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Monday, November 30, 2020


Slovenia: MTB - PungratŠija and Kofce for Nada's Birthday

For some another ordinary day, but for some, Nada's birthday. Happy birthday Nada! We both had a free day at work and we decided to do some mountain biking. We drove to Jelendol, where we left our car and started cycling to Medvodje. It was a cold part, since we were riding along Tržiška Bistrica river. Finally we started ascending and we warmed up. Nada was ahead of me all the time, the help of the electric motor on Scott MTB was just too big for my legs. After a few Sun rays we ran into the cold and humid foggy area and luckily we were still ascending past pasture Pungrat to pasture Šija. The hardest part was ahead of us, very cold descent. So cold, that we had to stop from time to time and warm up a little. In the end we managed to close the circle and we were back in Jelendol. Cheers Nada!

After Medvodje, Sun came out.

Nada had plenty of time for photographing.

Trees on the way.

Waiting for me.

Tuši and Black Mamba.

I guess we will soon buy another bike, e-bike to be exact.

Baki's Scott.

On mountain pasture Pungrat.

2nd position was reserved for me.

Snowy area towards Šija.

It's easy to have an average speed above 10 km/h.

Nada and Tuši on Nada's birthday ride. Last photo, because later our fingers were frozen.

Nada's birthday ride - Garmin Connect.

Sunday, November 29, 2020


Slovenia: MTB - Prelaz Ljubelj

Another simple Sunday, a little bit of mountain biking, meeting some friends and a perfect lunch,

Nada, Tuši, Ana and Badžo. Already a little bit happy.

Black Mamba and another cold ride.

From home to Prelaz Ljubelj.

Another awesome lunch from Karavla 297.

The end.

Saturday, November 28, 2020


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Tolsti Vrh

Nice and calm day was ahead of us and that was just calling for a hike & fly adventure. I drove to Grahovše, from where I hiked to Kriška gora, which was a new path for me. It should be great in summer, as it runs mostly on the northern side of the mountain. From the ridge, I continued to the top of Tolsti vrh, 1715 m. My plan started to fell apart, as I didn't started from the top, so I couldn't fly back to my starting point. The last remaining option was to land in Gozd, as there was a lot of fog below that level, so I continued with that plan. Nice and short flight was soon behind me and luckily I ran into my friend Samo at the bottom, so he drove me and my flying machine back to Grahovše. Thanks Samo.

Grahovše is a village on the northern side of Kriška gora ridge, therefore they are mostly without the sun in winter time.

Mali Turn is a small peak on the way.

View to Grahovše, Konjščica ridge, Ženiklovec and Košuta.

Fog was getting higher and higher. I didn't like that.

Passing the hunter's hut to the ridge.

Crowded on top of Tolsti vrh.

The line of fog was just below the village Gozd, therefore chosen as my landing site.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Begunjščica

Another nice day for hiking and flying. Today Nada took me to Ljubelj, from where I started the hike past Pasture Prevala to Begunjščica. In good 2 hours I reached the top, took some photos and soon I was ready to fly. My glider had different opinion, so I started with the cravatte, a nasty kind of collapse, where the fabric of the wingtip becomes trapped in the lines. Luckily, the take off site is very big on Begunjščica, so I was able to land after a few meters and I repeated the procedure, this time, without any issues. Steady flight towards Koča na Robleku mountain hut and over Pasture Prevala took me over our house, where I landed.

Start of the hike.

Through the tunnel.

That damn fog again.

After a while we got the visibility back.

The summit of Begunjščica is near.

Awesome view to the mountains around Stol and Triglav.

Getting ready. Attempt number 1.

2nd attempt was a success. View to Begunjščica, my take off site.

Thin layer of fog with Kamnik Savinja Alps.

As always, shoe photo.

Our home and a landing site below the ridge that leads to Veliki vrh.

Nada spotted me from below.

Birdie in the air.

Since I was testing a new seat, my legs were moving around a lot.

Touch down.

That's all Folks!

Hike & fly - Begunjščica.

Sunday, November 22, 2020


Slovenia: Hike & Fly & Bike - Dobrča - Brezar

Today on the menu - easy Sunday. A little bit of hiking, a little bit of flying and for the end some more cycling.

In the morning I picked up my neighbours Tanja, Žiga, Vid and Borut and we drove to Bistriška planina, from where we hiked to Koča na Dobrči mountain hut. Our paths continue differently, since they decided to hike towards Podljubelj, while I decided to fly back to the valley. The wind wasn't my friend today, so I waited for more than two hours at the take off site. Finally me and 3 more paragliders, who arrived afterwards, decided to go to another take off site in the vicinity and from there we all flew to our designated places. My car was still far up, so I rented the bike from Aleš and picked it. Nice triathlon.

From Bistriška planina we arrived to Koča na Dobrči mountain hut.

Waiting at the take off site.

Instead of paragliding, we had parawaiting. Conditions didn't improve for 2 hours, so 4 of us moved to another site - Dobrča - Brezar and there we had no issues.

Finally flying to Bistrica pri Tržiču - Garmin Connect.

Since my car was still on Bistriška planina, I picked it up with the bicycle - Garmin Connect.

Saturday, November 21, 2020


Slovenia: Prelaz Ljubelj, Povna peč and Vrh Ljubeljščice

Before lunch I did a quick hike near my home, where I ascended to Prelaz Ljubelj and then I followed the ridge over Povna peč to Vrh Ljubeljščice, passing Zelenica mountain hut back to the valley.

The ridge offers awesome view to nearby peaks and valleys.

With left foot in Slovenia and right one in Austria.

Some parts required some caution because of the snow and ice.

That is Slovenia.