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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today was a very interesting day. First we went on a ride with co-workers with motorbikes. We met in Škofja Loka and rode through Železniki over Petrovo Brdo to Tolmin. Other co-workers came there with bus, but some came with bicycles. Guys, you were good.

Tadej, Primož, another Primož and me were on that track from Škofja Loka to Tolmin
In Tolmin we had a short introduction into team work. A riddle came up.

"I am the beginning of the end, you can see me twice in a week, but not in one day." What is that?

After we solved that riddle, we have to solve two puzzles. One very interesting was, how to put 13 nails onto one.

Our first view to Soča river and some nice old motorbikes from Germany

The bus took us to a place, where Soča joins Tolminka, which temperature doesn't rise above 8°C. There we  made 4 groups and every group had to built a raft, draw a flag and a catapult from the material they gave us in a limited time.

Tina and Mojmir were responsible for the flag

Raft part of our group (we had only barrels, some wood and strings for bulding)

First water test was sucessful

Catapult guys of our group
The time for building has passed and it was time for a game. One group was capturing the flag, while other one was shooting them with catapult.

Capturing the flag

Attacking the enemy with catapult

Some rafts just didn't survive...

...and some just turned around

The game was over and we didn't win. The organizer obviously cheated. We went back on a bus to our picnic place.


Badminton, talking, basketball, food, drinks,...
And here is a short video of our activities, made by my co-worker.

The party was still going on, but my plan was to join my friends in Njivice, Krk, Croatia. My neighbour was setting a camp place there for summer. I came there at around half past nine and after that time it was beer and travarica time.


From Tolmin to Njivice

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It was a nice sunny day, so we had another flight with paraglider. This time, we went to Krvavec again.

View from the air to our take of point (near tower on the left)

Primož and Boštjan

Erik and his girlfriend
After we put the para-gliders and our gear back in our backpacks, we empty my fridge in Hyundai, and after that we went to Pizzeria Pod Jenkovo lipo. It was a hard night in front of us because today, the Earth hide the Sun from the Moon. It is called the Lunar Eclipse.

We couldn't decide which one was the best

Eating "Paragliding" pizza

Moon, what are you doing to us

Today's flight

Monday, June 20, 2011


Today I had honey for breakfast and then I rode to Bistrica pri Tržiču on a bicycle, where I met Aleš.

Short warm-up
Then we put our bicycles on Aleš's car and we drove to Ljubljana to marathon Franja. We met with some co-workers there too.

My number
Track to beat
Our company on the start

Me and my equipment (Laško beer)

On the highest point, Suhi Dol

Piece of cake

In Škofja Loka two co-workers came to support us

And soon we were back in Ljubljana and 97 km marathon was behind us and at finish line we drank Laško, that was with me all the way

Good or bad, we did it

The day was still not over. We drank a beer and ate some pasta and then Aleš drove me back to Bistrica pri Tržiču, where we drank another one. Then I went cycling a little more, because my neighbour Tanja and my friend Ana had a party for their 30th birthday.

Ana and her new camera

Tanja and Kralj
To come back home was the hardest part


We got up early. Aleš and me slept under the new roof for the first time.

Sleeping under the new roof

Breakfast for me and Aleš

Soon we were back on the roof, South side

Finishing North side

And finished for this week, only roof-tiles are missing now 

It was time to go back to Slovenia.


After a short time at work Aleš picked me up and we went to Croatia again, to continue our work on a weekend house. This time, the plan was to build a new roof.

My dad, two local guys and my mum's uncle started without us

Me and my dad

Enough for one day

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My co-worker Aleš and me decided to go to work with bicycles today. We met in Bistrica pri Tržiču at 6:30 in the morning. Our path led us through Senično, Golnik, Goriče, Bašelj, Preddvor, Olševek, Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Pšenična Polica, Klanec, Komenda, Moste, Mengeš to our work place in Trzin, where we arrived a little before 9 o'clock.

After work, at around 15:30, we decided to go home. It was raining a little, but we didn't have any other choice. First we went to a hill Rašica over Dobeno.

Aleš and me

Our bikes

Nice road

Aleš in action
We continued our road to Polje pri Vodicah, where we stopped for a drink in Gostilnica Mak. We continued our riding through Vodice and Voglje to Šenčur, where we stopped for another drink. After that, we went through villages Predoslje, Mlaka pri Kranju and Cegelnica, where we stopped for a beer at our boss's place.
We continued with riding through villages Strahinj, Duplje, Žiganja vas, Sebenje, Loka back to our meeting point. It was time for another beer and then we went back to our homes.

Total 120km

Our path