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Friday, June 30, 2017


Austria: Morning Hike to Rjavca

In the morning Rok and me decided to have another morning hike. For our destination we chose a mountain Rjavca, that lies just across the border in Austria. We drove to Žabnica (Bodental) and from there we hiked over many small saddles to the 1789 m high summit. From the top we had a nice view to nearby 2000 meter high mountains like Vrtača, Zelenjak, Palec, Stol, Svačica, Ovčji vrh and some more.

Panorama from the summit of Rjavca

Vrtača, Rok and Tuši

Good morning

Morning hike to a new peak

GeoCache found:
- RJAUTZA 1789m, GC3XHDQ, where I took trackable item "Mount Everest Geocoin", TB5P7BM

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Slovenia: Cycling to Work and Back

For the fifth week in a row and with a little bit of rain me and Grega went to work with our road bikes and another 100 kilometres was added to statistics.

Near Cerklje na Gorenjskem

Home - Work Home - Garmin Connect

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Slovenia: Quick Morning GeoCaching in Gameljne

Before work Nada and me quickly picked up two geocaches, that I solved a while ago.

Good morning with two rainbows

GeoCaches found:
- Movie facts: Space Jam, Mystery, GC73YVR
- Movie facts: auditions, Mystery, GC73Y35

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching in Gorenjska

The weather was stable only before noon, so with Nada we decided to pick up a few Geocaches in the vicinity. We took a nice trail in Kropa and visited three churches and a newly restored farmhouse.

Saint Mary's Church stands on a slope east of the historic Kropa town center.

The Church of St. Primus and St. Felician near Jamnik (831m) is one of the most photographed churches in Slovenia.

Horses on Jamnik 

St. Margaret’s Church on Šmarjetna gora

GeoCaches found (first three received a visit by trackable item "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J):
- Na Pretvornik 1 - Palček Plezalček, GC6KGN7
- Na Pretvornik 2 - Palček Rudarček, GC6KGXC
- Na Pretvornik 3 - Pri palčkih doma, GC6KGY4, where I dropped off trackable item "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J
- Balkon nad Gorenjsko - Balcony over Gorenjska, GC6B00M
- Šmarjetna gora, GC29RCW

Friday, June 23, 2017


Slovenia: Little Bit of Cycling and Hiking - Mangrt

On today's vacation day I decided to cross off one line on my bucket list and that was to conquer Mangrt mountain, starting from home and using only bicycle and my legs.

I started a little past 5 a.m. and with my road bike Metliška Črnina we rode to Kranjska Gora, from where we started to ascent towards the first pass, Vršič, 1611 m. From there I descended almost to Bovec and from there the longest ascent began, destination Mangrt Saddle. The Mangart Road is with its elevation of 2055 meters the highest lying road in Slovenia.

At the saddle I left the bike and hiked to the top of the third highest mountain in Slovenia via ferrata called the Slovenian way. The mountain has two names, people say both names are correct so Mangart or Mangrt was soon conquered. Nearby thunder sounds and my schedule didn't allow me to rest so I returned back to the saddle via easier Italian way.

I was back in the saddle moving towards the Predel Pass, 1156 m, where I entered Italy for a while. After around 20 kilometers I returned back to Slovenia and it started to rain, so I decided to eat something warm and veal stew renew me. The rain stopped and I moved on and a little past 9 p.m. I arrived to Bistrica pri Tržiču and the day was officially over.

Next to Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora

On our way towards Vršič Pass

First time with bicycle on this pass

Mangrt peak is still far away

End of the highest Slovenian road at an altitude of 2055 meters, that was built in 1938.

View from the saddle to Belopeška jezera (Laghi di Fusine - Mangrt lakes)

Mangrt saddle, where I left my bike

Alpine ibex

Highest point of the day, Mangrt

Whole day of riding and hiking and in the end I had a perfect day

Short statistics and videos:

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J):
- Kekec in Mojca, GC58A45
- picnic place on the way up/down to mangart, GC3YA04
- The choice, GC30171

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Slovenia: Cycling to Work and Back

For the fourth week in a row me and Grega went to work with our road bikes and another 100 kilometres was added to statistics.

Leaving Šenčur

Home - Work - Home - Garmin Connect

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Slovenia: Hike & Fly: Potoška gora

In the morning before work, Rok and me decided to do another hike & fly, this time from Preddvor to Potoška gora and back. Great start of the day.

Rok with Storžič

In the air

My glider and Rok above me

View over Možjanca to the South

Hike (green) and fly (orange)

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Austria: Belo jezero / Weißensee

With Nada we decided to spend the day mountain biking, geocaching and exploring new places. For our destination we chose the lake in CarinthiaWeißensee is the highest situated Carinthian bathing lake on 930 mAA and in summer the lake surface can reach 24 degrees Celsius.

Time for Geocaching


The water itself is clean enough to drink 

Time to rest

Hiking trail, where it is forbidden to cycle. We had a special permit.

About two thirds of the lake's surface are part of a protected area.

With a visibility range of up to 20 metres, the lake is among the most stunning diving destinations in the Alps.

Nice track and plenty of wild mushrooms

Everywhere astonishing view

On our way back we took the upper road, approved for mountain biking

Different perspective

Local harbor

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J, "CV Travel Tag", TB6ZJXB and "Homar", TB158CG until some were dropped of, which is noted next to the geocache):
- Kapelica sv. Bernard - Chapel st. Bernard, GC2ZEN4
- Pokal Vitranc / Fis Ski Word Cup, Mystery, GC4B4TG
- Der Farchtensee, GC75AKM
- #1 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC758RZ
- #2 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC758WG
- #3 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC758WP
- #4 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC758X5
- #5 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC758XY
- #6 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC758Y9
- #7 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC758Z5
- #8 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC758ZG
- #9 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7590C
- #11 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7590V
- #12 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC75911, where I dropped off trackable item "Homar", TB158CG
- #13 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7591E
- #14 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7591N
- #15 Weissensee Fischer, Mystery, GC7591Y, where I dropped off trackable item "CV Travel Tag", TB6ZJXB
- #17 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7592D
- #18 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7592P
- #19 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC75935
- #20 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7593G
- Goldener Bogen, GC6V1E5
- #21 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7593T
- #22 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC75942
- #23 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7594B
- #24 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7594R
- #25 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC75950
- #26 Weissensee Fischerl, Mystery, GC7595E

Friday, June 16, 2017


Slovenia: Company Picnic in Koroška

Our company had its annual summer picnic and today they took us to Koroška (Carinthia), a traditional region in northern Slovenia. Since the event was only 100 kilometers from my home, I decided to get there with my road bike, Metliška Črnina.

We started riding at 5:00 a.m. and over Ljubelj Pass we entered Austria, where we rode by the river Drava all the way back to Slovenia and our destination, Muta and there I waited for the bus and my other co-workers.

Together we had a late typical Carinthian breakfast, followed by some games, where we had to show our special skills. After the hard part we took a ride with raft, or as locals say, with flos. After the meal and some shows we returned back to our place, where we continued with volleyball and picnic.

Good Morning Ženeško jezero (Sonnegger See)

Riding with my road bike Metliška Črnina 

At the confluence of Drava and Labotnica

Back in Slovenia, just before Dravograd

My bike's grand grand father

Carinthian breakfast - it was delicious


Games began. First we had to mark a rectangle 4 m x 2.5 m without any meters. In a second game, we had to walk on wooden sticks (hodulje in Slovene).

Riding the bike with an extra load was the third game and rope dragging fourth.

Slow driving was our last game and we almost destroyed the oldtimer - Zastava 750

Sketches with history lessons


Short plays and traditional music on the raft

Picnic and volleyball for the finish

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "CV Travel Tag", TB6ZJXB, "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J and "Homar", TB158CG:
- Die drei heiligen Madl - Margareta, GC4VV7N
- Schau, die Drau, GC2BKTZ
- R1 10/07 - Hängebrücke, GC5FBNJ
- Quickie#3, GC1ZT9G