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Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Slovenia: Cycling to work with Geocaching

Rok and me decided to cycle to work this morning and to spice up our trip we decided to do a little bit of Geocaching on the way and to conquer a hill above our company called Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca), 641 m.

Geocaching is fun and sometimes also educational. I didn't even know, that there was a castle in Mengeš and that it was mentioned for the first time 850 years ago as Meingosburg.

Decoration for my Snow White

Yellow: Morning ride Voglje - Trzin, Red: Afternoon ride Trzin - Voglje

Geocaches found:
- Vodice, C458ET
- Rašica Tower, GC1KJMX
- Sv. Primož in Felicijan, GC4YX37
- Grad Mannsburg/Mannsburg castle, GC4ZH7N

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