me pust