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Friday, October 29, 2010


Currently the best car in the world is repaired. Both back fenders were repainted. I hope it will be good for at least one season.
Total costs were:
15€ - polyester kit
5€ - fine material
12€ - paint
30€ - beers
And the result is here:

At the moment the best car in the world

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Did you know that? Slovenian tallest waterfall from 2008 is waterfall Kloma.
Source: www.hribi.net


Spoon can be a nice weapon.


Todays's day was special. My coworker moved to Kranj so we decided to show him the city. We started at his apartment and walked to the city. We had many stops.

The beginning of the trip (Treasa and Pungert)
We continued towards north.

We passed Teater Cafe and Stari Mayr
We were at the half of the city centre so we had to move on.

Some friends from Senegal, when we passed Matjaž and Dr. Fig
It was time do buy some things from our friends.


We bought many things on our way to Kavka
For the finish we went to Posta and Old town and in old Cinema Storžič
Our long walk

Monday, October 18, 2010


ESPN 30 for 30 - Once Brothers


Today my friend Pija and me decided to continue repairing my car. It has rusty mud flaps, so approximately 2 weeks ago we put some glass fibres on them and today we managed to do something on the look of the mud flaps.
Hyundai will be as new



Additional help


I was calling to New Zealand today so I checked Timezones before. There was a nice map in Wikipedia. Then I remembered, that somewhere in the world people start to count hours when sun goes up. I searched and I find, that this are Swahili people.

Copy/paste from this page.

It is interesting to note that in the Swahili culture the day starts at sunrise (unlike in the Arab world where the day starts at sunset, and in the Western world where the day starts at midnight). Sunrise in East Africa, being exactly at the Equator, happens every day at approximately 6:00 a.m. And for that reason, 6:00 a.m. is "0:00 morning" Swahili time. By "Swahili time" I mean the time as spoken in Swahili.

So the hands of a watch or clock meant to read Swahili time would always point to a number opposite to the number for the actual time as spoken in English. That is, the Swahili time anywhere in the world (not just East Africa) is delayed by 6 hours.

Therefore 7:00 a.m. is "1:00 morning"  (saa moja asubuhi) Swahili time; midnight is "6:00 night"  (saa sita usiku) Swahili time. 5:00 a.m. is "11:00 early morning" (saa kumi na moja alfajiri) Swahili time.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


In the morning me and Aleš went in in the city, shopping. We bought some onion and bread and the later we had nice breakfast, mushrooms with eggs, with the whole family (Andreja, Kalra, Matic and Tim).
Sunrise in Nerezine
It was time to leave island Lošinj, but before that me and Aleš took Klara nad Matic to a little ride with the motorbike.
Ride with the kids in the village

I hit the road. When I reached the port in Merag, the ferry just left. It was not supposed to be like that, but then I realised, that I was checking ferries from Krk to Cres at home, not the other way. Even the best ones make mistakes. So I decided to ride in the city Merag and I found an old road from the city to the interior of the island. It was a very bad road, but I had time to explore it.
Waiting for the ferry

View from the old road to Merag

One more hour and the ferry will leave

45 minutes to go
Finally it was time to board the ferry. My road on the way back was: island Krk - Zlobin - Fužine - Babno Polje - Škofljica - Ljubljana - Medvode - Kranj - Golnik - Tržič - Podljubelj
New transportation in Ljubljana?
The road:
And costs:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It was a nice day, so I decided to go out with a motorbike. Destination was Lošinj, Nerezine. In a Slovenian village in Nerezine, Bučanje, I had some friends. I took the road: Podljubelj - Tržič - Kranj - Škofja Loka - Žiri - Idrija - Logatec - Postojna - Pivka - Knežak - Ilirska Bistrica - Rupa - Rijeka - Opatija - Brestova - Porozina - Cres - Osor - Nerezine. You can see it here:
Krk was for many years known as the biggest island in the Adriatic Sea, but after the last measurements he shares this title with island Cres, which I passed along my way to Lošinj.
Waiting for the ferry in Brestova with Ožujsko beer

Me too, me too

City Cres

Channel in Osor is connecting island Cres and Lošinj with this small bridge

Delivering toilet paper to my friends
After many hours of riding I finally arrived in Bučanje.
285km of side roads
After the long ride it was time for some food, drink and fun.
Lunch time

My niece Klara

Small port in Nerezine

Matic and Klara


Franciscan monastery from 16th century