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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today I went to Korošica with our dog Ben. It was quite cold so we took only some pictures.


Winter pictures


Snapshots with GoPro HD HERO camera

Who is on the picture? Prize is 6-pack Laško. Leave the anwer in a comment. Valid for a week.

Me and my friend Dejan have a Formula 1 bet every year. The last season he won (Alonso had so much better car then Schumacher), so he chose a restaurant and my responsibility was to drive and pay. He chose Gostilna Avsenik in Begunje. The food was so delicious, that is why you will not see any pictures, only the road we took.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Do you know how to use:
- Bugzilla
- Microsoft SharePoint
- Flowr
- Agile
- Wiki
- DocREG
- Git

They all became part of my company's life in time, but lately we are just adding them, but their purpose is only new name and to confuse the people and make them do triple work. Two of them would be more then enough.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


My knee was swollen for quite some time now, so I visited my doctor. I have an infection, so I received broad-spectrum antibiotic, Ciprobay 500 mg. I hope it will work, beacuse my skiing vacation will come soon.

My drugs for 10 days

Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti, head of Slovenian National Party, about Slovenian leaders. He said we have ignorants, junkies and homosexuals in our government, basically people that are interested only in themselves and not for the country.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I sold WD World Edition II 1000GB for 90€. Bye bye my old home network storage.



Today was a hockey day. Two biggest Slovenian teams met in Ljubljana, in Hala Tivoli. Since I am not from Ljubljana I am always a fan of the teams that come from the other cities of Slovenia, in this case Jesenice. HK Acroni Jesenice is the hockey club in that town since 1948 and they were playing against HDD Olimpija Ljubljana.


This was their 435th match in their long rival history and 41st match in their current league. Both teams are playing in extended Austrian Hockey League, called also EBEL.

Our guys in traditional red and white colors

Both teams started quite nervously and after 18 minutes, their player Aleš Mušič scored, but not even a minute passed and Acroni Jesenice player Žiga Jeglič suceeded to even the score. After 20 minutes of game, the score was 1:1.

In action

Ice Ladies

In next twenty minutes the game was better, especially our team. We saw three goals, Pavlin scored for home team, but our guys, Werner and Nolan, put two pucks in the home goal. So after two thirds it was 3:2 for HK Acroni Jesenice.


The fastest team sport on the planet

Last third of the game our guys dominated, but they didn't score. And last seconds of the game, HDD Olimpija Ljubljana tried without a goalkeeper and they were lucky, they scored 2 seconds before the end of the match, Higgins was the scorer. Score, 3:3. So they played 5 minutes of extra time, 4 players on 4 and since there was no goal, penalty shooting was on the menu. After three rounds, both teams only scored once, so every mistake could be fatal. 5th round was the final round and HK Acroni Jesenice started to celebrate their victory.

Penalty shooting

Mušič 18., Pavlin 26., Higgins 60.; Jeglič 18., Werner 22., Nolan 35.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A thing to try in the future.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Zastava 101, commercial.


Zastava Yugo 45.


It was a very nice day, almost without a cloud so we decided to go in to the mountains. Our destination was Zelenica. Zelenica is our local ski resort, but it is still not working due to lack of snow.

View towards Begunjščica

Vuče, Mrki and Ben

Veliki vrh and Košutica

Not enough snow for skiing

House on the top is new, because the old one burned

Back to the Sv. Ana Valley

Sun is hiding


Beer, medica and pizza on our new table

And a gun

Our path


Napoleon Bonaparte:
"The word impossible is not in my dictionary."


Today I made a portable USB DVD unit. I took an old power supply, an old DVD unit and I bought IDE 2 USB converter on Buyincoins for 2.8$.

Used components
Since the power supply doesn't work without power button I soldered green wire to black one and disconnected the fan.

Tuning the power supply
And the next step was to put things together.

"Mini" portable DVD unit

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today I was searching for some flight tickets and I found a very interesting site, with many airlines.

Check it out.


And the list of the airlines:

European low cost airlines

The no-frills airlines covered by this website are listed here. Click on to view the destinations served by each airline.
  • airBaltic – This Latvian based airline offer flights to many European countries from their hub in Riga. Flights to around 70 airports.
  • Air Berlin – This German low cost airline fly a large number of routes between airports in Germany and destinations in Europe, northern Africa and the UK. Flights to around 136 airports.
  • Air Italy – Low cost flights between destinations in northern and southern Italy. Flights to around nine airports.
  • Air Southwest – UK regional airline with flights from Plymouth, Newquay, and Bristol to places like London, Glasgow, Manchester and Dublin. Flights to around 12 airports.
  • Belle Air – This Albanian airline offer low cost flights between Tirana and destinations in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. Also flights to Pristina. Flights to around 28 airports.
  • Blue Air – Romanian low cost airline offering flights between Romania and other countries all over Europe. Flights to around 34 airports.
  • Blu-express.com – Offers low cost flights within Italy and between Italy and Turkey. Flights to around nine airports.
  • Bmibaby – British airline operating low cost flights to southern- and eastern European destinations. Flights to around 32 airports.
  • Brussels Airlines – Belgian airline offering flights to many European countries from its base in Brussels, Belgium. Flights to around 58 airports.
  • Cimber Sterling – Danish airline offering flights within Denmark and to many European destinations. Flights to around 51 airports.
  • Condor – German low cost airline with a large route network to holiday destinations in Europe and other parts of the world. Flights to around 75 airports.
  • Corendon.com – Turkish low cost airline operating flights between the Netherlands and Turkey and between Belgium and Turkey. Flights to around 23 airports.
  • Easyjet – One of the original European low cost airlines with a route network spanning most of Europe. Flights to around 120 airports.
  • FlyBE – Based in southern England this British discount airline operates routes between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and southern Europe. Flights to around 71 airports.
  • Germanwings – Low fare flights between Germany and destinations in most other parts of Europe. Germanwings use Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin Scönefeld as hub airports. Flights to around 76 airports.
  • helvetic.com – Swiss airline offering flights between Switzerland and southern European destinations. Flights to around seven airports.
  • Iceland Express – This Icelandic airline fly routes between Reykjavik and London Stansted, Copenhagen and Frankfurt Hahn airports. Flights to around 15 airports.
  • Jet2 – British airline offering flights from England, Scottland and Northern Ireland to southern and central European destinations. Flights to around 57 airports.
  • Meridiana – Italian airline offering flights within Italy and to European destinations. Flights to around 41 airports.
  • Monarch – British low cost airline offering scheduled flights between the UK and southern Spain, the Canary Islands, Portugal and Cyprus. Flights to around 20 airports.
  • Norwegian – Scandinavia's largest budget airline offering domestic flights in Norway and Sweden as well as international flights to most European countries. Flights to around 83 airports.
  • Ryanair – Irish low fares airline with hubs all over Europe. Ryanair offers low cost, no-frills flights to most European countries. Flights to around 158 airports.
  • SmartWings – Czech airline offering cheap flights between the Czech Republic and southern European destinations. Flights to around 38 airports.
  • Transavia.com – Dutch discount airline with flights from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to European destinations. Flights to around 93 airports.
  • Vueling – This Spanish low cost airline offer flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and other popular destinations in Spain from Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Milan, Rome and other European cities. Flights to around 45 airports.
  • Wind Jet – Italian low cost airline offering flights within Italy and to other European destinations. Flights to around 32 airports.
  • Wizz Air – Offers flights between Poland, Hungary and Romania to western and northern European countries including destinations such as London, Cologne, Paris, Barcelona, Oslo and Stockholm. Flights to around 62 airports.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today was our flight day, so we said goodbye to Burcu and went to the Kadıköy bus station. Like always we were there just some minutes before departure. After 40 minutes we were already at the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. Although we had more alcohol in our bags than it is allowed we passed all controls. The flight was a little bit boring and soon we landed in Vienna International Airport. No problems again. We took the train again to our car and 4h journey to Ljubljana was ahead of us. At around 18h we came to Ljubljana, and I moved to my Hyundai. It started after a week of cold and moisture without any problem. Great car. After one more hour I was at home, excited, very excited, because I had to work next day.

So another Turkey journey was behind us and again it was very good.


After a long long time I was not completely destroyed on 1st of January, but I still can't decide if that is good or bad.
Since people here don't celebrate much they also worked quite normally today and also our departure day will be here soon, so we decided to do some shopping and exploring Asian side of Istanbul. First we went to local bazaar.

Stuff in the bazaar in Moda
We continued our way to confectionery Baylan, established in 1923. We had a very delicious desert, called Kup Griye.
Even I liked it
We went to the Dolmuş place and he took us to Fenerbahçe, where we had a nice walk by the sea and in some of the rich parts there.


 Walking in Fenerbahçe area

It was time to taste the burger in a Burger house. They are very expensive, but also very very good. For example, Chef special burger costed 22TL (11€).

 Burger in McDonalds... if you believe in fairytales

After the most expensive burger in my life we went into hamam. It's a very nice thing, since you can go to sauna, then they clean you up and massage your body.

Very old hamam
And the last thing we did in Istanbul was smoking the water pipe, called nargile in Turkish language.
Banana and coconut in milk nargile
In the evening we watched two movies. First one was The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The second one was James Cameron's Avatar.


Last day of year 2010. Will it be also the end of the world? Since nobody confirmed that 100% Primož, Katarina and me decided to visit Hagia Sophia. First impression was very bad, because the entrance fee was 20TL (cca. 10€).

Former Orthodox patriarchal  basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum  in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia
It doesn't look very impressive from the outside, but from the inside it's a completely different story.




Pictures from inside

We continued our sightseeing tour to Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar). It's a completely touristic place, so I prefer smaller bazaars.

Entrance to grand bazaar

Katarina and her shopping place

After some kilometres in the bazaar we went towards Mısır Çarşısı (Spice Bazaar). 

Spice Bazaar

Spices, tea and again touristic prices

After that we walked from Eminönü over Galata Bridge, which crosses Golden Horn to Kadıköy.

Galata Tower

Ships on Golden Horn (Haliç)

Fishermen on Galata bridge
On our way home, we captured a turkey for our dinner.

Our dinner, half naked

For dinner we again ate too much. If you are on the diet, just don't go to Istanbul.
Table is never empty in Turkey

And finally. Time to go out to a party. We were already late, because I couldn't decide what to wear. We took Dolmuş to Taksim Square and then we walked to our destination, bar Romeo and Juliet.

İstiklal Caddesi was very crowded

We arrived to the party place, but we were not lucky at all. Organisation of CS party was awful and we had to wait in line for a drink more than half an hour, so we spent our new year time in a queue waiting for a beer. When it was our turn to order, we ordered triple portions, so we were prepared to a toast for Slovenian new year, which is one hour later then Turkish. Party was still nothing special, so we didn't stay long. Taxi drove us back home.

Our table at the party, special reservation

Happy new year at 1 a.m.

Today's special: In a bar today, we saw a nice drawing.

I think it was even before 1862

Happy New Year everyone!