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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching in Črnuče, Ihan and Smlednik

Another day, where Nada and me were in a mood for GeoCaching. In the morning we picked up some in Črnuče and Ihan area, while after work we visited some places around Smlednik.

Klevar'ca - place with strange name

Galanthus nivalis - common snowdrop

The Old Castle is the central sight of the Smlednik area. The strategic location of the hill overlooking a crossing of the Sava River was appreciated by the first lords of the region, the Counts of Weimar Orlamunde, who built a defence tower on the hilltop in the 11th century. Read more - click.

Climbing trees is a big part of GeoCaching

GeoCaches found:
- Olska gora - Soteški hrib, GC2JX0G
- Klevar'ca, GC5A15A
- GG # 32, Mystery, GC62VDN
- GG # 24, Mystery, GC64Y0A
- GG # 08, Mystery, GC61ZFQ

Monday, February 27, 2017


Slovenia: Soldering with Nephews: Part 2

Alittle more than a monte ago (13750) me and my nephews did some soldering. Today we had another lesson and we managed to assemble a clock.

Matic and Tim assembling a clock 

Team work

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Italy / Slovenia: Climbing in Glinščica Valley (Val Rosandra), 11th International Mountain Film Festival

In the morning our local mountaineering section AO Tržič decided to go climbing in Glinščica Valley (Val Rosandra) and with Nada we joined them. A good hour of driving and we smelled the sea and the sunbeams warmed us and the rocks.

Katja, Nada and me decided to climb in sector L - Bianca / Bela stena, where we climbed the routes La Bianca, Bianca del buso and Bianca dei due, with grades 5a to 5c.

In the afternoon Nada and me attended the grand finale of the 11th International Mountain Film Festival, where we saw the movie Sherpa in Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana.
- IMDb: Link
- Wikipedia: Link
- 11th International Mountain Film Festival: homepage

Getting ready

Nada in the rock

Katja climbing our most difficult route

Spider in the wall with the view to Trst

Great start of the season 

2nd attempt

Warm day

Our "rock" in Glinščica valley

GeoCaches found:
- Bye-bye Slovenia, GC27W11
- Welcome in Slovenia, GC27W1D

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing, Hike to Kofce

In the morning I decided to conquer Vrh Ljubeljščice with my skis and to ski on fresh snow on my way down. Unfortunately half way up my ski skins malfunctioned so I had to turn back - track. Better luck next time.

Still a bit disappointed Nada and me soon decided to go hiking and we chose Dom na Kofcah mountain hut, 1488 m, for our destination. Nice weather, fresh snow and a beer with schnapps at top immediately set things right.

Homestead Pr' Zajmen and Dobrča with Šentanski vrh

Below Veliki vrh, 2088 m

Through the idyllic forest


View to Storžič, 2132 m

Returning back to the valley

Nada is the happy owner of new socks

Friday, February 24, 2017


Slovenia: Yearly Formula 1 bet with Dejan

I lost another yearly Formula 1 bet against Dejan, so today I paid my debts. Rules of the yearly bet are: "The one who loses the bet has to take the winner to dinner in the restaurant picked by the winner. The loser has to drive and pay for everything." Last season, Sergio Perez was better than Nico Hülkenberg by 29 points. Overall Dejan is leading now 9:6 and he chose Gostilna Rekar for dinner.

Sergio Perez was better than Nico Hülkenberg. They were both racing in Force India VJM09 racing car with  Mercedes PU106C Hybrid power unit.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Slovenia: Steak Time

Recently Nada became an Application Consultant for SAP TM, and since we had a little bet between us and she lost, she had to take me to dinner, but that happened after a short hike to  Koča na Ljubelju mountain hut, 1370 m.

As Nada said: "All you need is love. But a little steak now and then doesn't hurt."

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching in Črnuče and Smlednik

With Nada we continued with our GeoCaching days before and after work.

Even full equipment didn't help

GeoCaches found:
- Črnuče, GC6NWWM
- GG # 34, Mystery, GC65713
- GG # 30, Mystery, GC6366H
- GG # 33, Mystery, GC6ADFR

Monday, February 20, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Domžale

Another nice morning with a couple of GeoCaches.

Good morning

GeoCaches found:
- Park beside Goricica, GC52XT6
- Lovska opazovalnica, Mystery, GC5P576, where I spotted trackable item "Ichiban", TB42DK0
- Ljoljo Spot, GC59NBH

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Slovenia: Sledding competition in Podljubelj

After yesterday's skiing competition, our local sport society organized a sledding competition. Great track attracted 38 competitors.

 The best one on track was Boštjan. Me on the right photo.

Silver Nada won another medal

Results of the competition

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Slovenia: Skiing competition in Podljubelj

Our local sport society organized a skiing competition and with Nada we decided to compete. We were both awesome, Nada was 2nd and me 3rd.

Beautiful weather, beautiful people 

43 competitors

Tuši in action

The youngest and the fastest

Results of the competition

Friday, February 17, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching Around Trzin

After work, Nada and me picked up a couple of GeoCaches around Trzin, all very interesting ones with a lot of unrevealed and known history.

Mysterious grave

"Čuvajte Jugoslavijo" (Protect Yugoslavia) were presumably the last words of Aleksandar I Karađorđević, the king of Yugoslavia and the last European monarch to be assassinated. 

Castle "Grad Jablje" or "Grad Jable" is an ongoing debate. The original castle was first mentioned in 1268, while the current structure was built by the noble house of Lamberg around 1530.

GeoCaches found:
- Kamnit spomin, GC4YY09, where I left trackable item "Kyuuban", TB42DME
- Čuvajte Jugoslavijo, GC4WX0A
- Zaklad grajskega miška, Mystery, GC5JJ2C

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Slovenia: Morning GeoCaching and Afternoon Hike & Fly

In the morning, Nada and me picked up another 3 GeoCaches on our way to work. The most interesting one was, when we had to explore the remains of Yugoslav National Army bunkers in Hraše, that were used for Anti aircraft defence.

In the afternoon Rok picked me up on a train station Lesce-Bled and we drove to Brezje pri Tržiču, from where we started with another hike & fly expedition. This time we decided to fly from Dobrča take-off site. Hike was easier than we thought, my new set is really much lighter and the flight was also very great.

Signing the logbook in the POV bunker

Good morning

Good conditions and visibility

Getting ready

Hike (orange) and fly (red)

GeoCaches found:
- Zabja svatba / Frog wedding, GC3CNAQ, where I picked up a trackable item "Kyuuban", TB42DME and it visited the next caches with me today
- Lost place: PVO JNA - Hraše, Multy, GC55D9N
- Lost place: PVO JNA - Hraše - Bonus, Mystery, GC55DA3

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching from Črnuče to Gameljne

Nada and me decided to wake up a bit earlier today and pick up a few GeoCaches that showed up recently between Črnuče and Gameljne on a path next to river Sava. We successfully found all of them.

Tuši and Nada visited Sava

GeoCaches found:
- Movie facts: wrestlers, Mystery, GC6YQE8
- Movie facts: animals, Mystery, GC6YQGT
- Movie facts: a cappela, GC6YQHP
- Movie facts: Expendables, GC707EY

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching in Kranj

In the afternoon Nada and me visited Kranj and some of its interesting places. Kranj is the fourth-largest city in Slovenia, with a population of 37,373 (2015) and the nucleus of the city is a well-preserved medieval old town, built at the confluence of the Kokra and Sava rivers. Read more in this pdf - Heritage of Kranj.

France Prešeren, 1800-1849, has been generally acknowledged as the greatest Slovene classical author.

Centre of Kranj - Plečnik's fountain and The parish church of St. Kancijan

Kokra canyon


GeoCaches found:
- Plecnik XV - Mohorjev klanec, GC30M7M
- Kanjon Kokre - The Canyon of Kokra, EarthCache, GC3947Z
- Zacetek zivljenja KR/The beginning of life KR, GC3YCFH
- Strip / Comics, Mystery, GC2WGKH