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Friday, February 28, 2020


Slovenia: Ride to work and Evening Sledding

Another easy day passed with morning cycling to work, spiced up with a little bit of snow, that was used for evening sledding.

Ride to work number 5 in 2020 - Garmin Connect

No bumps meant only one thing - we will be fast on descent.

Fast Nada - Garmin Connect.

Sunday, February 23, 2020


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Zaplata

We used this Sunday for another hike and fly event. Nada, Rok and me hiked from Mače to Zavetišče v Hudičevem borštu mountain hut, 1328 m, where we warmed up with a cup of tea. Take off site is just below the hut, so we were quickly prepared for the next step. I went first, but the feel of the glider in my arms wasn't good, so I interrupted the start. Rok was more successful and I followed him after a while, as soon as I placed the glider back into the launch position. While Rok and me were flying, Nada slowly returned back to Mače on foot.

Nada loves her new camera Canon EOS M50, named Mirko.

Selfie time.

2 backpackers. Oh no, 2 paragliders.

At the take off site.

Getting ready.

Unsuccessful launch. 

On the other hand Rok as a professional didn't have any issues.

Back to the starting position.

2nd attempt

Tuši in the air.

Nada left the site on foot.

Time to land in Preddvor.

Mirko did some photos on his way back.

Mountain flowers.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Slovenia: Cycling to Work #3

A few days ago Rok and me made a decision. For every week in this year, we have to go to work with bicycles at least once. Year 2020 has 53 weeks, therefore we have to go to work 53 times with our road bikes. Today was ride #3, so we are a little bit behind schedule, still it is a long way to go.

Ride to work number 3 in 2020 - Garmin Connect

GeoCaches found:
- Nekoč veliki stadion Bežigrad, Mystery, GC62BG4
- Osmi dan / Eighth day, Mystery, GC746XE, where I dropped off trackable item "Pavlina's Turbo Island Hooper", TB7CBP2

Monday, February 17, 2020


Slovenia: Hike to Prelaz Ljubelj and Screed party

After work Nada and me quickly conquered Prelaz Ljubelj and hurried back home, where we prepared everything for a quick screed (estrih in Slovene) party. Screed was placed inside our home a while ago and since it dried now, we simply decided to have a quick party.

Nada and Tuši on top of Prelaz Ljubelj.

Two obelisks are waiting for you at the top of 1367 m high pass.

Returning back to the valley - Garmin Connect.

Living room placed on a new screed.

End of the party.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Slovenia / Italy: Hike & Fly - Sabotin

One of this year's plan is to put some new stamps into my hike & fly book. One of the peaks, you need to conquer is Sabotin and today's goal was set. Nada, Rok and me drove to Solkan, from where we hiked past "Tito" sign and church of Saint Valentin to the summit of Sabotin. We admired the view and looked into some bunkers from WW1. After a while we moved to the take off site, from where Rok and me flew back down. I landed in Gorica in Italy, while Rok landed in Nova Gorica in Slovenia. Sounds far, but we were only 500 meters apart, so I just walked back to my home country. We waited for Nada in the nearby bar. Since we had some time left, we decided to do a small detour. That small detour ended with driving over Trnovo Forest Plateau and our 15 extra minute side trip produced a 60 minute delay back home.

It is believed that the hill was named Samotin by the Slavs when they arrived to this territory some thirteen hundred years ago. The name, which comes from a Slovene word sam, meaning lonely, alone, was given to the hill because the Soča river separates the Sabotin hill from other hills in the Trnovo plateau.

We took the Southern route.

Hike with heavy backpacks.

Easy trail to the top.

Selfie time.

View to the Soča valley over "TITO" sign, that was made in 1978 in honour to Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. The sign changed a lot during the ages, from "NAŠ TITO", "SLO", "NAŠ FIDO", "NAŠ TIGR", "VSTAJA", "THC",...

From church of Saint Valentin we had a good view to Sveta Gora (Holy Mountain) and the Basilica of the Assumption of Mary.

Towards the hilltop.

Remains of World War 1 and Sixth Battle of the Isonzo.

Towards the take-off site.

That's it. Time to prepare the gliders.

I went first.

Successful launch.

Above "The Emerald Beauty".

Rok followed me.

Flying on the border between Italy and Slovenia.

I landed in Italy, while Rok set foot in Slovenia.

After landing I had to walk back to Slovenia.

On our way back home we did a "short" detour through forest Trnovski gozd.

GeoCaches found:
- Sabotin - Sv. Valentin, GC26QF8
- Pot na Sabotin, GC4YRXV, where I dropped off trackable item "Salzburger’s toothbrush", TB6R4Z4 and took "Pavlina's Turbo Island Hooper", TB7CBP2