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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Morning. In order to get our 250€ deposit for the apartment back, we had to clean them. We were successful so all our money was returned.

Our stuff is

packed in the car.
After half an hour of driving we stopped to fill the gas. Then Tjaša realized that she forgot her snowshoes. Since she uses them very often and Nejc was very kind, he drove her back and we waited in front of a local shop. Nobody was nervous.

One of the rare stops on our way back
Time, that we used for our way back was short. We didn't have many stops, so we were in Slovenia quite early and so we still caught an open pizzeria in Unec, called Pizzeria Portus. The food there was very delicious.

So this was it, an end of our skiing week. Some of us still had some energy so we finished the evening in a local pub.

And a short movie from me to you:

Monday, April 25, 2011


Unfortunately this day also came. Last skiing day in Risoul, France, but on the other hand, we were very lucky, because we had the nicest weather since we are here.

Come on, let's go

Warming up

What a view

When you see this, you know, that getting up early was a very good thing

Let's go





The Gang

Beer time
Since this was our last evening here, we went to eat outside in the restaurant.


Food was good, service a disater

View from our residence


Another morning, another skiing day.

Getting ready

Weather was not promising in the morning

But soon, we were able to catch some sun at exactly 2000 m


Yesterday we decided to be first on the ski piste and so we were ready in front of our apartment at 8:30 a.m. Almost ready, I must say, because we were waiting for Tjaša. This time she was very quick, she was late only one minute.

First in line
Even though we were first in line for our ski-lift, we didn't succeed to go up first, because they redirected us to another one, due to malfunctioned device. Better luck next time.


Tjaša, Baki, Čevka, Nejc and Slatnar


Catapulted into snow

Typical snowborders
After skiing we went inside and people start cooking lunch. I started to read a magazine, called Radar. First I read an article about Dr. Josef Mengele, a nazi doctor in WW2. His nickname was also Angel of death or Todesengel in German. Then I read another one about Katyn masaccre, where Soviet secret police NKVD executed around 22000 Polish nationals in April-May 1940. Another article I read was about Brazil and her economy and the last one was about Air Force One, USA president's airplane.

Waiter: "What the hell is this?"

Sunday, April 24, 2011


You wouldn't believe it, but we went skiing again. Today, the weather wasn't good at all so only 4 of us went to the ski-piste.

Bad visibility

Checking the terrain

Where is the sun?

Nejc, me and Tjaša went out, Slatnar also, but he was soon missing in action
Since people prohibited me and Vuče to cook dinner, Čevka took the opportunity, and he prepared a masterpiece for us, Tjaša was excluded off course.

No comment

Just a couple more hours
While the meat was roasting, some of us went outside to see some jumps on the air pillow.


It's easy to do it on a pillow
Dinner was ready and we were all hungry like wolfs.

That's all we needed

Totally focused


We woke up in another beautiful morning. First we ate a nice breakfast, Rezka's eggs. Unfortunatelly we didn't have any zaska. After that we had a nice skiing day.

Breakfast - eggs
The weather was not perfect, but still very good

Nejc, Čevka and Tjaša

Mrki and Baki

View to the valley

Vuče in action


Me and Mrki


Snowboarders went to the nearby hill
Skiing day finished soon, so Vuče and me started to prepare another dinner. Goulash was on our menu today.  But since our boys and girls were very picky, we made four types of it. Our butcher said we need 2.5 kg of meat, so we cut also the same amount of onion. First type of sauce was vegetarian for Tjaša. We made it with soya meat. Second one was for Baki and was without salt. He had sort of a special diet. Third one was for butcher, not spicy one, and the fourth one was for normal people.


Preparing the onion and 4 types of goulash