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Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Slovenia: Dolenjska

Nada is spending her knee rehabilitation days in Dolenjske Toplice spa and today I decided to visit her. On my way I visited the Monument to the Liberation War in Žužemberk and then Nada and me visited the Baza 20, home to the political leadership of the Slovene national liberation movement and Rožek Castle near Podturn pri Dolenjskih Toplicah.

Monument to the Liberation War on Cvibelj Hill commemorates the fallen Partisans who perished fighting in the Suha Krajina district during the WWII. Read more - www.spomenikdatabase.org.

When I was solving a mystery geocache with the Solitaire cipher, the coordinates pointed to Baza 20 (Base 20, originally called Point 20), home to the political leadership of the Slovene national liberation movement.

The map of the base, where around 180 people lived in 26 buildings.

The location of the base remained undiscovered until the end of the war (it was not discovered even during the German offensive in 1943).

The castle was built by the Rožeški knights at the beginning of the 13th century. It was first mentioned in writing in 1249 as Reizekke. It was abandoned in the 19th century.

The remains of Rožek casle are situated above the the village of Podturn on the edge of Globočica cover-collapse sinkhole which protected the castle from the hillside. 

The village under the castle prospered later, a proof of which is its name Pudturn (under tower). In the time of Turkish invasions, the castle was expanded and additionally fortified.

Only lower nobility resided here, and for this reason the castle did not become the main castle for any of the noble families. From the 17th century on, the castle was owned by the Lords of Soteska who left it to its demise.

Geocaches found:
- Spomenik OF, GC992NG
- Grad Rožek, GC9AGYY

Sunday, June 27, 2021


Slovenia: MTB - Za Šijo

Koča na Ljubelju mountain hut prepared some awards for people who conquered prelaz Ljubelj 40 times in 2020 and since I met the criteria, I decided to go, but before that, I did a nice mountain bike trip to Za Šijo.

My Black Mamba.

One of the possibilities for descent, but I will try it next time.

More than 70 people hiked to prelaz Ljubelj 40 times or more in 2020.

Quick mountain bike trip.

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Saturday, June 26, 2021


Austria: Veliki Klek

The day for our ascent to the highest Austrian peak has come. The weather in the morning was great, but some of us were still concerned, if it will hold till our attempt to fly from the ridge below the summit. But first things first, we had to climb the summit first. A little past 5 a.m. we started hiking towards the Ködnitzkees glacier. At the edge of the glacier we formed the rope teams and soon we were hiking over the glacier towards the Erzherzog-Johann Hütte mountain hut. At the saddle we left out backpacks and we continued towards the summit of Veliki Klek, Grossglockner, 3798 m. Crowded peak was soon conquered and after a few photos we returned back to the saddle. Jernej, Anže and me spreaded our gliders and soon we were on our way to the parking lot. I descended in 15 minutes and then we waited for the rest of the bus.

Good morning.

Start of the beautiful day.

We left the Stüdlhütte mountain hut before 6 a.m.

Approaching the Ködnitzkees glacier.

Previous time I was here, we skied from the saddle (13085). This time, we hoped we will fly from it.

View from the Erzherzog-Johann Hütte mountain hut, with 3454 m the highest Alpine shelter in Austria.

Erzherzog-Johann Hut on the "Adlersruhe" was built in 1880 and was repeatedly enlarged and renovated.

The summit was closer with each step.

On top of Veliki Klek, Grossglockner, Großglockner, 3798 m, the highest mountain in the Alps east of the Brenner Pass.

View from the summit to the South, from where we started our hike and to where we will fly.

Our rope team on top of Austria.

When everything runs smoothly.

Back at the Glocknerwinkel parking lot we waited for the rest of the participants.

Geocaches found:
- TOP OF AUSTRIA, Virtual, GC892KR
- Großglockner 3798m, GC7VBAF

Friday, June 25, 2021


Austria: Glacial Course on Stüdlhütte and Fanotkogel

Our alpine section AO Tržič organised a 2 day trip to Veliki Klek / Großglockner, the highest Austrian peak, with an glacier travel and crevasse rescue course. On our first day the bus took us to the end of the Kals Glockner road at an altitude 1920 m and from there we started with the hike to Stüdlhütte, 2802 m. After the break, our instructors taught us the basics of how to travel over the glaciers and how to rescue someone if he falls into the crevasse. For some of us, this was just a rehearsal to refresh our memories. After the course, I did a short hike to nearby Fanotkogel, 2905 m and I explored the ridge to the South of the summit. When I returned back to the mountain hut, we continued with dinner and a few beers and we set the clocks to 4:30 a.m. in the morning.

Start of our trail along Ködnitzbach.

We had a lot of time ti reach the Stüdlhütte mountain hut.

The path that we already left behind.

Approaching Lucknerhütte.

Next to the stream we found a few alpine marmots.

Alpine marmots survive extreme changes in weather and food shortages during winter by hibernating. Once winter arrives, alpine marmots will huddle next to each other and begin hibernation, a process which lowers their heart rate to five beats per minute and breathing to 1-3 breaths per minute. Their body temperature will drop to almost the same as the air around them, although their heart and breathing rates will speed up if the environment approaches freezing point.

Play time.

And here it is, our today's final destination, Stüdlhütte, named after the Prague merchant Johann Stüdl.

The eagle guarding the mountain hut.

Start of the glacier travel and crevasse rescue course.

Kuhar and Beno were official instructors.

Some knots used on the rope, while you travel in a rope team across the glacier.

Crevasse rescue simulation.

While the course continued, I did a hike to nearby Fanotkogel.

Barbi and Seba were already at the top, watching me.

At 2905 meters, which is higher than our highest mountain.

Exploring the ridge towards the South.

Static in the air.

Stüdlhütte with glacier Teischnitzkees and Grossglockner.

View over the Teischnitztal valley.

The weather quickly changed and the Glockner was hidden again.

We ate like in a hotel and we also drank a few beers.

Geocache found:
- Blick in die Berge 2.473 m, GC4AXQJ