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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Slovenia: CyclingPreddvor - Sveti Jakob - Preddvor - Podljubelj, Bonfire in Podljubelj

After work Grega and me decided to go cycling. We chose Sveti Jakob, 961 m, to be our destination. Žana and Rok joined us, just that they hiked up.

A nice gravel road from Preddvor to the top

Saint Jacob - Sveti Jakob

Black Mamba on top


Cycling afternoon

GeoCache found:
- Sv. Jakob by Gamsi, GC2MEMF

In the evening Nada and me attended a bonfire, a part of 1st of May celebration, in Podljubelj.

Bonfire in Podljubelj

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Slovenia: Cycling: Home - Kršiše - Ravni - Kal - Home

After work I took my Black Mamba and we went on a short ride in my village. It was fun exploring new paths.

First visit of Kršiše with Black Mamba

Ravni, highest point of our journey

Quick stop in a mud

Afterwork cycling

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Japan: GS Yuasa Battery for 8 years

After 8 long years I had to replace a battery in my motorbike. I hope the new one will last as much as this one.

Worked great for many years

Monday, April 27, 2015


Slovenia: Sailing Course: Day 3

Matevž, Aleš, Nada, Josip, skipper Jan and me continued with our 3-day sailing course in Izola. We had some rain today and more windy conditions, so it was still great. We finished the course in early afternoon and I must say that it was a great one and I recommend it to all inexperienced sailors.

Learning how to park

The earth leaned

Give me more wind

Sailing Course Day 3

After the course Nada and me decided to pick up a couple of local GeoCaches.

Somewhere in Izola

View to Izola

GeoCaches found:
Visit Izola!, GC2FR0J, Mystery
Ni lepote brez trnja 7, GC509GN
Koper-Capodistria cache, GCTZDP

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Slovenia: Sailing Course: Day 2

Matevž, Aleš, Nada, Josip, skipper Jan and me continued with our 3-day sailing course in Izola and we had another great day on the sea.

Good morning

Rising the mainsail on the mast

The man in charge (for a while)

Our group, Josip, Aleš (back), Nada, Matevž and Tuši (front)


A little bit of wind and a couple of big smiles

The deepest point of sea belonging to Slovenia is 38 meters and it has a name "Underwater Triglav". We were close.

In the afternoon we used the time for swimming... 

... and fishing.

Back to the marina

Dinner time. This time our cook was Nada.

Sailing Course Day 2

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Slovenia: Sailing Course: Day 1

Our Society at work, ŠKD Indijanci, organized a 3-day sailing course in Izola and a couple of us decided to join. Matevž, Aleš, Josip, Nada and me were the crew, along with our skipper and teacher Jan.

We arrived yesterday, so we began our day with a breakfast on the sailboat

Attaching the genny

Jan explained us the basics

Rainbow over our sailboat


Evening in the marina Izola

Our sailboat AHIL - Bavaria 35 match

Our boss Jan was also a good cook

Sailing Course Day 1

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching: The Way of Robber Barons

In the afternoon Nada and me decided to go on a short hike and for a little bonus we decided to find some GeoCaches. There is a series of them near Medvode, so we pick that route. The route is called "The Way of Robber Barons" and leads to a hill called Jeterbenk, 774 m.

First part of the way with a view to Šmarna gora

Towards the Saint Margaret's Church

 Saint Margaret's Church dates to the early 16th century and was built on the site of an earlier church.

The dragon

Hiking with GeoCaching around Žlebe

GeoCaches found:
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #1 : Preska, GC4RV7K
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #3 : Žlebe, GC4TM8D
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #4 : Cerkev sv. Marjete, GC4TM8W
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #5 : Kužno znamenje, GC4TM92
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #6 : Jetrbenški zmaj, GC4TEBX, Mystery
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #2 : Skozi gozd, GC4T9XZ, Mystery

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Slovenia: Cycling to Preval

In the afternoon I decided to go cycling and for my destination I chose Koča na Prevalu mountain hut, 1311 m.

With Black Mamba on our highest point

View to our ascend road

View to our home

Nice afternoon sweat

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Croatia: Climbing in Paklenica, Motorbiking

We woke up in a completely different morning than yesterday. There was almost no cloud in the sky, so we all knew, that today we will do some climbing, but first things first, breakfast, packing climbing gear. My co-climber was Janez and with Samo and Slavc we drove to Paklenica. After the payment of entrance fee (40 KN - cca 6.6€) we started walking towards the bottom of our chosen pillar, called Stup, that lies on the right hand side of the mighty 400 m high NW face of Aniča kuk.

Our first route was Danaja, 5b (5b, 5b, 5a), 100 m, that probably got the name from Greek mythologyDanaë.

The leader of our formation Janez

And me, already on our second route, Thüringer weg, 6a (6a, 6a, 4c), 110 m, probably named after a Germanic tribe Thuringii.

Waiting for a descent with abseiling

Stup, where we climbed both routes

Goodbye for today, see you soon

After climbing we had lunch, we quickly packed our things and we started riding towards Ljubljana. On our way we stopped a couple of times at some nice places.

View to the Adriatic Sea

We passed 45th parallel north. The true halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole is actually 16.2 kilometres north of the 45th parallel because the Earth is oblate.

Another quick stop was at the Hreljin Castle, located at an extremely favourable strategic point that dominated the routes connecting the Croatian interior and the Gorski kotar region with the sea and the town of Bakarac beneath it, at the time the harbour of the castle. The popular name "Gradina"(hill fort) could indicate the prehistoric phase; It also assumed that this castle was a part of the chain of Roman fortifications, known as "Septem turres". In the year 1255, Hreljin became property of the dukes of Krk, later known as the Frankopans. In 1440 a Glagolitic document was issued in Hreljin, by which Duke Ivan gave the land to Pauline Fathers from St. Mary's monastery in Crikvenica. In 15th century, Hreljin was a larger settlement with four priests. In the 16th and 17th. centuries it was owned by the Zrinski noble family. During Ottoman incursions towards Istria and Slovenia, Hreljin castle represented a significant obstacles to them. After the last Zrinjski was executed in Vienna, the castle was administred by the Austro-Hungarian Chamber. From 1778th it was under the authority of the neighbouring town of Bakar. After construction of the Karoline Road, people moved to a nearby location Piket. In 1789th the Hreljin chapter was abolished, and after 1790th the town was abandoneded. The layout of the town, enclosed by the former town walls, shows certain irregularities, which is due to the configuration of the terrain. The oldest part - the castle itself - is located in the SE part of the town. The irregular ground plan features a square and circular towers. The town had a south and the north entrance. Housing facilities and domestic offices, constructed along the inner mantle of the town wall, are now ruined. In the centre of the settlement was a church of St. George, with bell fry - tower on the facadw. Originally it had one nave, but later it was extended. Next to it is the chapel of St. Mary from 17th century, built on the spot of the earlier church of St. Stephen. Close to the chapel is the town cistern.

Last stop before we came back to Slovenia was the Delnice creek. The Well at the Delnice Creek, with old stone bridge and a swimming pool, is one of the fundamental characteristics of the old Delnice area. A fountain was built  in 1903 in memory of the time in which the inhabitants of Delnice and Gorski kotar lived from the forest and with the forest.

Riding from Starigrad to Ljubljana

GeoCaches found on our way back:
- Hut of the Bats, GC1VV4B
- Der Mauer Cache, GC5FBJY
- Jadranska Magistrala – Have a Break, GC558M6
- Putovima Frankopana, GC2M1MF
- KVARNER Cache - Delnice Creek, GC4DR5A