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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After almost 5 years I went to play basketball in Naklo with some of my schoolmates and friends.

Marko, Dejan, Klemen, Matej, Matevž and Matjaž

Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy birthday Tuši.

A gift from Klara

In the afternoon we had a small party in our garage.

Slavc, Baki, Alič, Georgi, Marija, Kralj and Tanja


Today three kids invited us to party, Matic, my nephew, Sergej and Eva.

Happy birthday Eva, Matic and Sergej

Cake #2

Blowing the candles


Today Jurko, Fugl, Štrukl and me had a birthday party with lunch in Pizzeria Orli in Tenetiše. Groh, Kralj and me decided to go there with our bikes.

Short pit-stop in Bar Kamela in Žiganja vas

Others joined us there. An there we drank, ate and ...

My fellow cyclists




Last three musketeers

Our official part with bicycles
Receipt at pizzeria

Saturday, May 28, 2011


The weather was nice today, so I took my Yamaha to a roundtrip over Jamnik.

Riding in Gorenjska


Today Primož and me started to continue with our paragliding course. Since we were both away for some time, we had some ground training.

Bohinj lake

Take-off point
Bojan, my "schoolmate"

Primož was a little bit tired
After that training I went to Sebenje, where old or better said retired ski-jumpers had their competition with their own rules. Two friends of mine also competed, Matija Stegnar and Uroš Rakovec and also Primož Petrka was amongst them.

Stari Orli competition flyer
Sebenje ski-jump resort



People who attended olympic games and have connection with Sebenje village

Skis used for jumping
Matija Stegnar


Uroš Rakovec, commenting live


Since I still needed to do some paperwork, I again went around with Yamaha Fazer S2.


Today I had to do some paperwork for our solar heating system. I need those papers for Slovenian Eco fund. So I drove around a little bit with my motorbike.

Motorbike trip to Šenčur


“No labor, however humble, is dishonoring.”
The Talmud

Enjoy in a labour day.

In the afternoon my nephew Matic celebrated his 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Matic!

My nephew Matic


His new tractor


After more than three months I finished watching a series called Prison Break.

Friday, May 27, 2011


We continued our work today. At noon also mum and my sister with family joined us and we had a nice picnic.

New toilet

An old bowl

View from the toilet

Renowation finished
Just like in old times (30 years ago), me standing on that fence

Door to the stable

Where my dad lived


Klara at the toilet